Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Another Day!

I can not believe that almost a week has gone by since I've been here!! I don't have a life so just where does the time go??
Did get a pair of felted slippers completely finished for a Xmas present! I'm going to put forth an effort to knit something for all my gift recipients. The slippers do up rather quickly and they are a nice break from socks!
Still working on my Making Waves for the Six_Sox_Knitalong@yahoogroup First sock is completed and the second is just past the ribbing and starting the first pattern on the cuff. Hopefully I'll get these finished before starting something else! I really don't like having too many things going at the same time.
Birthday tomorrow and I'm making dinner--hmmm somehow that doesn't seem right? DD is working but is coming over after work so I said I'd do dinner if she brings dessert! And it must be chocolate!! I need a fix!!
Weather was nice today--sunny for a change and pleasant. Not too hot or humid.
Ok -I'm off to take a photo of the new slippers so I can add them on here ~~if I remember how!!
Happy knitting,

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What a day!!

Was up early this morning and DH and I decided to take a road trip for the day! We rode to Lake Geneva which is about three and a half hours from us. Beautiful day,very warm but breezy and no rain!!! Finally!!
Had some really nice shops and two yarn stores!! I finally got to see Koigu yarn~~and now I know why everyone likes it so much. I was disappointed that they didn't have two of any colors that I could get for socks. Nothing matched so that I could have mixed them either~~guess I'll have to check out some online vendors.
Haven't touched my knitting in two days! Probably not going to work on the Making Waves tonight either~~too tired.
Have a good evening everyone!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

First day!

Well, here we are~~a new blogger and I'm speechless!! That does not happen very often!
Had all these great thoughts running through my head and now they're gone~~
Guess I could mention I'm working on the Making Waves socks for the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Six_Sox_Knitalong/ and I'm quite happy with the way they are turning out.
If I can ever figure out how to add photos here I will.
That's about it for today~~
After playing around on here for over two hours I finally managed to post a picture!!
Tuff work ~~this blogging

Monday, August 23, 2004

Progress on the Making Waves Posted by Hello