Sunday, December 07, 2008

Here I am, again!

Just looked at my blog and the last entry was from September!! How can that be?? What have I been doing? Nothing exciting comes to mind.

I did take a sock dying class through knitting guild. That was yesterday.
I don't usually like taking classes. I always feel pressured to move along quickly so not to hold everyone up but it didn't matter for this. You worked at your own pace which was good as I was the last one done! I used two methods and found that painting the dye on gave you much more control over the results. Once you do it you have more appreciation for those that do it well!
I'm sure it's like anything the more you practice the better you become. Here's a photo of the first two skeins. I think I just might invest in some more supplies and try this again! I'm really anxious to knit one of these up to see what happens!

Here's the same two skeins on a white floor so you can see the color better.

Over on Plurk we had a swap and this is the package I received. Very nice goodies! With sock yarn that's very soft and squishy! Even the pups got a treat!

Like many of you I'm knitting as fast as I can to get Xmas gifts finished on time. DD requested socks so of course they are top priority! I think d-i-l is going to get a scarf since she doesn't wear socks that much, at least not warm ones. Son's girlfriend is going to get her first pair this year ,too.
For knitting guild this month we had an ornament exchange. At the last minute I decided to do a mini sock which took me all afternoon! Why is it when you're in a hurry it seems like you're all thumbs? I even managed to snap a Bryson dpn in half! I was very annoyed and almost said the hell with it but I was 3/4 done at that point! I got a lovely wool embroidered heart...makes me think of how the wool penny rugs are done.
Most of our Xmas decorations are done. If we could just get these boxes cleaned up I'd be happy.
The outside doesn't have as much as we usually do but it's so cold now that I told KK it's fine as is.
I think later in the week we'll do some shopping. I haven't been to the stores at all yet. No black Friday shopping for me! Just looking at the parking lots is enough to keep me away!
As for knitting not much has been accomplished. I started a sweater and actually had everything but the sleeves done when I finally admitted I didn't like after setting it aside for a week I frogged the whole thing! I really like the yarn so I'll have to find another pattern more suitable.
It's getting late so I'm
Off to sleep

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old Forge!

Here I am in Old Forge,NY blogging! KK and I have had this weekend get away planned to coincide with the craft fair in Remson,NY. We learned of the fair a couple years ago when we took the train ride from Utica to here. We liked Old Forge but didn't have enough time to really explore and we decided we needed to come back and spend a few days here. They told us the last weekend in Sept. is the best to see the fall foliage and they were so right! We definitely weren't disappointed! Even with the overcast skies the views are stunning! We took so many pictures but I'll have to wait until we're back home to download them.
Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate yesterday morning for the poured almost the whole time we were there! Thank goodness we had our umbrellas so we were fine. By early afternoon it started to clear up and it got quite warm.
A couple of booths were really nice but some we just passed by. I stopped at one that had some really nice homespun yarn but she only had one skein of each color and there wasn't enough yardage to do much with. She did have awesome thrummed mittens but I couldn't bring myself to spend $69 on them. A garter stitch sweater caught my eye and I must have the pattern! She didn't have it with her but I'm going to call during the week and she's going to send it to me. Her shop is only open a few evenings a week so I won't be able to go there. The sweater she had on display was done in Cashvero....I've never heard of it before so I'm going to have to check into it.
I did get a pair of fleece mittens that feel really soft and hopefully warm. I'm already having problems with the RS and it isn't even that cold yet!
Once we got to Old Forge and checked into our room we went off to look through the shops. Of course I had to go to the Hardware store and check out the yarn area! Nothing caught my eye this time. I was a bit disappointed. I enjoyed the shops and picked up a few things. Tomorrow before we leave I'm going to get a blanket. They have these really thick soft throws that will be perfect for winter TV watching in our family room.
This morning we got up early and when we walked out of our room there were 5 deer right outside our room. A few people were out taking pictures and they said the deer stay right near here all the time. They actually walk right up to you if you stand still. I fed a button buck and a couple of the does...the baby was more timid and stayed out of reach. When we came back into town this evening there they were right on Main St. in the front yard of one of the shops! The locals watch out for them as they casually stroll back and forth across the street!
Today we took a drive to Lake Placid. It wasn't what I didn't have the old comfy feel of Old Forge. The shops were more what you'd expect to find in most cities which didn't interest me. I did go into Adirondack Yarns which had a nice variety of yarns and friendly staff. Lots of sock yarn many I'm able to get locally but they had Peace Fleece which I've never seen so of course I couldn't leave without some. Another colorway caught my eye but no matter how much I try I can't remember whose it is and I left it in the car..but I got a skein of it too. So now I have my souvenir yarn!
We ate an early dinner and decided to come back to the room to relax. I knew KK was tired after all that driving even though he wouldn't admit it. I grabbed a coffee and had the pastry we got at the bakery earlier. KK drifted off and I've been knitting!
I wasn't sure if it was worth the bother to pack up the knitting bag but I'm glad I did. I'm working on the Modular Vest that's on the front of Creative Knitting. I started it the beginning of the week and right before we left finished the first block only to discover it was totally wrong! My miter was going in the wrong direction! How annoying! I think right at the beginning I marked the right side row on the wrong side which of course threw the whole thing off. One of the ladies I knit with said don't rip it we'll make it work but I couldn't stand the thought of having to fudge it, so out it came! I started it over making sure it was marked correctly this time. I'm almost done with the second block of the first piece and it's looking good!
Also otn's is a pair of annetrelac socks that are almost finished. They're another story! I had the first sock almost finished when I realized there wasn't enough yarn! No way was I taking out all that work. I ripped it back to the cuff and Kk and I went on a hunt for something that I could do the heel and toes in. The second shop had Koigu in a nice shaded brown that went well with the variegated colorway so a sock disaster avoided! Redid the heels in the brown and I'm just about to the toes on the first one and about half way down the foot on the second. Keeping my fingers crossed there's enough yarn to get to both toes!!
Another project otn is the wrap vest in Love of Knitting. It's going to be a slow knit with almost 200 sts. on 7's. It's worked in a seeded rib so it's not difficult just slow.
Almost forgot to mention last weekend was the Hemlock Fiberfest. Had a great day from the weather through the shopping! That's were I got the yarn for the wrap vest. It's a hand dyed shaded dark blue with a touch of deep purple. It's definitely a step out of the usual for me!
Right as we were leaving I took the plunge and purchased enough hand spun/dyed yarn for a cardigan! It's beautiful,and again I stepped out of my normal and picked what I'd call jewel tones. I'd like to complete a couple smaller projects before I tackle the cardigan.
I've looked at the Lantern Moon dpn's for socks but never bought any but when I saw them at the fest I decided to treat myself!! They are so smooth and so tiny....maybe I'll have to cast on using the new yarn I got today!
I'm probably forgetting something but it's getting late and I want to finish the second mitered block so
Off to knit

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

September already???

Can it really be September already??? It doesn't seem possible that summer is over or just about anyways. Yet I guess it's true as we had my b'day get together over the weekend. That for me is the sign that another summer is done.

KK and I didn't do as much as we thought we would which I'll blame a lot on the weather. Seemed every time we had something planned it rained or looked like it was going to. We did take a day trip to Ithaca,NY which was fun. We managed to shop at The Commons, go to the brewery, hike the Buttermilk Falls gorge, and stop at a few wineries! It was a great day and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Of course an outing that includes a yarn shop is just what one could hope for!

On said trip I did snag some Happy Feet and Mt. Colors. As you can see a new bag just happened to catch my surprise there for those who know me! No trip to the wineries is complete without bringing some home for later! (DD and I managed to illiminate 2 bottles at b'day gathering)

Oh, I almost forgot that very light color is some Crystal Palace chenille. Very nice and soft! I've never see it in person and once I did I had to bring some home. Only wish I could have gotten more. There is a washcloth in Weekend Knitter that I'd like to do.(waiting for book from library)

KK and I managed the hike up the gorge and as exhausting as it was it was worth it! It was beautiful at the top...well, the top as far as we were concerned anyway!
These are some of the views as we were hiking up.Of course pictures don't do it justice.

This was amazing to see how the water had etched out this pool. On the way up there were three of these and with the sun shinning through the trees the water literally glowed emerald.

As you can see after that hike the temptation was too great not to cool off! I couldn't resist! They told us the water was 55 but it felt wonderful! Right behind me in the photo was another one of the natural pools. Teenagers were sliding down the rocks right next to the falls into the pool....that looked like so much fun! I resisted tho.......

Not to bore you with anymore nature photos here's the socks from the Sockotta my girls gifted me with from when they took this same outing!
Ater finishing these I wished that I would have knitted something with a slight pattern. I never would have picked this colorway myself but it really knitted up nicely.
I hate to say it but we've had the nicest five days in a row weather wise then I think we've had all summer. With the storms all over the country who would think it would be so nice here. Weird!
I'm looking forward to Guild starting this week. First project is some charity slippers and they are providing the pattern and yarn. We'll have until next meeting to do as many pairs as we can.
I've got a couple project ideas floating around in my mind to start. Not quite sure which I want to tackle first. Should probably think about holiday gifts but I can't think that far ahead!
Off to make dinner

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bad Blogger

ok, I admit it I'm hooked on Plurk! I jump on and off all day long......if I stay away too long I'm afraid I might miss something! Crazy!
I do have some knitting news! Yeah, I know you're shocked, right? I'm working on #2 sock of the Regia pair. They really are a nice colorway. I am having trouble with my heels and heel decreases for some unknown reason. The last pair I did I wasn't happy with either. I'm doing them the same way as usual so I don' t understand what I'm doing wrong. I'm getting those holes at the join and my decrease don't seem right to me. I do socks magic loop on #1's......when I get past the heel turn I have all the heel and picked up sts. on one needle and the top of foot on the other. I like this for doing the decreases...this way you dec. and each end of one needle. As I'm looking at it I k1,ssk, knit across to last 3 k2tog,k1 then knit across the next needle. Sound right?
I can finally say my room is really done!! KK finished painting the new molding and he put it up today! I painted the light switch plate white then used the wall color watered down to antique it. Tomorrow I'll spray a coat of clear to protect it and then on it goes! I have a couple odds and ends to put away but it wouldn't seem like my room if everything was put away!
Did you see my new pet?? That annoying noise you hear is her eating! After I did her I saw there is a Llama ~~kewl!!
I saw/heard something the other day that left me with a nice feeling ...maybe you'll feel the same. KK and I stopped at McDonald's and it was quite busy with lunches. We wound up getting a seat pretty close to the ordering line. Standing in line was a middle aged man in a army uniform. I didn't even notice him until I heard a woman say" May I shake your hand? I just want to thank you for everything you do for our country". At first he seemed a little uncomfortable but I noticed after the woman walked away he had a smile on his face. Maybe that raok brightened his day......I hope so did mine.
I've decided No....More.....Yarn ...... at least not until fiberfest next month! I think I should be able to hold out until then!
Sorry, this post is so lame but I tried~~lol
It's getting late and I want to read a few minutes before bed so
Off to read

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quick Post

I can't seem to find the time to blog but I've been plurking like mad! I can't figure out how to link to my page tho~it doesn't seem to want to work but I'm going to try to stick it here and see what happens~~ well there it is but who knows if it'll work?? I 'll try it when I'm done here. If it does work when you click on it it will sign you up as one of my friends~~come on ~~you know you want to be my friend, right??

My craft room is truly me now!! As you may know I took over DD's bedroom after she moved out a few years ago. For her 16th birthday we redid her room. She picked out the wallpaper which at the time was nice~~surprisingly enough she picked out a very country print that went with our house. The walls were papered from floor to ceiling and had a border. I was beginning to have nightmares about that paper!! I've been wanting to strip it for the last couple of years but it seemed just too overwhelming. Well, last week was it! My sons girlfriend was over and she has offered many times to help me redo the room~~so we started. We decided to do a small section behind the dresser in case we couldn't get it off we could hide it! The problem was originally when we moved in we didn't know the walls needed to be sealed/primed before we papered the first time. Unfortunately I papered right on the whitewash the builder used so the first layer of paper stuck~~really good! I was able to get the vinyl top layer off but the backing was on for good! I rented a steamer and it started to dissolve the wallboard! So dh sealed and primed the walls and then we papered for dd. All went well~~but now when we took this paper off we had to be very careful that we didn't dig into the original backing. We didn't want to have to re drywall the whole room. Fortunately the paper came off pretty good~~we started the job at 8:30p.m. and kept going till almost 3a.m.!! We had the entire room done except for a small area over the window. That was Sat. night~ Sun. dh spackled all the holes which took forever! Every time we turned around there was another hole! Monday he sanded and then primed and I picked out paint!! By Tuesday evening three walls were a sage green and the fourth was a bit darker!!
I was so thrilled that we could paint!! I thought we'd always have to paper because of that backing but not a seam shows!!! I added more shelves on the one wall and rearranged a bit so now for the most part the room is back together!! I love it!! I keep walking in there just to look around!! I know you're saying "what a dork" lol~~ but I really hated that paper!!
Found white shears with a design on them that I like so they're up and tomorrow dh is going to pick up new molding for around the door.

No knitting going on but I did go to my friends the other night and we did some beading. I've been wanting to do that for awhile so it was fun to go over and do it with her! It was like going shopping at the bead shop! I took beads for a necklace that I had but needed something to spruce it up and she had just the right thing! We did a bracelet too~~so I came home with a new necklace and bracelet without even stepping foot in a store!! We gotta do it again!!

Tomorrow DD and I are going out for awhile. She's on vacation this week so we're going to "do lunch" and browse a couple new stores.

It's starting to rain, again so I've got to get the windows shut so~
Off to beat the rain

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photo Post!

Don't they look innocent??

awwwww!! Maddie wants to go for a ride!

an unwanted guest!

Sophie checking the plants!

awesome cactus!

Not the way you want to end a ride in the country!

ten day old male

ok, had enough?? This little guy was at a fiber fest I went to last weekend. It was the first year for it and it wasn't very good. What was there was good but there were only 5/6 booths related to spinning/knitting. I did see something interesting tho~~a Turkish spindle! It's a bottom whorl spindle that has these four arm thingies that as you spin the yarn wraps around these to form a center ball pull! After you load the spindle you somehow remove the arms and slip the ball off~~kewl!! They didn't have any there for sale which I guess is a good thing because I know I would have come home with one! I'll look in the fall at Hemlock. Not that I really need anything else to do!!
I did manage to finish the first Regia sock today and cast on for the second so it was a good day!
It was so humid today that anything that required moving was too much effort!!
Off for a midnight snack

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plurking anyone??

Just what I need~I don't seem to have enough time for blogging and now I'm plurking!
Check this out!
I think this would be fun if you work in an office and are on a computer most of the day. What a great way to add some fun to your routine. I don't know how often I'll be on throughout the day because I'm rarely on here until the evenings. If you sign up from my link you'll automatically be added to my friends list~~so go ahead and check it out!
Today was a brutal weather day~~I woke really early to sunshine only to fall back asleep and wake to a terrible rumbling overhead and black skies! We got a downpour and then a few minutes later the sun was back along with horrible humidity! Nasty! Instead of cooling things off it was hotter!
I'm keeping an eye on the pond because I'm afraid it's going to overflow! Last year one of the fish flowed right over the side after a heavy storm! Unfortunately, we didn't realize what happened to it until it was too late. This year we added slate all around the edges so I'm thinking that will keep them from sliding over the edge!
KK and I had things to do this morning and on the way home both of us felt ill. We ate a quick lunch then napped! Well, I tried to nap~~Sophie decided she needed to nap with me so she was practically glued to my hip~~nice on a really hot day! Finally after trying to push her over a couple times I gave up and did some felting. At least I could play in the H2O!
When I tired of that I picked up my Regia sock ~~seems like this foot is taking forever! Why is it when you're in the home stretch the rows take forever to get around? I swear my next pair is going to be on the #2's I just picked up!
Surfing blogland last night I ran across an interesting post~~I'm really sorry I don't remember who's blog it was or I'd link it. Anyway, this blogger was writing about sock knitting and she mentioned she doesn't get SSS~~her reason??? She doesn't knit the second sock!! She does random colorways and when done she adds the sock to a basket~~when she wants to wear a pair she just pulls out two that look good together!! Now how is that for freedom??? I'd like to do that~~~don't think I can get over my matching thing tho~~
KK and I were at B&K last winter sitting near the fireplace reading when he noticed my socks and asked my if I had the right ones on! They were a pair of Opals from the same skein just started at different colors! geesh~~~
Enough rambling~~
Off to knit

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back again~~

It's been ages~~I know. What have I been doing?? Little bits of this and that!!
A bedroom redo seemed like it took forever to finish. Just taking off the wallpaper border was a never ending annoying job!! Then I couldn't decide on a comforter which led to what paint?
Don't even want to think about shopping for the comforter and curtains! Finally found things that we both liked and it's done!

Now you know what happens when you redo a room, right??? It makes other rooms looking sorta drab~I think I've been watching too much HGTV!! Did you ever notice how easy everything looks when they do it?? I mean who can totally demolish a room and two days later it's a fantastic spa bath~~come on~~let's get real!!

As for knitting~~I've been thinking about it a lot but only because I've been on a organizing binge in my room. KK added some more wall shelves which I immediately filled up! It's definitely looking better in there~~I can see the floor again!

DD went away for a long weekend and when she returned she called me to tell me about a yarn shop she found! In the next breath she said " I bought you a present" What a thing to tell me when I knew we wouldn't get together until the following weekend! She picked out a really nice colorway in Reggia sock yarn! That was the motivation I needed~~sock #1 is almost to the toes!
I'm using #1's but wanted 2's , do you think I could find any circulars for magic loop? Course not!
Today I was out so I stopped at the lys and picked up a pair which means now I'll find a pair set aside with a project in mind!
awww, this is looking down from our upper deck. It's the top of a weeping pussy willow tree. The upper deck is right off the kitchen and looking over the railing this surprised us! Three babies hatched and we were able to get the camera and snap this shot as the last one was leaving.
He really didn't want to take the leap but mom kept calling to him so after a couple hours he took flight and he was off! They stayed around the yard for a few days begging from mom and then they were gone! Hopefully next year a new family will takeover the nest.
Since it's been so long since I blogged I can't remember if I mentioned that DD graduated college with her degree in professional accounting~~this is the child that always hated math~~the same child that in her first four years of college majored in French and anthropology~~now after four more years she's an accountant~~go figure!
I know I have more to say but I really need to get my iPod set up with my podcasts so until later
Off to charge

Friday, May 02, 2008

Marilyn Bound~~~

or not! Darn~~I can't get the Sheep and Wool festival off my mind! My friend and I planned to go but after much thought I really felt guilty going this year. Wool fest???? New roof??? Priorities, right??? I must admit it has been nice the last few rainy days not worrying about where the next leak will be! But still ~~
As it turns out it was fate that we decided not to go because I wouldn't have enjoyed it. Last week I decided to move the coffee table in the family room. To look at it you wouldn't think it would be too heavy but in reality it takes two guys to pick it up. We had moved it the weekend before for Wii bowling and the guys forgot to put it back. It sat there all week until I couldn't stand looking at it and decided I'd move it. KK can't pick up something like that without someone that can lift the other side and that's not me! So~~I figured if I sat on the floor that I could slide it on the carpet if I pushed it with my legs/feet. Make sense?? So, I sat and pushed and inch by slow inch I got it back where it belongs. Two days later I could not touch my foot to the floor. I've never experienced pain such as this and hopefully never will again! I thought how on earth could you possibly break your leg and not know what you did?? It finally dawned on us Sunday when we had a house full of guests what I did! After a trip to the doctor's I found out that I ripped all the muscles from groin to foot! It's been
a long nasty week! Every time I sat down I needed something just out of reach~~it was so frustrating! Two trips to the doctors and many drugs later I'm hobbling around a bit. I've learned a lesson here~~no more moving furniture without help. At least not heavy stuff!!
On the good side I finished a sock and I'm to the heel of the second one! Yeah, me!!
Our knitting guild had an auction last night but I missed it~~probably just as well. I'm trying to use some of the stash. I feel startitis coming on again~~I found some cotton ease that I've been hoarding that I forgot about and thought now would be a good time to use it. What for???Ideas?? I looked around on Raverly for some inspiration but nothing really jumped out at me. Maybe I should finish the sock first?
Made it through b'day weekend last weekend. I'm always happy when that's done. It's so difficult to pick out presents for the kids now that they're grown. KK is the worst to buy for because he never wants anything. When I asked him what he'd like he replied "dirt" huh???
Yup, he wants a load of dirt for the yard~~how exciting! We had a nice party tho which we really haven't done the last couple years. It was fun picking out b'day decorations ~I didn't think they'd notice but everyone commented so it was a hit!
Been watching American Idol?? I admit it I'm hooked~~a little bit sad that Brooke was eliminated this week~~she seems like such a sweet girl. I think it'll come down to Shyesha(sp?) and David C~~what'd you think??
It's time to get back on the couch, so
Off to rest

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where, oh, where

has all the wicker gone?? I don't want anything fancy or unusual just real wicker! Not metal framed resin coated wicker~~woven with all the little imperfections and snags that wicker has. Is that asking to much??? Apparently so~~
A few weeks ago I sold the macaws so I found myself with an empty room! I can't have that so I decided it would be nice to move my sewing things in there and that way I could spread out a bit in my "knitting room". I'd like to keep it bright and cheery so I'll be motivated to actually do some sewing. A few plants, a white wicker rocker and I'd be a happy sew'er~~so far no luck. I found an awesome rocker today and I was thrilled because it made me think of old rockers with the woven area on the lower bottom(where you'd put your feet). Perfect style and the price was right I was ecstatic until I read the sign and it said resin!! I really didn't think it was so I had to feel it all over to make sure! If it weren't for the plastic looking rockers I think I would have grabbed it anyway. It was very comfy~~ I'm still thinking about it so maybe I'll cave but I'm so afraid if I do then I'll find a real wicker one!
We've had perfect weather the last week. KK and I are still getting the yard cleaned up~~where does all that debris come from?? We have bags again for the trash. The pond is all clean and running. Poor KK was cleaning it the other day and slipped right in~~~ewwwww!! Pond scum!!
I can't wait to start planting some flowers!
The wool I washed is all nice and dry so today I sat outside and started combing it. I'm not really sure how it's supposed to be done but I managed to do quit a bit. I'm using two dog slicker brushes. I don't want to invest too much at this point. I don't understand how it goes from being brushed to actual roving?? I'm thinking maybe that's what a drum carder is for?? Don't know.
Finished the Brioche stitch scarf~~that's interesting how the colors work out. You knit using three different colors and they change every row. The combinations are endless~~
I'll get a photo soon.
Well, break time is over so
Off to comb wool

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


You don't even want to know how many times I've tried to get on here only to have blogger tell me I don't exist! How annoying! I've had to change my password a few times and after that they tell my email doesn't exist~~huh?? ok,enough ranting~~I'm here and I have a couple photos for you!
Going to try to put them in some sort of order not that it really makes a'll just keep me from forgetting something.
Spring has finally sprung here in western NY. The days have been very sunny and they are slowly warming up. Today was one of the best so far~~in the 60's! I'm so ready for the heat! Remind me of that statement in August!
On the home front we have our new roof! A major worry taken care of! During the past couple of wind storms we were really concerned as we watched our roofing shingles flying around the neighborhood! We wound up with three small leaks and we were thankful they weren't any worse! We had damage to our siding a few years back thanks to another we had the house resided. Went from green to sandstone(lt.tan) and I couldn't make up my mind on what color shutters I wanted. I look across the street to see a tan house with burgundy shutters so of course I couldn't/wouldn't go with burgundy which was my first choice two years ago! So I thought ....... make up your mind before someone else beats me to it! Good ole Home Depot to the rescue ...right there in stock they have this dark blue...not exactly navy but a deep blue and they appealed to me right off! Ds came over the other day and got them on and I didn't even have to feed him!!
Next project is the front porch~~sanding and painting. We're going to rent a floor sander and get it done quick. I enjoy painting so I'm looking forward to that part...hopefully we can agree on the colors!
We've been getting the yard in shape(ok, I lied..KK is getting the yard in shape).It's coming along. We've had so many branches to clean up that we gave up burning them and toted them out to the trash.
Let's see if I can get some photos now

ahhh,there ya completed Noni evening bag, cute,huh?? I love this goofy bag! The bigger flower is rust not the color that's showing up on here. Notice that oak wood it's sitting on??? That's a potty seat.....we'll save that for another day!
The yarn for this wrap I bought the first time I went to the Hemlock fiber fest three years ago! This picture does not do it justice at all. I will try to remember to take a photo outside one day. Funny you can't see the hundred pins sticking into it either! It was so fine that it dried in a couple hours.

Now can you just guess what this is??? Yep, you're right a huge garbage bag of fleece!! Right off the sheep with lanolin and all sorts of nasty stuff included at no extra charge!! lol~~

This was given to me to "play" with. After sorting through some of it I'm not sure I like this kind of "playing". It smells really bad~~just think barn and you got it! I wasn't to sure where to even begin but after awhile I thought "what the heck? Nothing ventured, nothing gained" right??

So I grabbed a bunch and laid it out and started picking through it.....and picked some more......and more.....getting the idea??? nasty......

and when I finally couldn't stand it any more in it went!

Very hot water and dish detergent for a nice long soak! Needless to say the washer was off and the lid stayed open until the water cooled.....then did it all over again! A good rinsing in the sink and then set out to dry. It still doesn't look too good to me so tomorrow I'm going to give it another soaking.

I was listening to Yarn Spinners Tales's podcast this afternoon and it so happens she was talking about washing a fleece. I checked out her blog and she has photos of the fleece she washed......big difference from what I have! After some good advice I'm ready to try again. I'm hoping that tomorrow is another nice day so I can work outside. Fresh air is a good thing.......
Enough for tonight~~it's getting late so........
Off to bed

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


hmmm, trying to see if I can get to my blog! I got this far so maybe that's a good sign?? I tried for quite awhile late last night but couldn't get through. Everything kept freezing up~I know it's those darn photos~~
Talk about freezing??? We need to dig ourselves out of the driveway so we can go out today. Earlier I had to shovel a path so the dogs could get out the back door! An inch of snow and Maddie is stopped in her tracks!
Not so great on the back~~that stuff is heavy!!
OK, going to try to post this~~
Keeping fingers crossed...
Off to ???

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What to say????

There's not much going on these days .........funny how throughout the day I think of things that I think might be somewhat interesting to post about but by the time I actually sit here to post the thoughts are gone! I had a heck of a time getting into blogger this kept telling my email didn't exist. huh???? Really annoying!

For some knitting news....I finished the fair isle knitting......

but as you can see someone thought it was for her! This was a fun knit and I didn't have any trouble with the stranding but the felting will tell the true story! I hope I didn't pull the strands too tight! I used Ella Rae and ran out of the light green one row before the end. The lys didn't have anymore of the color so I went ahead and finished it off with the last color. The last row won't have it's curls curled!

KK and I took a short ride last Sunday and for once I had the camera with me! So here's a couple photos from the park we stopped at.

We plodded through the snow to get to the falls ........

It was a beautiful sunny day!

I've been looking around for a inexpensive carrier for Maddie and found a cute one at Petsmart....and it was included in their winter clearance! Great! I took her with me to the lys and the girls thought I had my purse on the table until it moved!! To me it looks like a bowling bag but hey, it works! And she approves....

Course she isn't too picky about what bags she climbs into .......just set any sort of bag on the floor and she's right there!
One good thing about the carrier quest it made me sort through a couple of felted bags that I did a few years ago. I had a huge one knitted and felted waiting for a lining and some handles. I made a quick stop at Joann's and found some fabric and spent last Sunday lining it! Now to decide about handles. The bag is huge and floppy and I really don't like it that way so I have to give some thought what to do next.
I can't decide what I want to knit next. Another bag?? sweater?? scarf?? socks?? Don't know.....
I'll sleep on it.....
Had an unexpected trip to the doctors the other day. I refused to go to the hospital as we don't have health insurance anymore. Kk called our doc. and he took me right in and they did an ekg immediately. As it turns out the ekg was the same as my last one which is good. So the verdict is Fibro has raised it's ugly head in a new area. The doc. gave me medication but I still have a lot of discomfort on my left shoulder/arm/chest. For the most part the piercing pain has let up as long as I don't rush around. Think that's a good excuse to sit and knit?? Works for me!!
So on that note I'm
Off to stash dive

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maddie's Debut

Alright I know you're all holding your breath and asking who is Maddie??
Here she is~~all four pounds of her! She's a one year old Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

This was a very unexpected addition to our family! Two weeks ago today KK and I were at Barnes and Noble . Me catching up on the newest knitting books and KK falling asleep when my cell rings and it's my friend telling me about this dog. Her friend is a breeder and decided that Maddie is probably too small to breed and she was looking for a home for her!! Well, look no further she's mine!! Course KK felt a bit differently but after a little coaxing he said we could try it and see how she gets on with Sophie.
After spending so much time with KK and snacking every day Sophie is probably tipping the scales at about 20 lbs. Needless to say we figured we'd really have to watch that she didn't hurt the little one~~well, that doesn't seem to be the case! The little snip is ruling! I think Sophie is finally starting to realize that she's not just visiting and she'd better start sticking up for herself!

Here I am sitting at my laptop in the kitchen and I looked down and there's Maddie in the toy basket! She was trying to get out a toy but everything is too big for her so she gave up and crawled right in and sat down!
We have to do some toy shopping in extra small size! I was looking in the pet store yesterday at the bones and everything seemed too big for her!

As for knitting Maddie's wearing it! It's been terribly cold and windy here and the breeder didn't give me anything with her. No toys, blanket,collar,leash, or sweater so I made her one! I actually made it twice though. I found a pattern on the web and thought I'd try it out of sock yarn instead of worsted weight. The first time I followed the pattern completely and it was still too big so I frogged it and started over. Something so small took me a whole week to get it right! I used sock yarn and 3 needles. The back is 2x2 ribbing and the chest area is garter. Once I divided for the legs I did it circular for less seaming and it worked quite well. I'm going to do another and add a bit more length so it comes to her butt.

I really don't understand how someone can have a pet like this for almost a year and tote her around with her,let her sleep with her and then just give her away with nothing. Wouldn't you think she'd at least have an old blanket or something to make the transition easier? Nope,nothing. She was never outside but I decided she needs to "go" outside and be a real dog not a stuffed toy! She loves it except for when the wind came along this morning and practically knocked her over! We had a few nights of barking(even tho she's debarked) I felt like we had a baby in the house! I was exhausted! I finally got a brainstorm yesterday and moved her crate from the kitchen to the bedroom next to Sophie's and all was quiet all night!! Wonderful!! We'll see how it goes tonight.

In other news I'm learning Fair Isle. My first project is a felted bag. If I'm being honest which of course I am I must admit I haven't touched it since the first night I started it! I'm having a time with the concept of holding on to my yarn. I'm a "thrower" and once I throw I let go of the yarn which will take me forever to accomplish anything fair isle not to mention using both hands! So I need to practice putting pointer finger to use holding that strand of yarn!
The "bug" that's been going around seems to have stopped in for a visit which I'm not appreciating! I've had this lingering headache for days and when it finally let up a bit the sniffles stepped in! I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Didn't even go to Guild this month.
I think it's hot bath time so I'm
Off to soak

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's try it out~~

A new camera~~should be fun~~right?? Not~~at least not yet! I've figured out how to take photos and videos but can't quite get how to work with them once they're in here. I actually took the time and read the directions so we'll see how I did.
Right here I'm going to show you the photo of my Needle Knit Bag~~I hope~yeah, way to go!!! It worked~~no thanks to me~~this thing just went ahead and did what it was supposed to do all on it's own~~scary!! OK~~worked once lets try again~~
ta da~the inside

kewl~~hope these colors look better on your screens then they do on mine!
I used Lamb's Pride bulky in a brown heather colorway with brown paisley inside.
I think I mentioned in the previous post that I was in a felting mood so here's my latest project.One of the Noni bags. Not all the pieces were done when I took the photo but they are now. I couldn't resist and went ahead and felted the flower right away. I really like how they turn out. I haven't felted the rest of the pieces yet~~that's on tomorrow's list!

Remember last year I was working on the Lady E wrap?? No?? Well, here's a reminder

Nice enough but I've decided that I'll never use it as a wrap and it's too wide for a scarf. I'm wondering if it will felt?? It's 70%wool and 30% silk. Any thoughts?? Please let me know. Since it would shrink more in length than width I was thinking it would make a nice table mat. I'd do the Lady E again but as the scarf and in different yarn. The colors in this are wonderful and it is so soft but I think as a scarf it will pil like mad.
Today was nice and relaxing~made sauce this morning and let it simmer all day. I sewed the lining in the knitting needle bag while KK and Sophie snoozed. Then he helped me clean the shelves in my closet. You know how there's always something you never seem to get to?? The closet was it for me! I've gone in the bedroom three times just to open the doors and peek in!! Amazing at what you find when you tear things apart!
hmmm, what else can I blab about??? Nothing else going on here. Staying in as much as I can because it's so cold but I'm thinking that maybe tomorrow we may have to go somewhere~~not sure where but out! Unless of course we get the snow they were talking about earlier then forget it there's always more felting to do!!
I was thinking the other day it's really nuts what some people do to their dogs~~I mean really, do you think they like getting dressed up??? I think not~~and here's proof~~

Is that pathetic, or what???

Wonder what she's thinking?? Probably best I don't know! That's as much of her Xmas outfit that she'd tolerate and it only lasted long enough to get the photos!! Guess we'll try again next year!
Off to knit

Sunday, January 20, 2008

brrrrr~~~~it's freezin out there

I think today must be the coldest day we've had this winter!! Last night we were watching TV and we kept hearing the strangest sounds~~Sophie was growling(from under the blanket)at every creak!! We finally determined after many trips to the front door that it was the house complaining from the frigid temperature! Once during the night a sound woke me so I got up and turned on the back flood light sure that I would see a broke branch or something~~nope, not a thing other than the two huge branches that came down from the wind storm a couple weeks ago. Weird~~
On a good note there's hardly any snow! We were expecting a lake effect storm but we never got it here~~it hit south of us.
I'm so glad that I did all my errands yesterday while I was out. As I was going from spot to spot I kept thinking ~~do it all today and then tomorrow you can stay in! Between the Fibro and the cold I do seem to get worn out much quicker than I used to.
I've made a resolution of sorts~~well, two actually~~put forth a real effort to finish up the projects that I have almost done ~~and FROG the ones I know that I'll never get back to for one reason or another. The other day I was listening to She Knits Podcast and Sharon said get rid of the things you know you'll never finish for whatever reason. That night when I went to bed I was thinking about what she said~~"it's so freeing". The next day I found a sock that I started almost two years ago~~I hated that sock but I kept it~~I'd pull it out and look at it and then stuff it back in the bag~~this time was different~~I pulled it out and admitted that I hated it but the yarn was nice and would do better as a different sock~~so out it came!! I felt great!! I rolled the yarn and added it to the sock stash! Next on the list was a tank that I started last summer out of a variegated yarn. It was knit in pieces not in the round so the colors were not going to match up on the sides and I knew that would drive me crazy~~out it came~~that yarn is going to be put to better use in a tote. Freeing!!! It's good for you ~really~you should try it!!
I've been pleased with myself that the last couple of yarn purchases have been put right on the needles!! I've been working on a Noni bag ~~all the pieces are knit and a couple of the flowers are felted already! I have two coin purses to felt also. I've spent the afternoon putting the lining in the Knitting Needle Bag.(fun bag to knit) Busy,busy!! It feels so good to actually finish things!
I got a new camera but haven't really played with it much but I'll get some photos of all the new projects and get them posted.
On a sad note my lys will be closing soon. As bad as I feel for us I feel for the owner~~it's a tough decision to make. We've made some new friends and hopefully we'll keep in touch. A couple of us have said that we'd have "knit nights" at our homes. We'll still see each other at Guild meetings but it's not the same as hanging out at the shop. I got used to spending time there while KK was resting.
I've been giving some thought to what my next big project should be and I think I'm going to go with either the Einstein coat or the Not so Warm Jacket from Sally Melville's Knit Stitch book. Another shop I go to is having a class on the EZ's Adult Surprise Jacket but the class fee would be better spent on yarn!! So I've been collecting a mix match of textures in the same colorway and I think it will grow up to be a version of Einstein!
Well, it's time for supper~there's sliced roast beef and Kimmelwick rolls for beef on wick calling me~~it's time~~
Off to eat

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quiet times

Here we are a week after New Year's already~~hard to believe that it's all over! The house looks kinda~~boring! I thought the decorations looked quite nice this year. Even though I miss seeing the tree lit up at night it does feel good to get everything clean again. Where the heck does all that dust come from? Still haven't tackled the family room that's on tomorrow's list.
Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Once I decided to stop feeling guilty over not knitting and buying more I actually enjoyed myself! Next year I'm starting early! Like mid-summer instead of late November!
The best gift of all was giving KK the Wii~we all have enjoyed it so much! It was definitely worth the hassle trying to get it.
As for knitting I finished my funky scarf and I love it! Found a trellis stitch wrap and used the stitch pattern from that and it worked out nice as a scarf. Now I'm on to another out of the new Noro~~but of course I don't have the band on the skein and I can't remember what it's called. I'm doing the Fickle Fingers Scarf by Gayle Roehm. It's a fun easy knit which is exactly what I'm in the mood for!
I seem to have lost interest in socks! At least for now. I hope it passes. I have lots of sock yarn.
A lot of sock yarn. Not good~~
The weather was a bit warmer today than it's been so DD,DIL, and I took advantage of the day and went geo-caching! What fun we had~~by the time we were finished we were wet,cold and tired but laughing all the way home. The car looked as though we were off-roading~mud was splattered all over it. Showed up quite nicely on an all white car! We found three out of four caches(?) The last one had us stumped so we finally had to give up. It was interesting to see how creative some folks were in their choice of hiding spots.
I think I'm going to have to look into getting one of the trackers for KK and I this summer.
Well football is finally over for the day so we're going to have a snack and watch a movie.
Off to knit,watch TV and graze