Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey Day Eve!!

I haven't been here is two weeks!! That's weird! I've thought about it a lot but just haven't taken the time to post!
Nothing really exciting going on~~have been working on the mini-socks for the lys. I think I have 5 finished. I think I have the pattern memorized!! I'm really sick of that nasty red yarn!
I did finish my mittenettes!! They turned out really nice--now if it would just get cold enough to wear them! I love the color!
Now I'm making a pair for my friend for xmas. I'm using some of the hand spun that I bought at the fiberfest in Hemlock. I bought it for socks but decided to use it for her gift. She ordered and paid for some at the festival but the woman never sent them~~how lousy is that?
I've been is a really blah mood the last few days. The weather really sucks~~it's been so damp which gets the bones to aching! It's getting dark so early~~I swear it was almost dark at 4 today.
The "den" is painted. Molding needs another coat but for the most part it's looking good. We went and looked at wallpaper~~trying to find a border. Now instead of the lodge theme we may do the Paris buildings~~talk about going from one extreme to another!! The paper does look good tho--brought a good size piece home and tapped it up and we both like it. It's in stock at Home Depot so it won't be too expensive.
DS got a deer on his first day out! He was so excited!! Now I have a freezer full of meat! Hope we can find some good recipes for venison! Next trick is eating it!!
Not so sure about that--lol
Off to bed to read~~never ate dinner tonight and now I'm hungry.Have to stop this late night eating~~

Monday, November 08, 2004

Nice and clean!

Aren't they cute??

Time flies!!!

The past few days have just flown by! I really need to get my act together and get these Xmas gifts going!
I'm going to start the poncho for GD next. She loves the hat I did for her~~she's wearing it all the time! What better compliment could you possibly ask for??
I started the mittenettes and love the way they look--except for one major problem!!
"what is it?" you ask. The worst thing that can happen when you go to a yarn shop that's miles away and you have no idea how to get back there and you know you bought the one and only skein of the orange mohair that she had~~yup, you guessed it~~got one mittenette done and the ribbing done on the second and ran out of the mohair!! What a major pain in the butt!! Now I did ask her if that was going to be enough yarn for what I was doing---she says "oh, yeah sure it is!!" She lies~~~
At least I was able to find a solution to that problem~~went over to the lys and showed her the yarn and the unfinished item and she was able to order it !!!! Alright!! Now I'm anxiously waiting for it to come in!! Since it snowed today I'd sure like to get them done quick!!
I made the cutest pair of mini socks and I'm going to give them to Terri and the lys!! They put a nasty Xmas tree up and I told her she needs some mini socks to put on it!! She said no one would make any for them--so I thought I'd surprise her with a pair. Course they could use a lot more!!
Gave Houston a bath and haircut today--yuk! I think age is catching up with him. Usually after a haircut he runs around and plays but today he just waited for me to dry him and he curled up on his pillow. My little "ole man" ~~ now he's snoring at my feet!
Had fun Sat. with my friend. We went to a craft show--was pretty good. Had antiques and primitive type crafts~~a little too much Xmas for me. Never thought I'd say that!
Then we went and found a couple shops that were nice. We wound up on the other side of Rochester!! Took us forever to get home! Didn't find any yarn shops~~did stop at one fiber place but it wasn't too good. We're planning another outing before the weather gets too bad.
I'm off--started taking my pills again so I can finally get some sleep~~which is a good thing but I'm starting to feel tired already and it's only 10!!
Nitey night!!

Monday, November 01, 2004


I'm really beginning to hate hats!!! How hard is it to knit a stinking hat??? Apparently it's too difficult for me!! I did that dam hat all the way thru half the decrease rows and decided it looked nasty!! I swear it got wider as I worked on it! Then when I was doing the decrease rows I put markers which I never use~~and decreased after each marker~~I should have done a decrease before and after the marker It just did not look right only doing them after.
I think part of the my problem is I'm not used to working with a solid plain yarn~~looked alright on the brim with the fun fur but hated the body of the hat. Now I can not give a gift if I'm not happy with it~~DH could not believe that I took it all apart!! Actually I couldn't believe it either~~I can't stand to even look at that yarn today! I'm so annoyed with it. Don't know what I'm going to do~~
Decided that I would not waste the day tho and I did a hat for GD using Baby Cloud in pink of course! I used the KK green knitting loom ~~mindless looming!! Finished it and it looks really cute!!
I'd like to start my mittenettes tomorrow. I could use them now--the temp is dropping and it's only going to get worse!!
I'm dreading this winter~~being stuck in sometimes is just too much!
I think I need to sit down and make a list of what I want to get done ~~I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with knitting. I don't want to let that happen because then I won't do it anymore. I can't let it become a stress point~~this is for relaxing and enjoyment. When I was just doing socks I was content with my progress then all of a sudden I'm thinking of all these gift ideas and I'm starting to feel stressed ~~doesn't take much to get me worked up!
Poor Ivy can't get used to the time change!! She's all goofed up with her feeding times!!
Gotta go!!Pooches want out!