Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sad Day

Very sad this evening~~our little shih tzu Houston had to be put down today. It's not that we weren't expecting it but it still seemed so sudden. I went out yesterday morning and he was ok~~when I got home he wasn't. He could hardly stand up. After a couple hours he couldn't at all. It's not that he was young--he wasn't--he was almost 14! In dog years doesn't that make him almost 98??? Wow!! Called the vet this morning and they got us in but not until 3:30 this afternoon--made for a long day. I carried him outside a couple times so he could lay in the grass when the sun came out. I figured he'd like that. He wouldn't eat or drink anything he just wanted me near. Every time I've gone to this the new vet we're using it's never been busy but of course today it was. I had to sit in the waiting room fighting tears which I didn't manage to do for long. It seemed like forever before we got in a room but actually it wasn't~~we went before some other people that were waiting. The assistant came in and talked with me and explained everything so I knew what to expect. Asked if I wanted to stay with him and I didn't have the heart to leave him alone so I did. The vet was so kind she carefully checked him over and she agreed it was in his best interest to let him go. His heart was not good and she thought he had a tumor on his spine. It was time to say "good-bye" I held him and talked to him and they administered the shot. It was painless and quick~~he drifted off~~
By Houie, we'll miss you~~

Friday, May 12, 2006

Hello Hello Hello!!

Yeah, I know I've been gone again for awhile. The days are getting away from me lately. I've actually put forth an effort to get up earlier and stay up! Hasn't worked yet but hey, it's an idea! You'd think with the nicer weather I'd be full of ambition but not so far!
I've been keeping busy getting some cleaning done. Amazing how nasty things get over the winter. Still need to take down the curtains and put some lighter ones up.
Remember when I said no flowers in my yard?? Seems I forgot about these.
Nice, huh?? Not sure why I planted those by the pond but they are pretty! Next the Lilacs will be out~~my favorite!
Don't know what's going on with this blog--everything is underlined--what's with that???
I can't think straight--KK is in a music mood and the stereo is blasting right behind me~~not that I mind but I can't sit still!!
The room's a rockin!! Get those dancing feet moving!
I think I could exercise if I listened to this~~makes ya want to move!! Course I just looked over and KK and Sophie are sound a sleep on the couch!!
Charging up PeaPod (iPod) so I can listen to podcasts. I'm hooked!! I don't sleep well so when I know it's going to be along night I take PeaPod along to listen to. I know I dose off because all of a sudden I'm hearing something that makes no sense and I realize I missed a whole segment of the show I started with! I wanted to listen to it last night so quietly I get it off my night stand(in the dark) and figure out which ear buds are which flip it on and~~nada!! I flung it off the other night and never turned it off!! How annoying!!
DD and her girlfriend have them also so we all named them--mine is PeaPod because of it's lime green skin! It glows in the dark!! Scared the heck outta me one night until I remembered what it was!
How's that for a "Frog Pond"? lol~~I'm having too much fun with sewing lately! No knitting is getting done at all. The thought has crossed my mind a few times but I just don't get to it. Now if I had some pinkish/raspberry sock yarn I'd be knitting!! I'm feeling the "need" for it again. Maybe this time I should just give in and look for some? Once in awhile I run across some that is kind of what I want but it's not quite it. I don't want pale
pastel-ly pink~~I want bright shades of raspberry for lack of a better description. I know it's out there just waiting for me to find it. I will~~~
Snack time so~
Off to eat