Saturday, April 30, 2005

Shouldn't be here!!

What am I doing here you ask???? This is not my time to do this posting thing. It's waaayyyy to early for me! I'm trying very hard to stay awake!! It is so dreary and nasty today all I feel like doing is taking a nap! I never take naps! I look around the house and the dogs are no help ~~they are all SLEEPING!! I feel like I should bang a couple pots together and get them up like they do me at the crack of dawn!! I won't but the urge is definitely there!!
I should be working on completing my sock so I can start something new!! I really,really want to start something new but won't let myself until that sock is done!
You did see that orange yarn that jumped into my arms??? You really have to watch that going through the yarn isles ~~a person could get hurt! Anyway what on earth am I going to do with it??? Besides admire it in the Longaberger basket it's laying in!
I guess I could go through the couple magazines I have and see if there is a pattern I like. I don't even know if I bought enough to do anything with! Hmmm, maybe I should go back and pick up a couple more skeins "just in case"!
Doesn't Lisa (new blog/knitting buddy) send me the ebay link to this kewl sock yarn. It does this weird stripy/pooling thing I love. Yeah, you guessed it~~I had to do the "BUY IT NOW" thing! This is such a sickness~~"hello, my name is Mar and I'm a yarn addict" don't even snicker ~~you all got it too!!
Now if I could just figure out how to do this inserting blog links to my posts I'd be a happy blogger! I tried for quite awhile last night but I'll blame that stupidity on my bleary/tired eyes! Which means I probably shouldn't try again now~~I'll wait~~someday you'll be surprised when I figure it out!
Off to knit(?)

Birthday week!

This is something I should have given more thought to those 25 years ago!! Why would you want to have your two kids and DH's birthday all within three days of each other??? hmmmm??? Most have been those warm balmy summer nights got to me!
I always hate this week~~I'm never prepared for it and it comes every year~~you'd think after all this time I'd be ready for it!! It used to be three cakes,three days of gift-giving. Well at least we are past that and lumped them all together!!
Tomorrow night we are going out for dinner and gift giving. All in one evening~~yeah!!
I did break down and bake one cake so I didn't feel too guilty~even offered to take KK out for lunch on his B'day since it fell on his day off. He picked a place and off we went. When it was time to pay he says "put your $$ away~~save it" huh??? Ok, didn't have to tell me twice!! But save it??? After lunch I ask him what would he like to do now?? He doesn't care so I say it just happens we could go home right past the yarn shop that I really like!! He doesn't mind and says "thanks for taking me to the yarn shop for my b'day!" Was that sarcasm??? I'm thinking probably but what the heck we were so close!!
We get there and I'm looking for a certain yarn that I saw there awhile back that they were going to order for my friend and I. We hadn't heard from them so I figured it wasn't in. The clerk and I go through this whole huge display of yarn checking to see if there's any hidden away since she tell me they can't get it anymore!! You know when you get something stuck in your mind and you can't get it out?? I wanted that yarn!! To make a long story short I left with nothing!!! Not even sock yarn!! KK was floored!! But the whole point of my rambling is I called the shop to try to get the name of the yarn so I could maybe find it on here and I get the owner and she very sweetly says "I have your yarn right here!" WHAT??? She had it in the back on her desk and never called to let us know she got it!! Now I'm in sticker shock when I heard the price~~maybe I don't really need a shawl out of that particular yarn? We'll see~~it's still on hold!
It just happens that two doors down is my favorite x-stitch shop ~~since I was there I had to stop in, right??? Of course! As it turns out as soon as I stepped through the door I'm thinking that I had something ordered. I did ~~buttons to embellish a couple small samplers that I totally forgot I had! I had to check out the new small charts and found a couple I liked. So I didn't get out of there empty handed! Didn't want a wasted trip!
One evening touring blog land I ran across a blog that mentioned the town where I live. What a surprise!! I sent out an email and come to find out she lives a mere half hour from me!! Immediately
sent me an invite to come join her knitting group!! How cool was that?? Unfortunately I couldn't make it that night but she asked me for the next one and I went last night!! It was great!! How nice to get a night out for knitting! But as it is with many things there is a downside to this~~they are BAD!!! Enablers all of them!! Bad influence!! When did I ever even look at cotton yarn???? NEVER~~until last night~~there was this wonderful orange getting knitted into a sweater that I kept eyeing. Should I?? What will I even do with it??? It's not sock yarn~~I don't "do" clothes but it is such a great color!! hmmmm,maybe a summer tank??
What fun seeing all the other yarns too~~the very Knit Picks Shimmer yarn I was considering Lynn had and in the same color I was thinking of ordering!! After handling it I need it too!!Then there was this sock yarn~~~ this has got to stop!!!
Not only do they have all this yarn to fondle but they tell me about a yarn shop that seems fairly easy to find! This is going to be bad~~really bad~~
Oh, but what fun!!
Off for tea

It really wasn't my fault!

Monday, April 25, 2005

What a life!

Made it through

the weekend! Barely!! Don't know why I get so obsessive about cleaning before a party. Once the people are all in the house who can tell or cares if something isn't perfect? You'd think after all these years I'd realize that and relax? No~~I got up early on Sat and started right in cleaning and never stopped except for a couple coffee breaks until it was time for me to get ready! Needless to say by the time everyone was here I was exhausted!!
Once the wine tasting started I really didn't care how tired I was! We had a good time~~lots of snacks/wine and friends! The wine tasting contest was fun--the same couple won the best and the worst bottle!!Everyone had a good chuckle out of that!
We had the most delicious strawberries I have ever tasted!! They were huge and chocolate coated~to die for!! I could have eaten the whole platter full by myself~~course being the good hostess I didn't :(
Sophie was the hit of the party!! Every time I looked someone else was holding her. Then I'd put her back in her pen and a little while later I'd see someone had her again! Maybe that was good becasue she slept in on Sunday morning and believe me I needed too also!! Matter of fact I slept most of the day~~don't think I'll be drinking any more wine for quite awhile!!
Really didn't feel too good today either!
If you noticed on the side there I've added a new button~~I'm going to try the Fan and Feather shawl!! I read the pattern over a couple times and it doesn't look too difficult. I still haven't decided what yarn to use yet. There are a couple from Knit Picks that look interesting but I'm not sure if they would work for the shawl.
I've joined a shawl list so hopefully I'll get more info there.
I did start the second Knit Picks sock and it's coming along good. I'd like to get it done this week.
That's about all that's going on here~~
Off for some tea

Friday, April 22, 2005

Quiet Day

Not much going on here today. I was so tired this morning that after feeding the dogs I scooped Sophie up and took her back to bed with me!! Good thing Kk was asleep!
I really didn't get to sleep soundly tho because I was so worried that she'd either fall off the bed or I'd roll over on her! I did get to doze a little until I felt something grabbing my pj's~~you can guess who!
What a difference a few days make in the development of a puppy!! All of a sudden she's gone from this quiet/meek sleeping eating machine to this little wacky bundle of biting energy!!lol~~I feel better~~she's acting like a puppy!! She's even playing with the chew toy my SP4 sent her!
I've been trying to get things looking good around the house for the up-coming wine tasting night. Seems it's endless cleaning tho~~
I really need to get into my "studio" and straighten it up. I don't even want to sit in there it's too messy!! I think I'm going to try to get a trunk to store all or most of my stash in. My friends dh has a nice antique one I've got my eye on~and he'll sell it at a fair price I'm just not 100% sure I want a trunk. I was thinking a nice old oak small dresser would look nice too. I've got just the spot for it.
I did transplant a few of my succulent/cactus today. That's something I've wanted to get to for a couple weeks. I lost one of my floor plants over the winter and don't know why. For awhile there it looked better but now it's history! I can't wait for the weather to get really nice so I can get the others out on the deck.
Course I just heard the weather report and they are saying we're going to get a storm coming through over the weekend and it's going to bring snow!! What the hell is up with that??? Snow the end of April???? I can't stand it~~
I cast on my second Knit Picks sock this evening but didn't get too far with it. Didn't even get through the ribbing but tomorrow is another day!!
Off to bed~~no reading tonight!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

First pair of Opal's

Finale from SP4

Knitted by Kim Smit for ME!!!

ewwww, what is this???

Do you see her??

Things are looking up!!

Kind of a catchy title ~~don't ya think?? Well what it means is I'm finally getting some sleep so my mood has improved. My darling "Sophie" has decided it's ok to go to sleep without crying and keep quiet until about 6a.m.!! We'll have to work on that 6 business but it's definitely a step in the right direction! I'll add a couple pictures when I'm done here.
I received the neatest package yesterday!! Kim Smit from the Whenever group sent me a knitted parrot!!! She's awesome!! She now lives on the back of the futon in my "studio". Thank you Kim, I love her!!
My package from my SP4 arrived too!! She sent me the greatest color of Koigu sock yarn!! I've never seen it in person but have heard so many raves about it and now I have some for myself!! I was thrilled!! She also included the cutest little sheep clips!! AND she made me some stitch markers!!! She put them in a little metal container so I can keep them right in my knitting bag!! What a great secret pal she is!! I don't know who she is~~yet!! I must confess I have checked some blogs trying to find her!! lol~~~
On a knitting note I finally finished my first Opal socks!! Yeah!! I really like them and they fit well. I didn't try to match them and I'm still quite satisfied with the way they turned out. I did have a bit of trouble with the heel for some reason~~I tried slipping the stitches differently than I usually do and I won't do it that way again.
Haven't decided what to start next. I'm ready for something so tomorrow KK works late I'll have a chance to get something started.
We are having a small wine tasting party Sat. night so I've got to get some cleaning done too. May save that for Friday tho~~
Off to post pictures and have a cup of Tea!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Time for bed Yet??

Now does that title give you a hint of just how tired I am??? I honestly don't remember going through this with any other dogs we have had. Sophie is up all night!! She sleeps a couple hours at a time~~if I'm lucky!! She sleeps in her crate with nice padding and her stuffed toy~~I've got a blanket wrapped around part of it so she feels warm and secure~~does it help??? NO!!!! I've been up every morning between 5&6 ~~I refuse to get up during the night with her~~I try to cover my ears and go back to sleep!! Sometimes it works!
I was thinking today that I was awfully crabby~~then it dawned on me it's because I'm so tired! I sat on the porch to read~~it was so nice in the sun and next thing I knew the phone startled me~~I was passed right out!! Geesh, hope I didn't snore!!
Sophie's doing good tho~~I can tell she's grown a little bit~~she's so darn cute!!
We're working on the paper training and sometimes she does really great and then it's like she totally forgets the whole idea of what the papers are for!!
Hope it warms up a bit more so I can get her outside~~I took her out yesterday for a little while but she started shivering so in we came.
No knitting is getting done. I did a few rows on the Opal sock but I wasn't in the mood so I put it away. I am past the heel and now it's just straight to the toes.
Should go quick once I get at it.
The lys called yesterday~~they got the Cascade 220 in that I was interested in for the entralec bag. Not sure when I'll get to that.
Heard from my sp4~~I've got a package coming so that's something to look forward to!!Maybe that will be the motivation I need to get back to knitting!
Off to get some coffee~~

Monday, April 11, 2005


Ok, I admit it this puppy thing is knocking me out! I am absolutely exhausted!!I can't even think straight at 6 a.m.! Now I remember one of the reasons I can no longer work!!I tried putting her to bed earlier last night becasue I was so tired~~which worked fine until 3!! I thought there is no way in hell I'm getting up at 3!! So she cried a bit then she was quiet until 6~~six I can deal with~~barely! Good thing she's so darn cute!!
This must be the part I blocked from my memory!
The weather the last few days has been so nice. The yard is finally dried up and I was able to take her outside. The grass was not a big hit! So funny watching her try to walk!!
Needless to say no knitting has gotten done. There are so many projects running through my mind tho~~I'd really like to start the entrelac bag while the technique is still with me! The suede shawl is calling to me every time I walk into my room~~actually that would be an ok thing to work on it's just plain knit. hmm, I'll have to give that idea some thought~~if I can stay awake long enough.
Off to do some errands~~

Friday, April 08, 2005

A lesson learned!!

Never, and I do mean never hit the delete key until you are sure you know what you are doing! Ask me how I know if you delete the photos of buttons in photobucket they are no longer on your blog?? Like I said "lesson learned"!!
Puppy news~~first night went really well~~second night not so good!! This really is like having a baby in the house!! I swear my eyes are closing as I type this!
Needless to say a lot of snuggling but not much knitting got done!
Off for coffee~~maybe more later!!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Look who's home!

What on Earth

am I doing on here at this hour you ask??? I've been up for two hours already!! What's with that???? Well, hey, a baby in the house changes things!!lol~~ even a four footed one!
I'm now typing with this fur-ball inside my robe~~not quite sure who is keeping who warm! She did quite well last night~~cried for about 10 minutes when I put her in her bed and then she slept until 6--noon would have been nicer but what the heck!!
Fed and played for about 45 minutes and thought she'd go back to sleep since she kept dozing off on me. Tried to put her back in her bed but that just didn't pan out! It's KK's morning off so I didn't want to wake him.
Guess who will be napping this afternoon??
Off for more coffee~~

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Who would have thought it??? It's nasty outside! I just want to go back to bed! It looks wet/snowy/icy/windy~yuk! They predicted this but not until late tomorrow. This is really annoying after having a 70 degree day on Thursday!! I've even been in the yard cleaning up a bit. Now there's no grass to be seen again.
Come on, Spring????
I found out who my mystery ROAK'er was~~ Ann at
sent me the "Sock It To Me" yarn. Thank you so much~~ I think it may just have to be my next sock!
I have a new theory~~you're gonna love this one! Too help with SSS I was thinking(bad sign,right there) what if you do one sock in~~let's say an Opal yarn~~then do the next sock in ummm, a Knit Picks yarn, then another in whatever~~get the idea?? Then go back to the Opal and so on down the line. Course this will only work if you know you will actually go back to the original yarns. I'm trying this~~I have one Knit Picks sock finished and now I'm doing the Opal. I think maybe three should be the limit tho~~this could really get you into trouble, well sock wise anyway! This way you wouldn't get bored with any one particular yarn or color. I've been doing just a basic sock so the pattern won't get confusing. I've actually been writing down what I'm doing as I go along too, so to go back won't be a problem.
I'll let you know how this works out!!
DD is coming over today to help clean and rearrange the family room. My back is killing me so I'd never get done myself. I'm trying to have all the big spring cleaning jobs finished before the pup comes home!
Speaking of "the pup" did I mention she has a name??? I'm fairly sure she is a
"Sophie" !! KK mentioned that name and I think it suits her. Just want I wanted too~~girlie old fashioned type name! I'll know for sure once she's here.
Well, I must get going~~would be nice if I was at least dressed when dd gets here and I should really start to pick up some of the odds and ends in the family room to save some time.
Have a great week-end~~knit lots!!
Off to clean!!