Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This post is for me....a reminder of this surprise from KK! This morning he said to me "see if the dogs can stay at the kennel for a couple days". I'm thinking, huh?? why?? He says just wait and see! I call but the gal that watches Sophie and Maddie wasn't there so I left our number and asked her to call when she got in. About an hour later she called back and said it was fine to bring the dogs over! So after some frantic packing for us and the dogs we got on our way.
Two hours later we were here! I'm blogging sitting next to the fireplace in our room at the Sherwood Inn. This place is awesome. The building is 200 years old with wonderful atmosphere!
A mixture of wood burning fire and something cooking greeted us when we signed in. Heavenly!
We were able to browse through many of the rooms as many of the guests weren't checked in yet. Our room has a mammoth high bed....when I sit on the edge my feet don't even reach the floor! Of course the fireplace is the perfect touch. My only wish is that we would get snowed in and have to stay longer!
When I stand next to the spa tub it's higher than my knees...perfect for soaking with the jets on! The wall is curved with a handpainted mural. Lovely!
Perfect sunny day for the drive and after we checked in we took a walk through the village. Peeked in a couple shops and then stopped for a piece of pizza at the deli. Came back here and had coffee by the fireplace. With all the wing back chairs and comfy sofas I said to KK I could just picture all the women from knitting sitting here. The funny thing is after dinner in the lounge we came out and two woman were sitting there knitting! One said she was starting a bag and the other was doing a felted flower. I was tempted to run up to the room and grab the yarn I brought and join them! The spa tub won out tho!
I didn't have any socks otn so I brought a skein of Regia Kaffe Fasset with me. I've been wanting to try this yarn since it doesn't stripe it sort of pools....exactly what I've been looking for!
I was disappointed that the lys here went out of business. I was looking forward to checking it out. The good news is that while we were in the deli the mail person came in and she told me where there is another yarn shop and it's very close to here! The Yarn Bin....we're going to check out the area tomorrow and we'll stop there.
We drove through Auburn,NY where Carrie of Socks in The City podcast fame lives! Wouldn't it be interesting to run into her at the lys!
Better get to bed since we want to get up early!
Off to sleep

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I made only two resolutions for the new year and I've already broken the first one! I was going to try to blog on a regular basis. Here we are into the second month of the year and this is my first post! I'm not sure why I don't take the time to blog, I used to and I was busier then. Now I have more time at home and I seem to get less accomplished.
So much for good intentions!
My second resolution seems to be off to a good start. I'm going to try to knit at least one pair of socks a month for the year. For January I used the yarn I dyed and knitted up a pair of Fluted Bannisters. I'm quite pleased with the fit on this pair so now I'm motivated to get on to #2. I've got a pair of Tidal Waves in the works.
I did get take a photo but the camera cord isn't right here and I'm way too lazy right now to hunt it up. I'll try to get them uploaded tomorrow.
I started the February Lady Sweater based on an EZ baby pattern. I absolutely love this sweater!! I wasn't confident in my ability to knit this one so I didn't want to invest $$ into only to be disappointed so I stash dived! Amazing what you forget that you have when it's tucked away!
I don't have much in enough quantity for sweaters tho...I totally forgot a couple years ago when Cotton Ease was discontinued I swapped for 10 skeins of Blueberry. This seemed perfect for a summer cardi thinking it would probably take me until the warm weather hits before I would complete it. This sweater is done top down and I have the body completed and I'm ready for the sleeves! It would have been further long but I'm striving for perfection! Having never done button holes that was an obstacle to overcome. I went on you tube and watched a tutorial till my head ached! Unfortunately, they aren't perfect but I'm ok with them after redoing a couple times.
You have to do some figuring on your own to get a good it meant trying it on as you go. Not my favorite part running a thread through all those live stitches but it's worth it in the end.
I finished the yoke,lace gull body and the garter border and then decided I wanted it longer! Out came the border and I added two more sets of the lace then redid the border.
I want to do the sleeves in the round rather than dpn's which meant picking up a short pair of circulars. You'd think with all the needles I have I wouldn't ever need to buy anymore!
I finally got to the lys on Sunday and picked up a pair so now I'm set. While I was there I found buttons that will work, so no excuses not to finish it!
One of the lys' has a Super Bowl sale every year and since it was a nice day Sunday we took a drive out there. I can't believe I didn't see much that caught my eye! I did get Opal Harry Potter to make socks for dd. I think in the back of my mind I was thinking about Monday night Knit Nite. One of the lys's closed a few years ago and the owner is friends with the woman whose house we meet at so she agreed to come over and bring goodies. She brought two huge suitcases stuffed with yarn....all at half price!! I snagged quite a bit of Cascade 220 for $3 a skein!!! Eureka!!! I'm planning next years Xmas gifts! We asked her if she'd come back in a few weeks.
A few weeks before the holidays dd asked me if I would make her a hat. Of course I said I would but probably not for Xmas as I already had those projects lined up and the supplies on hand. She didn't care, she would buy the yarn and whenever I felt like it was fine. I totally forgot about it until I went stash diving for the sweater. So now that's otn, too. Knitting on circulars, started the decreases and ready to switch to dpn's(hate that part) We're going over for dinner this weekend so I can take it to her then. At least she'll get some use out of it this season. I'm sure our cold weather is far from over.
Kk and I spent a couple hours at B&N this afternoon( I love that place) I've been stalking the knitting section and finally they got in Socks a la Carte! I swear they are only getting one new book at a time and you have to be lucky enough to get in there at the right time. Today I wasn't even looking for it and there it was!! I got 20% off being a member so I was happy to bring it home!
I've been having some horrible headaches lately. They come on all of a sudden at any time of day. I'm wondering if the ever changing weather has anything to do with it. It shouldn't be my eyes as my glasses are only a few months old. Maybe it's all the knitting and reading. I finished the last three books of the Twilight series in less than a week. Once I started the second one I was sucked right in!
Well, I guess that's enough rambling for tonight so
Off to bed