Wednesday, June 29, 2005


That title just about covers it!! It's been a bit too warm to do much of anything!
I'm so grateful that we bought the a/c for our bedroom so we can at least get some sleep. I like the heat because I do feel better when it's warm but this is getting a bit ridiculous!! It's been in the 90's and very humid~~humid is not nice~~it's nasty!!
I guess I'm over being sorry for myself~~I think~~it doesn't help anything and only makes me depressed~~so enough!! It could be worse and who knows it may be a long time before this RA effects me so that it interferes with things I really like to do. Hey, if it takes me longer to do housework~~who cares??? It'll be there when I get to it and if I really need a hand KK will help I'm sure.
So for the past couple days I've spent some time sitting in my bedroom knitting on the orange sweater~~I'm on the front now with only the other side to do and then I'll have to see if I can figure out how to do all the edging. If I can't I'll beg Lynne to help me!
I've suddenly got the urge to do a bag! Not a felted one either!! That's very weird for me. I found a pattern for a drawstring bag that I really like and thought it would be cute for summer. Guess I'd better get to it if I want it this season! I saw some nice cotton yarns that would work well for it. I may have to stop in the LYS and pick some up!
I haven't heard from my SP5 in awhile~~hope all is well with you? I miss your emails!
Speaking of SP5 I need to get to the PO and get a package out.
I've been cleaning up my room, finally! You can actually get to the futon to sit without tripping on something! Getting some of my "stash" organized so I can see what I have. I'm going to get an old trunk from my friend Heather's dh to keep a lot of it in. That will make it so nice and easy to keep it cleaned up.
When I get everything finished I'll post a photo~~it may be awhile if this heat keeps up!
Sophie is doing so good it amazes me! I don't remember ever having a puppy that learns this fast. She hasn't had an accident in days and I no longer put papers down for her. I am curious as to how much she weighs because she is feeling heavy to me when I carry her now.
Nothing much else going on so~~
Off to take a cool bath

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ok so I'm

being a bit of a baby here~~my test results came back finally and I'm anything but pleased. For the past five years or so my Doc. was convinced that I have Lupus. He really felt that it would just be a matter of time before it finally manifested itself so it would show up through some blood work. After going in last week with a rash on my face after being in the sun he was convinced more than ever! So, off for blood work I went with the idea in my head that finally there was a more conclusive diagnosis then Fibro. Seems that Fibro covers a multitude of symptoms.
Today I go the results and it's not Lupus~~which is a good thing but instead I have RA otherwise known as Rheumatoid Arthritis which is not a good thing. This is what's causing all the pain throughout my body. When I told him about my hands really bothering me he suspected the outcome but he didn't say anything. When I asked which would have been better the RA or Lupus he said he was hoping for Lupus.
It doesn't do the damage to the joints that RA can do. So now the next step is seeing the specialist. Which may take weeks to get in~~
I don't have a good track record for taking medication and I think that is my main concern at this point. This has to be controlled~~I can no longer sluff it off~~
I will be taking medication~~like it or not!
So I can't decide my mood~~anxious,fidgety,crabby,depressed?? Maybe all four!
Yesterday there was no stopping me~~I was on a roll~~cleaned,did laundry,gardened,read and knitted~~all in one day! Today~~nothing~
I asked the Doc. about the knitting and on a good note he said that's great! Anything that keeps my hands working is good!! As long as I'm comfortable! Does that mean I should get more yarn????? hmmmm, works for me~~~~
OK,sorry for the crappy post tomorrow's will be happier!!
Off to sit outside awhile~~~

Saturday, June 18, 2005

How come sometimes doing the "right" thing can make you feel kinda bad at the same time?? As some of you know I have parrots~~four of them and they were becoming too much for me to take care of. I've been toying with the idea of selling one or two for a while. I casually mentioned it to a friend quite awhile ago and never gave it another thought. Well, she called me and said she had a person interested in one! My stomach did a flip flop thing and then I came to my senses and said "sure give her my number". We made arrangements for her to come over and "meet" Max the grey this afternoon. It was love at first sight~~at least on her part~~not so sure about Max. Five minutes in the bird room and I knew she wanted him! He did some talking while she was here which was a good sign and he came out of his cage and walked around on top. He didn't seem anxious with a stranger in his room so that was good. We did our business and then it was time to pack everything up~~what a job. How can such a little bundle of feathers have so much stuff??? Can you say "spoiled"? Finally got the cage out of the house which was no easy task and to her car. One look and we both knew there was absolutely no way that cage was going in that car!! What a pain!!
Since Max was already in the crate we decided rather than stress him out more she would take him and a table top parrot cage I keep for emergencies. She lives a couple hours away from me and now she has to come back Monday with a truck to pick up his "real" cage.
I was so busy after she left trying to get a surprise Lasagna dinner together for KK that I didn't have much time to think about anything!The weather is still very cool so I thought it would be a nice "Father's Day" dinner. It turned out really good suprisingly enough! I hate cooking with a passion but I do make a decent lasagna when the mood strikes~~which is about once a year! So we had lasagna,garlic toast,salad and later fresh strawberry shortcake!! Really good~~I mean really good!
I chased Kk outside with the dogs while I cleaned up the kitchen and then a much needed hot bath! I got to spend the earlier part of the day with my friend Heather at her market and played with the plants! After a day playing in the dirt and then taking that cage apart take my word for it~~the bath was a necessity!!
My whole point of this rambling was to say that I felt really bad when I went in the bird room and Max's spot was empty. The Macaws were just sitting there looking at me making me feel guilty! The Amazon was even quiet which is not normal~~probably thinking he better watch his step!!
Max's new "mom" just wrote to me saying he was talking,eating and flinging his water! He was fine! Figures!!
I am glad and I think they will really enjoy each other but he could have at least pretended he was a little upset~~after all I hand-fed him!!
Off for tea~~~

Friday, June 17, 2005

Bottle Swap goodies!

Frogged !! Look of sympathy!

Perfectly good Loooonnngggg sleeves!

Depressing Knit Night???

Now you ask why is knit night depressing??? Remember a few posts back me saying I'm going to get those orange sleeves done??? I did and I shouldn't have and to make matters worse I did both of them!! I dragged them along to knit night at Lynn's to compare them to her sweater that's finished. They are waaaayyyy too long!! I could sew them up and I would have hand warmers knit right into my sleeves! How annoying is that??? And I thought I was so smart getting them out of the way first!
My first reaction was to put the whole thing away~~if I did that it would never see the light of day again so I thought that probably wasn't the best idea.
Yesterday afternoon I yanked them out of my bag and started frogging~~it was painful!
Very painful~~~
After fiddling around with it a bit I wound up shortening the length about three inches! So now I'm rekniting sleeve one. A couple more decreases and it will be finished and then on to number two. I did start the back and I'm almost through the bottom ribbing.
I've decided I'd like to do a tank top~~no sleeves!! Maybe that is something I could get done in time to actually use this summer!! I just need a pattern!
A surprise was waiting for me when I got home today! My bottle swap came~~
Michelle in MN. had me. I received some awesome lime green cotton yarn that I've never seen before. I think it would make some really nice summer socks but I'm not sure if it's ok to use for socks? She also sent a really nice shade of yellow that's a cotton/lycra blend that I'd like for socks too.
Weather is still cold/cool. It's only in the 60's and after last week it feels cold to me! Figures, I finally broke down and bought a pair of shorts and since then it's too cold to wear them!
I'm still waiting for the results of all my blood work. When I called the Dr's office they said the new policy is you have to make an app. to get the results from any tests! What a crock! So I have to wait until Tuesday to get the verdict.
Jumping off to make dinner and work on "the sleeve" until KK gets home.
Off to post pictures~~~

Monday, June 13, 2005

I've had enough

Catchy title,huh??? It's this weather!!! We here in western NY can take the cold~~we're used to it, we're a tough bunch but this heat is a whole nother thing!
It's way tooo much!! It's been over the 100 mark and at that point I lost my sense of humor! It's hot, and to make it worse it's now muggy!! Temp. is not that high today(yet) but it's going up as I write this!
I chased the dogs out in the back yard this morning before leaving for a doctors app. thinking they will be cooler in the shade then in their crates. I get almost to the doctors and it starts raining~it lasted for about three minutes! So, maybe the dogs got a bit of a shower while they were out there if so it probably felt good!
Sophie is growing so fast! Vet visit last Friday and she's tipping the scales at 6.4 lbs! That's almost two pounds since her last visit. She's doing great! Her ears are all most totally upright! At the moment they go up and at the tip they curl back! That's actually a good sign ~~means they are just about ready to straighten.
KK and I took her out with us yesterday and we stopped for an ice cream~~she got her first baby dish of Vanilla. She wasn't too sure about it the first lick but after that she dove right in!
Let's see~~~what else has happened since I've been here??? hmmm, oh yes, after living in this house for 29 years with no a/c we finally broke down and bought a window ac for our bedroom!! Thank you Home Depot!! It's wonderful to be able to get some sleep again! The only problem with it so far is I can't get Ivy(greyhound) and Houston(shih tzu) to come out of our room! Did I mention they are a bit spoiled??
KK also finally made a decision on a grill. We've been looking since they first came out this season. I said "that's it,decide!" and we now have a new grill on the deck!
It was so nice to have DS over last week~~he put in the ac. which was a bit more of a job then they lead you to believe and he also put the grill together! That was so nice for KK not to have to do either one! He was very grateful~~he got out of work late and there was a nice cool room!
I haven't worked on the deck in days~~either too hot,running errands,or it's threatening rain. I just may try to do some now~~I'll at least give it some thought!
I picked up some more plants to do~~yeah, I know I said I was done but how can you resist? I really enjoy them~~inside and out. I got some really nice looking herbs I'm going to put out on the deck off the kitchen~~I should do that today. I think I need more pots tho~~
Finished my second sweater sleeve and did cast on the back last night. Later I'm going to sit in the bedroom and work on it. That's the only knitting I've done! Knit night at Lynn's Wed. and I hope I can make it~~that's motivation!
I received a goodie from my SP~~the other day! The cutest note cards with a sweater and a ball of yarn with knitting needles on the front! I've never seen these~~thank you so much!! I'll get a photo later!!
Have a great day everyone and stay cool!
Off to plant~~

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sophie exploring new crate!

Full size bronze statues in museum

Original meeting house wall, Seneca Falls,NY

Hot Hot Hot!!!

Believe me I'm not complaining but it's been really ~~HOT!!! At the risk of incurring the rath of the rain Gods I'm going to say again "it's been HOT!" whew~~when you're not used to it it seems to drain all your energy and when you don't have much to start with you're really in big trouble!! It's been so nice that I'm actually dragging my butt out of bed in the morning fairly early~~don't even start rolling your eyes out there~~~8 a.m. IS the crack of dawn!!! When you're up half the night the morning comes way too soon!!
I had a wonderful day Saturday!! Spent the day with the "girls"! Had to be at DD's by 8:30 (yes, I do mean a.m.)to meet up with everyone. We were off~~first stop Tim Horton's for our much needed caffeine and calories!! Jumped on the Thruway and we headed to Seneca Falls,NY. This is where Susan B Anthony fought for women's rights and where the right to vote was written. We had a nice breakfast sitting at a outside table and it was delicious! Then we walked the Main Street to the museum~~ very interesting ~~part of the original walls are left from the meeting hall. Photos coming~~
After that we walked the other side of the street and there were steps leading down to the water. Very pretty and there just happened to be an ice cream shop!! Of course we had to get something to keep up our strength for the shopping to come! It had gotten quite warm while we were in the museum so the treat hit the spot!
We went through all the shops in town and then headed to the outlet mall. Now whatever possessed them to build this mall in the middle of nowhere is beyond me! There was nothing around it but back roads and fields and a porn shop!!! hmmm, wonder what they do there for entertainment??? Maybe we don't want to know!
Anyway, it wasn't a mall more of a strip mall but it was big,really big~~waaayy to much shopping for my tired feet! Had nice stores and everyone found things they liked even me! I wasn't much in the mood for clothes shopping~~not working puts a damper on that clothes obsession. Now it's yarn and there weren't any yarn/craft shops! Had fun tho~after everyone was satisfied they got all the bargains they could stand we needed to eat! Nothing there but a couple fast food places that no one was interested in. We had to drive almost an hour to the next town for some good food! It was worth the wait tho~we found this great bar/cafe with outdoor seating and it was a beautiful night. Stuffed ourselves so much no one felt like driving home~~but unfortunately we had too. Back to DD's then I still had to drive home from there. I got back just as KK was getting ready to "hit the rack"~~it was midnight!! Talk about a long day~~I can't believe that I made it!! Great fun!!
It's taking me the last few days to recuperate!
No knitting~~tired and hot!! I have been doing some planting and was able to get more plants today from Heather .Tomorrow I'll get pots done up with those. Then I think I'm done!
Secret Pal~~thank you for the e-card and your concern. I'm here and I'll try not to be a BS'er (blog slacker) anymore!!
It's late so~~
Off to bed!