Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quick Post

I can't seem to find the time to blog but I've been plurking like mad! I can't figure out how to link to my page tho~it doesn't seem to want to work but I'm going to try to stick it here and see what happens~~ well there it is but who knows if it'll work?? I 'll try it when I'm done here. If it does work when you click on it it will sign you up as one of my friends~~come on ~~you know you want to be my friend, right??

My craft room is truly me now!! As you may know I took over DD's bedroom after she moved out a few years ago. For her 16th birthday we redid her room. She picked out the wallpaper which at the time was nice~~surprisingly enough she picked out a very country print that went with our house. The walls were papered from floor to ceiling and had a border. I was beginning to have nightmares about that paper!! I've been wanting to strip it for the last couple of years but it seemed just too overwhelming. Well, last week was it! My sons girlfriend was over and she has offered many times to help me redo the room~~so we started. We decided to do a small section behind the dresser in case we couldn't get it off we could hide it! The problem was originally when we moved in we didn't know the walls needed to be sealed/primed before we papered the first time. Unfortunately I papered right on the whitewash the builder used so the first layer of paper stuck~~really good! I was able to get the vinyl top layer off but the backing was on for good! I rented a steamer and it started to dissolve the wallboard! So dh sealed and primed the walls and then we papered for dd. All went well~~but now when we took this paper off we had to be very careful that we didn't dig into the original backing. We didn't want to have to re drywall the whole room. Fortunately the paper came off pretty good~~we started the job at 8:30p.m. and kept going till almost 3a.m.!! We had the entire room done except for a small area over the window. That was Sat. night~ Sun. dh spackled all the holes which took forever! Every time we turned around there was another hole! Monday he sanded and then primed and I picked out paint!! By Tuesday evening three walls were a sage green and the fourth was a bit darker!!
I was so thrilled that we could paint!! I thought we'd always have to paper because of that backing but not a seam shows!!! I added more shelves on the one wall and rearranged a bit so now for the most part the room is back together!! I love it!! I keep walking in there just to look around!! I know you're saying "what a dork" lol~~ but I really hated that paper!!
Found white shears with a design on them that I like so they're up and tomorrow dh is going to pick up new molding for around the door.

No knitting going on but I did go to my friends the other night and we did some beading. I've been wanting to do that for awhile so it was fun to go over and do it with her! It was like going shopping at the bead shop! I took beads for a necklace that I had but needed something to spruce it up and she had just the right thing! We did a bracelet too~~so I came home with a new necklace and bracelet without even stepping foot in a store!! We gotta do it again!!

Tomorrow DD and I are going out for awhile. She's on vacation this week so we're going to "do lunch" and browse a couple new stores.

It's starting to rain, again so I've got to get the windows shut so~
Off to beat the rain

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photo Post!

Don't they look innocent??

awwwww!! Maddie wants to go for a ride!

an unwanted guest!

Sophie checking the plants!

awesome cactus!

Not the way you want to end a ride in the country!

ten day old male

ok, had enough?? This little guy was at a fiber fest I went to last weekend. It was the first year for it and it wasn't very good. What was there was good but there were only 5/6 booths related to spinning/knitting. I did see something interesting tho~~a Turkish spindle! It's a bottom whorl spindle that has these four arm thingies that as you spin the yarn wraps around these to form a center ball pull! After you load the spindle you somehow remove the arms and slip the ball off~~kewl!! They didn't have any there for sale which I guess is a good thing because I know I would have come home with one! I'll look in the fall at Hemlock. Not that I really need anything else to do!!
I did manage to finish the first Regia sock today and cast on for the second so it was a good day!
It was so humid today that anything that required moving was too much effort!!
Off for a midnight snack

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plurking anyone??

Just what I need~I don't seem to have enough time for blogging and now I'm plurking!
Check this out!
I think this would be fun if you work in an office and are on a computer most of the day. What a great way to add some fun to your routine. I don't know how often I'll be on throughout the day because I'm rarely on here until the evenings. If you sign up from my link you'll automatically be added to my friends list~~so go ahead and check it out!
Today was a brutal weather day~~I woke really early to sunshine only to fall back asleep and wake to a terrible rumbling overhead and black skies! We got a downpour and then a few minutes later the sun was back along with horrible humidity! Nasty! Instead of cooling things off it was hotter!
I'm keeping an eye on the pond because I'm afraid it's going to overflow! Last year one of the fish flowed right over the side after a heavy storm! Unfortunately, we didn't realize what happened to it until it was too late. This year we added slate all around the edges so I'm thinking that will keep them from sliding over the edge!
KK and I had things to do this morning and on the way home both of us felt ill. We ate a quick lunch then napped! Well, I tried to nap~~Sophie decided she needed to nap with me so she was practically glued to my hip~~nice on a really hot day! Finally after trying to push her over a couple times I gave up and did some felting. At least I could play in the H2O!
When I tired of that I picked up my Regia sock ~~seems like this foot is taking forever! Why is it when you're in the home stretch the rows take forever to get around? I swear my next pair is going to be on the #2's I just picked up!
Surfing blogland last night I ran across an interesting post~~I'm really sorry I don't remember who's blog it was or I'd link it. Anyway, this blogger was writing about sock knitting and she mentioned she doesn't get SSS~~her reason??? She doesn't knit the second sock!! She does random colorways and when done she adds the sock to a basket~~when she wants to wear a pair she just pulls out two that look good together!! Now how is that for freedom??? I'd like to do that~~~don't think I can get over my matching thing tho~~
KK and I were at B&K last winter sitting near the fireplace reading when he noticed my socks and asked my if I had the right ones on! They were a pair of Opals from the same skein just started at different colors! geesh~~~
Enough rambling~~
Off to knit

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back again~~

It's been ages~~I know. What have I been doing?? Little bits of this and that!!
A bedroom redo seemed like it took forever to finish. Just taking off the wallpaper border was a never ending annoying job!! Then I couldn't decide on a comforter which led to what paint?
Don't even want to think about shopping for the comforter and curtains! Finally found things that we both liked and it's done!

Now you know what happens when you redo a room, right??? It makes other rooms looking sorta drab~I think I've been watching too much HGTV!! Did you ever notice how easy everything looks when they do it?? I mean who can totally demolish a room and two days later it's a fantastic spa bath~~come on~~let's get real!!

As for knitting~~I've been thinking about it a lot but only because I've been on a organizing binge in my room. KK added some more wall shelves which I immediately filled up! It's definitely looking better in there~~I can see the floor again!

DD went away for a long weekend and when she returned she called me to tell me about a yarn shop she found! In the next breath she said " I bought you a present" What a thing to tell me when I knew we wouldn't get together until the following weekend! She picked out a really nice colorway in Reggia sock yarn! That was the motivation I needed~~sock #1 is almost to the toes!
I'm using #1's but wanted 2's , do you think I could find any circulars for magic loop? Course not!
Today I was out so I stopped at the lys and picked up a pair which means now I'll find a pair set aside with a project in mind!
awww, this is looking down from our upper deck. It's the top of a weeping pussy willow tree. The upper deck is right off the kitchen and looking over the railing this surprised us! Three babies hatched and we were able to get the camera and snap this shot as the last one was leaving.
He really didn't want to take the leap but mom kept calling to him so after a couple hours he took flight and he was off! They stayed around the yard for a few days begging from mom and then they were gone! Hopefully next year a new family will takeover the nest.
Since it's been so long since I blogged I can't remember if I mentioned that DD graduated college with her degree in professional accounting~~this is the child that always hated math~~the same child that in her first four years of college majored in French and anthropology~~now after four more years she's an accountant~~go figure!
I know I have more to say but I really need to get my iPod set up with my podcasts so until later
Off to charge