Thursday, August 09, 2007

Title???? What title???

Too tired to think up a catchy title so I'll just skip it! Can't seem to get on here any earlier these days so that's why I haven't been posting.
Trying to keep things quiet~mainly KK that is. He is supposed to do literally nothing! We all joke that we'd like to do nothing for days but believe me it gets boring rather quickly!
By-pass surgery is set for the 27th of this month so whatever higher power you believe in maybe you could ask for some good vibes sent this way. The cardio doc. wanted to do surgery next Monday but the neuro-surgeon didn't feel that enough time has passed since the stent was placed. He feels the longer the wait the better but the cardio doc. says no longer than the 27th-so that's it. I don't think the reality of it has really hit yet.
DD is on vacation and we (as in "me") are dog sitting her two dogs! An Italian Greyhound and A MinPin~~cute but annoying. I've never had dogs that are barkers~~these two are barkers to such a degree that if the wind rustles the tree leaves too much they bark! One starts and then the other!! If Sophie picks this habit up I'll be pulling my hair out!
I still haven't kicked my "startitis" problem! I think I now have 5 socks in varying degrees of "doneness"!!Two tank tops are calling out to me~~at the rate I'm going I'll have them for next summer! I'm feeling the beginnings of a sweater urge starting! Oh no, not another sweater! If my memory serves I believe there's two sweaters tucked away somewhere around here,too~and I don't mean finished ones! I set a goal~~finish all the started socks before I can start a new sweater! hmm, maybe I really don't need another sweater?
The Finger Lakes Fiberfest is next month and as long as all goes well with KK I'm there!! Heather and I go and make a day of it~and now we know a good place for dinner! Really looking forward to it and I'm starting to stash some cash~~not that I need any yarn but you never know what you just can't pass up!
It's late so
I'm Off to Bed