Thursday, July 28, 2005

What title??

I hate those titles!! I waste more time trying to think one up when I could be getting my post done!
I've been rather crabby the last few days and I'm not exactly sure why? I can't blame it on the weather because it's been much nicer. The temp. has gone down a bit and the humidity is finally gone. You can actually move without everything sticking to you. That was so gross!! Right now I'm thinking if I weren't so lazy I'd get up and close the window because the air coming in is chilly!! How nice!! I even had my slippers on last night!
I have been trying to get some cleaning done while we have this reprieve in temp~~my room is looking much better. I can actually see the counter again~~I almost forgot what color it was! I've made quite a dent in the chaos!!
I really have waaaayyy too much "stuff"~~don't know if I'll ever use it anymore. I haven't touched rubber stamping in months and there's bins full of supplies! Don't remember buying all those beading things either but there it is! Fabric??? I swear it multiples by itself when you're not looking! It's almost as bad as yarn ~~not quite~~we won't even go there!
On a better note I've made progress on my first shawl. It's out of that wonderful Schafer Marjaana yarn that I debated over for weeks! It's 50% wool and 50% tussah silk.I just realized the color is Hermione~~isn't she Harry Potter's good friend??
This yarn is called Kolor Koncept for Kids~~wonder if that's who it's named after? I'll have to tell DD about that! Anyway it's coming along nicely~~I need 40" and I've got 30 something now. It's an easy knit for sure~~the pattern is just on the edges and the center is plain garter. I'm thinking that it will need to be blocked~~that should be interesting!
I mentioned another new project and if you scroll down you'll see what I've been up to. I needed a size 10 1/2 and of course didn't have it so I thought I'd try to make some. Once I started I couldn't stop! I made some Black Walnut and some Oak~~I think they turned out pretty good. Not difficult but a bit time consuming~~two coats of stain and then three coats of paste wax. Buffing is pretty mindless except you must be careful not to stab yourself~~never mind you don't need the details~~just take my word for it. I've decided I need some 13's so they're next!
I did one smaller pair and tried to do a decorative top but I'm not happy with the way that turned out. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.
Finished HP's books one and two and a couple chapters into three. I was surprised how much I'm enjoying them~~I didn't expect to actually like them! DD will be so happy that I'm reading them!
Off to read!

The inspector!

Schafer 50%Merino Wool 50% Tussah Silk

Ok, last one!

Steiff Ophelia helping out!

Black Walnut and Oak Needles

Monday, July 25, 2005

Must read!!

Busy, Busy!!

This is the first chance I've had to get here since Friday! How come you have absolutely nothing to do and then everything to do all at once??? Crazy!!
I did errands all Friday morning and then came home to a package from my SP5!!! What fun she made it to open! There was a customs slip on the outside of the box but she warned me not to look if I wanted to be surprised so I didn't!! Ripped that box open and what do I find inside??? She wrapped everything!! What fun to open~~I have to remember that for my Sp~(I didn't wrap the goodies) anyway I opened the wrapping and to my surprise there was still more wrapping!! Talk about suspense!! There was the cutest card of a Boston pup~~and Yes, Sp your eyes weren't deceiving you it is a Boston! There was the cutest pear shaped candle which is going right on my craft room table. A box of chocolates that so far I've resisted~~but today is the day! Lavender bath tea that I'm going to try tonight and some foot scrub that I definitely can use!! Then the most Gorgeous Merino wool yarn!!!! The colors are so perfect for me!! I couldn't have picked anything better myself! I'm thinking I need to cast on some socks for me immediately!!!!
Secret Pal you did the most wonderful job of spoiling me and I thank you so much!!!
If you were in front of me I'd lay a big hug on ya!!! You're the best!!
If you scroll down a bit you all should be able to see the photos of my goods and I know you'll agree she did a great job! There too is the ankle bracelet that my good friend Heather made for me! Isn't it kewl??
We had a busy weekend~~I went to the market and helped out until later Sat. afternoon and we were fairly busy. Got home about 4 or so and then DD was here a bit after 5. We had an appointment to go pick up field stones for her garden. We had to drive about a half hour to get there and then load them up. Someone was clearing out an area that they wanted to plant so they offered up these stones free for the taking. DD was thrilled to get them. Then we scooted back here and cooked dogs and corn on the grill~~cleaned up from that and then headed over to friends for a evening around the fire and drinks. We were there quite awhile when someone suggested we run over to the pub down the street so off we went. Played darts and the bowling game and then noticed it was almost 3:30!! What were we thinking???
Got home at 4:15 and had to take the dogs out!! Finally hit the bed about 4:40 and felt like I just fell asleep when I hear Sophie crying! It was time for her to go out at 7:15!!! Oh, no!!! Took care of them and then went straight back to bed!!
KK and I moped around for a bit then decided to go out for lunch~~rain was coming so we didn't feel like doing much outside. We had a buffet lunch and then went to the show and saw "The Island" ~~that was interesting! My biggest problem was trying to keep my eyes open!! I caught myself dosing off!! lol~~~
We got home and cleaned out the shed~~that was a good thing done!
Today is beautiful outside!! Sunny and not too warm or humid. I think I'll get out and do some reading! Maybe I'll just have to cast on some socks with my new yarn~~how can I resist???
Off to read and knit!!


What can it be???

All wrapped up!

Prezzie from SP5!!!

Perfect Fit!

Ankle bracelet made just for me!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Twice in One Day!

You'd think I'd have something better to do than sit at this computer wouldn't ya??
Actually KK and I just got home from Canada~~it was sooo nice today we took the day and enjoyed it!
A customer of his surprised him with a GC to local restaurant and we are going to use it tonight! We're just waiting to see if DS stops over then he can come with us.
I wanted to say "thanks" to those that wrote me about Ivy~~I appreciate the comments. Took her to the vet and he did some blood work and for the most part it was normal~~it did show an infection so she's on Baytril for 14 days. Other than that we are going to treat her normally and see how she does. She doesn't want her regular food but she will eat biscuits!! hmmm, wonder if she knows what she's doing?
She's still favoring her front leg this evening and she's a bit leary now about the stairs. We'll have to keep an eye on her and see what develops.
Thanks again for commenting!
Off to join Kk on the porch

Waaay too early

This is much too early for me to be posting! I'm on here trying to keep myself awake! I was up late last and then had a very fitful night. Yesterday was another hot and sticky day ~~I had some things to do in the morning and it was awful driving around with no a/c!! Kk says he is going to have it fixed~~when???
Anyway when I got home I took the dogs right out and I was walking around the back when I heard this noise so I looked up and Ivy (greyhound) looked like she tripped or fell. I watched her and she couldn't right herself for a minute and when she finally did she was walking in circles with her head listing to the left. She couldn't stop until I ran over and then she leaned very heavily against my legs. If I tried to move away she started circling again and she was very wobbly. Ds stopped in and he got her to lay down while I called the vet~~of course he wasn't in and they said to watch her(duh) and call back in a half hour. After a bit you could see she wasn't as bad but still not good. About 45 minutes after the initial start she was much better~~but still not normal. The vet assistant called me back and I'm talking her in this morning in a few minutes. They said it sounded like a seizure~~
She's much better this morning but she's not walking right on her right front foot. Makes me think of a person that has suffered a stroke. Dogs don't have strokes they tell me. We'll see~~
I was nervous all last evening so I couldn't concentrate on the orange sweater~~so I had to start something new!! The Schafer yarn was yelling to me so what could I do but start my shawl??? After a couple false starts I'm on my way! I manage to get a few inches done but already I can see the need for circulars! Doesn't it figure?? No circulars in #8's~~isn't that always the way?
I've got a new project to work on besides the knitting but I won't mention what it is until I see how it works out~~I should say if it works out!!
KK is off today and the weather is wonderful this morning! The humidity is gone!!! So maybe we will do something when I get back from the vet.
Gotta run~~~

Friday, July 15, 2005

Completely Disgusted!!

I'm annoyed!! Remember that really nice Noro I bought the other day on my outing? I love the color ~~did the bag~~worked up really,really quick! Putting it together was a pain! I'm not at all pleased with the way the gusset stitches look when all together. Now that it's sewn up I have to leave it because I don't have any more yarn to redo it if I wanted to! So, ok, I decide to live with it and I'll get a liner in~~nope that's not happening either! I found some fabric I really like and started the liner. My machine is shot~it refuses to sew more than a few stitches in a row before it acts up. I tried to get the liner in and then after ripping it out twice gave up! That's the reason I'm disgusted~~this should/could have been a FO!!
Damm~~double damm~~
It's soooo hot still~~we had a beaut of a storm yesterday afternoon and it did nothing for the humidity~~except maybe make it worse! Thank goodness we bought the a/c for the bedroom!
I've been working on the needlepunch and that looks great! I have one more section of border to do and it's finished. I think I may tea dye it when it's done and then have it framed.
Long hot day so~~
Off to shower

Saturday, July 09, 2005

awwww, there she is~~just look at those ears!!


New Noro yarn for bag

Needle punch pattern!

Better photo! All ready filled,too!

"New" old oak commode!

Close-up of trunk~~all ready filled!

"New" old trunk w/new "old" ladder!

All wound and ready for a shawl!

Schaffer yarn before winding!

Show and Tell

Tired today~~really tired so I thought I'd just post some photos! I mentioned that I've been cleaning and organizing "my room" and I'm going to prove it!!
You're only going to get to see half tho~~the clean half! I'm still working on the counter and that may take a while! I'm not even touching it today!
I'm going to try to finish a project later this evening and then I'll get a photo of that too. Just have to do a little bit of knitting and it will be done.
Started the needle punch this afternoon~~I love it!! Talk about a mindless project this is it! Once you get the hang of how to thread and hold the needle you're good to go! I think I'm going to like this because it can have that primitive look I like.
Going to sneak in a photo of Pepper, Heather's pup and see if she notices!!
So, I'm off to add some pictures for your viewing pleasure!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

OK We're Bad,Very Bad!!!

What fun was had today!! Girls day out~~enough said??? No?? Ok, I'll tell you what we did! My friend Heather and I planned this day a couple weeks ago. After starting out a bit later than planned we were on the road!! Made that sound like we were really taking a trip,huh?? We started out under cloudy skies that darkened as we went along~~we kept telling one another it was going to clear but as the first rain drops fell we thought "hmm, maybe not"! We weren't going to let a little rain stop us!
First stop was terrific!! We hit this little country shop we love and everything was on sale!! Big trouble there!!! I found the cutest lamp shade for the lamp KK bought me at Antique World last weekend~~I was happy because that was on my "to get" list. This shop has the greatest country decorations~~somewhat primitive but not too much so. She was working on a small needle punch sampler that was adorable!!
I've wanted to try this forever but couldn't find needle/patterns etc. So of course I had to get what I needed to try one. I choose a pattern with a sheep on it~~not too much detail so I figured it would be good to learn on. I can't wait to try it!!
Heather got some really nice fabrics for a rag rug~~which I'm going to show her how to do!
Next stop was lunch~~use a lot of energy with all this shopping! While we're in the diner it starts pouring~~~buckets!! Nasty!! We're blocks away from the car!
Needless to say we got drenched but it was worth it!
Turned on the heat to dry our clothes and feet! Off we went to another shop but really didn't find anything there~~which was a good thing~~more $$ for the yarn shop!!
There was so much traffic we were starting to get worried that we might not make it before the shop closed! Finally we get there and had about 45 minutes before closing.
Fridays in the summer they close an hour earlier! They had some beautiful Lorna Laces yarn and Kouigu(sp?). I picked up some circulars I needed. I saw the cutest bag and decided I have to have it!! It's little and plain but the yarn is something I've never worked with. Course now I can't recall what it is and I'm too lazy to walk upstairs to look. I'll get some photos tomorrow and show you.They give you the pattern so that was good. As we're at the register I asked the woman if we were earlier would she have been able to wind our Shaffer skeins for us? She says "no problem, I'll do it!" Now it's past closing but she said she didn't mind. Thank goodness she did that~~those skeins are huge!! They were so big she couldn't wind the whole thing on the ball winder!! That was so nice of her!! So if you're ever in the Rochester,NY area you must stop at Spirit Work on Titus Ave!
After lugging our loot to the car we were off for home! I confess, we stopped again at the shop we were in earlier! The owner cracked up when she saw us walk in!
So a fun day despite the rain! KK said it never rained here at home but was dreary all day. The temp. has certainly dropped the last couple hours.
I'm going to go up and look at my "goodies" again and then soak in a hot bath!
A snack sounds good too~~~
Off to find some muchies

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lighthouse Niagara River

KK&DS hanging out!

DS & I

Feeling Brave!

DD encouraging me!

Happy Fourth!!

We had the most wonderful 4th!!! The plan was to have everyone over for a cook out~~this time we were positive we would have great weather! It's been hot and sunny for the past few days so the cook out was a go~~
Saturday night as I'm making the potato salad(which I hate to make)) DD calls~~not a good sign. She starts out with "would you mind?" and I know somethings up! She says since it's going to be soooo hot tomorrow(4th) would you mind if all of us didn't come over??? but instead we go out on the boat???? Would I mind????? Does a bear
*&%t in the woods???? Silly girl!!! Actually it was a good question if you knew me well~~I don't do water~~or boats~~pools~~it's all the splashing,rolling,waves,water thing~~ewwww~~. I mean I really,really am terrified of H20 unless it's in a glass and I don't even drink it if I can help it!!
Anyway I digress~~I decided it was a good day to give it a try~~so I said "sure".There was dead silence on the other end of the phone~~I think DD was cleaning out her ears ~~she wasn't sure she heard right!!
Anyway we all met up Sunday and off we went~~I can't say that I was entirely relaxed but I have to admit it was awesome!! We went out on the Niagara River!! Now you that aren't familiar with out area ~~this leads right to Niagara Falls!! Yes, I do mean the Niagara Falls~~one of the biggest tourist attractions in the US. Bear that in mind when I say that I actually went in the water!!!! Course they slapped a life jacket on me that would hold up a 300lb person!! Hey, works for me!! Took me awhile to actually let go of the ladder to the boat~~very odd feeling knowing that you're in 20 or more feet of water with your feet dangling under you ~~haven't quite made up my mind if I would/could do it again! At least I did it!! Ok, I admit to panicking once~~the floaty thing they all swore would hold me up~~didn't~~never mind that I had my life jacket on I still panicked until I remembered the jacket~~oh,duh!!
Later we came back in and went to DD's and cooked out and then headed back to the boat for fireworks! It was fantastic to be out on the water at night and watch the display!! They set them off right in front of us~~it was the best I have ever seen~~and heard! The sound was echoing off the water~~it was deafening!! So kewl!!!
Just as we were dropping off DS at his apartment around midnight the storm hit! What a downpour and what perfect timing!
So today KK and I are both exhausted!! I sat in my bedroom with the a/c on and knitted. New project~~can't say until I see how it looks! Pictures will come if it turns out ok.
Still working on the orange cardi~~pieces are almost done!! Not sure if I'll get it together myself~~may need help with that!
Off to make some dinner!!