Friday, December 21, 2007


Feeling the pressure, yet?? Only three days left to get the Christmas knitting done that you swore you weren't going to do this year! Why do we do this to ourselves??? Please explain it??
I'm on the second sock of a Lamb's Pride super wash worsted weight pair for my daughter. She asked for a pair of house socks and I think these will be perfect ~~at least I thought so until I double checked the care label! Yes, they can be washed in the washer~~but they must be air dried or dry cleaned! I can hear the horror story already! I'm just not going to think about it!
I've been knitting quite a bit and that's why I'm not on here. Not enough time to do both!
I finally got around to doing the knitting needle bag from Bag Style and I love it! Course it's not lined yet but it will be right after the holidays! Finished another bag and a couple hats. Socks for daughter in-law.
When the scarf craze hit I wasn't impressed but now all of a sudden I want to knit scarves! All sorts~~but I'm controlling myself and waiting until the gift knitting is finished and then I'll be back at it!
I'm getting used to KK being home~~I went out one day and when I got home he had the tree up in the family room all decorated and the village under it! He even did some other decorating around the house! We did the tree in the living room together until it came time for the tinsel and then I was on my own!
We're ahead of schedule this year ~decorations done, baking done, gifts wrapped and under the tree! Yeah!! Now to sit back and relax! Ok, so maybe not totally done~~there is that second sock to finish! I'm going to get a snack and knit until I can't see straight~~lol
It'll go fast being worsted weight and I'm using 5's. I don't think I've ever done a sock like this before~~there's something to be said for thicker yarn and big needles!
A moment of silence please~~~my very first hole~~~I've been doing socks for a few years and one of first pair (that I wear a lot) developed a hole when I washed them the other day. I didn't notice it before I put them in the sink but I couldn't miss it when I rinsed them out. I felt really bad seeing that~~so I'm actually going to darn them!!!! Who would have thought???? I would never have believed it if you told me I'd be darning a sock! Then I thought maybe I'll felt them!!
A mini decoration?? We'll see~~
Ok, I must get knitting so everyone traveling be careful, stay safe and for those of you that celebrate ~~from me to you
Off to knit