Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weird?? Me???

I'm tagged~~Alli from
got me!
Six Weird Things About Me
1. I think I have a floor fetish!! As long as the floors are vacuumed the house is clean!
2. I need the house neat and things put away but my craft room is usually a disaster!
3. I take my iPod to bed!
4. I would really like to have chickens~~the brown egg laying kind!
5. Smells really bother me!
6. I hate to cook!

Now there's some rules that need to go here but for some reason I can't copy them so I'll have to go check them out again and post later~~
Nothing much exciting going on since my last post. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get to the lys and check out the Noro. I've still got that on my mind for the Lady E.
Visited DD this afternoon and she's redecorated her kitchen so she's put in a request for all new dishcloths. They really like them for the kitchen and the bath ~~so guess what I'll be doing?
It's getting late so~~
Off to bed

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Catching Up!

Today's post as the title says is going to be a catch up. I was skimming through my blog last night and decided photos were in order! Course some are old news but I'm going to throw them in anyway! So here goes~~
I bobbled!! I've never done that before and here is the results! Pretty nice! Dishcloth was the kal from the monthly dishcloth group. Mine came out a bit large because the needles it called for were being used already so I jumped up a size. Nice just the same.

I know you're xmas'ed out but I have to share a tree photo!! This year I decided we needed new ornaments and lights. I wanted the plain glass round ornaments we had years ago~~and different colors for lights. Basically no theme !
I still used the artificial tree tho~~it fits so nicely in the corner so I don't have to do a lot of rearranging of furniture.
That's a definite plus!
See that Santa there on the left? I made that for my DD's first Xmas! I remember staying up late at night after I'd get her to bed painting it! This was it's 26th Xmas!

Next we have the Amaryliss(sp?) that blossomed right on time ~~ not sure why the stem stayed really short this year~~ususally they get so long they threaten to topple over! It did get a second flower but it didn't alst as long as the first.

Here we are two weeks ago at Knit Nite! This is at one of my favorite places to knit! A Knitter's Corner in Medina,NY.
You can get a glimpse of Lynne,Lisa and Rose and of course some of the yarn!
I didn't do a thing that night except visit~I wasn't feeling very well!the teeth issue again. Rose suggested I get back to the dentist and I decided to take her advice and it's a good

thing I did. All the discomfort I was having wasn't me being a baby I had a infection on the right side of my face! Couple days on anti-biotics took care of that! So now things are looking up!
I'm back to knitting and for proof I show you the first FO of 2007! My weekend sweater knit from Brown Sheep Burly Spun done in the round! I wore this yesterday when KK and I went out and it's sooo warm!! The perfect sweater for me!! I'd do this one again but I'd try a rolled neck for a different look. I'd like to do it in a worsted weight but not sure how to figure out the sizing and yardage. Going to have to talk to Jen at the shop about that!
And of course a photo of Sophie checking out the last skein of Burly Spun~maybe she was telling me to get that sweater done!!

And now on to the newest project ~~The Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style. The gals were talking about it at Knit Nite and I thought I have that book maybe I should check it out. I'm using Paton's SWS which is very soft and I love the colors but it really does fuzz up while knitting. I'm enjoying the knit because it is so different!

Enough for now~~thank you to everyone that's left me comments and emailed the last few weeks. I appreciate it~~
Now, I'm
Off for this~~

Monday, January 08, 2007


Well, here we are a week into the new year and I'm finally back!!
Hope everyone had a nice holiday? I must say this was one of the nicest holiday seasons I've had in years!
I'm not quite sure why~~I attribute most of it to the two weeks that I sort of drifted through right after Thanksgiving. Knowing that the pressure was off as far as the shopping/knitting goes made such an attitude adjustment! The days that KK and I went out were so calm and enjoyable~~no crazy frantic driving all over trying to find the perfect gifts.
We did good~~everyone was pleased with their gifts and no exchanges were needed!
Course KK babying me the past month was quite nice too!! He totally surprised me with the gifts he chose and I loved everything!
Quick update on the teeth issue~~I'm finding more things that I'm able to eat as long as I'm careful. No chomping down hard on anything yet and still no meat to speak of. I think that's what I miss the most~~a medium rare steak is just waiting for me! Unfortunately that's going to be quite awhile yet! I've had to return to the dentist a couple times and I think I've got to go again now. I can't believe this is going to go on for six months! Ok, enough of that~~
On to the knitting~~there hasn't been any! I'm working on the ripple afghan(crochet) for Heather's xmas gift. (she knows) I'm not touching anything else until it's finished! I've been reading my yahoo sock groups and I'm so tempted to cast on some socks but I know if I do that the afghan will wind up being next years gift!
When the kids were younger they had all sorts of video games and I could never get interested. They always wanted me to play ~~I could never get the controls right~my little guy was always going the wrong way or the first one knocked off! So they gave up on me~~~till now!!
I am officially addicted to Nintendo game cube~~Animal Crossing!! Who would have thought??
I love this game!! It's the cutest thing! That was one of my xmas gifts!! DD had it at her house and I watched her playing hers and thought "I like that game~~I could even do it"
So funny~~on Xmas day she brought her memory card over so we could visit each other's town!
This afternoon KK calls and asks "how are things in Marville?" Course I named it that~~where else would Mz Mar live? DD and I talk on the phone and you'd think we were talking about a real person and it's a critter from the game! It's fun~~something different.
Today it looks like we are finally getting hit with a bit of winter! The temp. has fallen from the 50's to the low 30's and we've had hail/snow on and off. It's still not really sticking the ground is too warm. They are saying the driving tonight is going to be tricky with black ice~~that's always scarry.
All the xmas things are put away~~finished it up today. That's so unlike me. Normally I'd have it done right before or right after New Year's day. Goes to show how much we enjoyed the season!
We're having knit nite tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to going. I missed all of Dec. I do think I'll take an afghan break and take my Weekend Sweater with me. I just have the sleeves to do and now with the colder weather I'd like it finished.
Happy knitting~~
Off to crochet