Friday, December 21, 2007


Feeling the pressure, yet?? Only three days left to get the Christmas knitting done that you swore you weren't going to do this year! Why do we do this to ourselves??? Please explain it??
I'm on the second sock of a Lamb's Pride super wash worsted weight pair for my daughter. She asked for a pair of house socks and I think these will be perfect ~~at least I thought so until I double checked the care label! Yes, they can be washed in the washer~~but they must be air dried or dry cleaned! I can hear the horror story already! I'm just not going to think about it!
I've been knitting quite a bit and that's why I'm not on here. Not enough time to do both!
I finally got around to doing the knitting needle bag from Bag Style and I love it! Course it's not lined yet but it will be right after the holidays! Finished another bag and a couple hats. Socks for daughter in-law.
When the scarf craze hit I wasn't impressed but now all of a sudden I want to knit scarves! All sorts~~but I'm controlling myself and waiting until the gift knitting is finished and then I'll be back at it!
I'm getting used to KK being home~~I went out one day and when I got home he had the tree up in the family room all decorated and the village under it! He even did some other decorating around the house! We did the tree in the living room together until it came time for the tinsel and then I was on my own!
We're ahead of schedule this year ~decorations done, baking done, gifts wrapped and under the tree! Yeah!! Now to sit back and relax! Ok, so maybe not totally done~~there is that second sock to finish! I'm going to get a snack and knit until I can't see straight~~lol
It'll go fast being worsted weight and I'm using 5's. I don't think I've ever done a sock like this before~~there's something to be said for thicker yarn and big needles!
A moment of silence please~~~my very first hole~~~I've been doing socks for a few years and one of first pair (that I wear a lot) developed a hole when I washed them the other day. I didn't notice it before I put them in the sink but I couldn't miss it when I rinsed them out. I felt really bad seeing that~~so I'm actually going to darn them!!!! Who would have thought???? I would never have believed it if you told me I'd be darning a sock! Then I thought maybe I'll felt them!!
A mini decoration?? We'll see~~
Ok, I must get knitting so everyone traveling be careful, stay safe and for those of you that celebrate ~~from me to you
Off to knit

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!


I couldn't resist posting this! Not sure where I read it but thought it was cute!
Hope you all had a lovely day ~we did. Spent with family and friends and a great meal.
Thinking back over the past six months we have a lot to be thankful for this day. Our lives could have been much different this holiday season and I'm very grateful that things are somewhat back to "normal".
I started some holiday knitting yesterday after searching for hours for my pattern! I knew it was in my room "somewhere" it had to be! I was so desperate that I even had KK helping me look for it! Of course it turned up in the first spot I had looked in the first time!
Finished my Wallaby and I'm quite pleased with the results. DS saw it and requested one! I told him maybe after Xmas not now. Trying to remember what else I've finished since I last posted~~no socks got their mates as of yet! I'm so not in the mood to do socks~~that's weird for me. I'm not saying that I don't have any otn~~I think I have 5/6 singles and partials going.
I've been helping out at the lys~taught a couple classes which was fun. Did a few things to display in the shop.
We got up this morning to snow!! There was about an inch or better covering everything! We did have a dusting a couple weeks ago but this was the real deal! ugh~~I'm really not ready to fight the cold and snow!
So, is anyone going out for the big deals tomorrow?? The outlet mall here is opening at one minute after midnight tonight!! Other stores are opening at 4 a.m.!! If it wasn't so darned cold I'd be tempted to go out just to do it once! Whoever shopped at 4 a.m.?? I checked out some of the adds on line and there's not a single thing that can tempt me to get up! To be honest I wish I could stay away from the stores until January!
Off to bed

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time gets away~

Where has the last month gone? I thought I was just on here and I looked back and it's been over a month since I last posted! You'd think I had a life! I've been so busy ~~not quite sure why!
KK has been feeling so much better so we did manage a couple day trips.
We took a cruise to Watkins Glen,NY and stopped in the Finger Lakes Fibers shop~~nice. Not real big but loaded with Schafer yarns~~beautiful!!

Schafer is located in the next town and they do tours if you have a large group!And since this is the center of wine country a stop at some of the local winery's would round out the day! A thought for next summer!
Now what did I bring home, you ask? I'll show you~~well maybe not since blogger isn't cooperating at the moment. I'll try again later.

there we go ~~it's working! Schafer sock yarn in a colorway dyed specially for this shop. It's to represent the areas vast grape vineyards and the finger lakes.
Could I leave with just that??? No way!

This is a wonderful wool and silk blend for a beaded scarf. KK actually picked this colorway for me. He now knows more about yarn than he ever wanted to know!
So, is that it you ask??? Nooooo~~

Some Claudia handpaint yelled out to me as I was trying to pay! I happened to look down and there was a shelf with a sign 20% off!!! What???? How could I resist??? I've never seen this before but have some good reviews so I figured it was fate that I noticed it~~right??? Come to find out I missed the sale by a day but the sign wasn't off so they honored it. The icing on the cake??? no sales tax on yarn~~~ever ~~it that county!!! So I walked out with my wallet a bit lighter and my stash a bit fuller!!
I have been knitting~quite a bit actually. I finished the drop stitch scarf~two of them!
This is the first one I did~~Bearfoot Mountain Colors sock yarn~~I think it was the Java colorway but I'm not positive. I had a class on this at the lys~ Yarn It All
Just did a new felted bag ~~continental style!! Recently learned the technique and thought I should practice and what better to learn on then something felted!
Working on the Walaby sweater from Cottage Creations and that's coming along really well. Done from the bottom up I'm up to just after attaching the sleeves and starting the placket. Yeah, me!!
Working on another sweater/jacket and have one front and the back finished but now haven't touched it in days! Started a hat last night~~who knows why since I never wear one!
Unfortunately even with all this knitting going on I haven't found the cure for SSS~~I still have 5 single socks(at least that's what I'm confessing too) I seem to be knitting obsessed as long as socks aren't involved~~what has happened to me??? If you saw my stash you'd realize this is not a good thing!
I've even been spinning!! I'm telling you it's an illness~~all this fiber~~
Hello, my name is Mz Mar and I'm a knitter~~enough said~~
Off to

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lazy Day

Having a quiet day here today and it's sorta nice~~I think. I ran around so much the last couple weeks that this doesn't feel right. I should be doing something~not sure what tho.
We both slept in this morning and then KK made us breakfast. He feels so much better when he can do something-so breakfast seemed pretty safe. I did the clean-up and he rested.
I feel sad sometimes when I watch him resting~it's like when your kids are young and you just want to hug them and say "everything will be alright". In this case time is our friend ~it's just hard sometimes to have patience. When he's resting I hate to do much because then he feels guilty for not helping.
I've been playing games on here~~I've got my new laptop and it's so nice to have it in the kitchen. I can sit right here and it doesn't disturb him at all. Course I think my eyes are starting to fall out and I'm sure I lost my legs awhile ago right about when my butt went numb.
I've been trying to figure out my new iPod ~~why can't they just say~~turn on--turn off--charge?? Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is~somehow I lost iTunes and I can't figure out where the heck my hibernate setting is on this thing. No hibernating while
charging-dammit! I need to invest in a wireless mouse~I keep scrolling all over the place~~either that or take up speed reading!
Today should be a knitting day~it's a perfect day for it and I'm letting it get away from me. It's very cloudy and rainy just the right setting for curling up on the sofa and knitting but I can't seem to get my thoughts together. I frogged my Chevron scarf~~decided I needed more contrasting yarns. Don't feel like finishing the sleeve on my sweater from last year~~mind you that's all I need to do to and it would be done! I have more one sock pairs then I care to think about~not in the mood for them either~so now what??
Think I'll go vacuum,dust and throw in some laundry and then~~cast on ~~something!!
Before I forget I wanted to thank those of you that wrote wishing KK well. Your notes were appreciated by both is us.
Off to

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Let the healing begin~~~~

It's done!! Surgery was moved back one day but now it's a week and a half behind us!! That was one of the longest,scariest days of my life! As long as I live I will never forget sitting and waiting in that surgical waiting room. Every time the phone rang I held my breath! Our day started at 3:45 a.m. the morning of the eclipse! KK was occupied on the drive to the hospital watching the moon disappear! Once there KK checked in and then he and our son went back outside to watch leaving me holding the bags~~literally!! From that point things moved rapidly which we were grateful for~~no sitting around getting nervous waiting to go. Within a half hour KK was whisked away and we were steered to the waiting room and coffee. Around 12:45 and 5 by-passes later it was over and we were able to speak with the doctor. Everything went well and we were able to see KK and all his hook-ups for a couple minutes~of course he was still heavily sedated. He was kept that way through the middle of the night when they started to let him breathe on his own~~by morning he was awake and no breathing tube and he had breakfast!! Amazing!! He slept most of the day but was doing good. That night he had a couple issues they had to deal with and because of that he was kept in the intensive care unit an extra day. By Friday he was moved to the cardiac floor where they still monitor you but you have more freedom. He was encouraged to get up on his own and take some short walks. At first he had to be coaxed to do so because some dumb ass told him he could rip himself open! Which maybe 30 years ago could happen but not so now. You're sewn,stapled and glued from the inside out! One of the nurses finally said to him "you want to go home? get up and start walking before you get pneumonia" That's all it took~~he was on a roll!! The nurses were joking that they never had a patient that was power walking after surgery!!
Saturday was my b'day and he was so hoping to be out of there by then. Since that didn't happen the kids decided to give me my gifts at the hospital so he wouldn't miss everything. That worked out quite well(presents are good anytime,right?) I guess they got tired of hearing me say my iPod doesn't hold all my podcasts at once so they decided to all chip in and get me the bigger one!! That was a great surprise!! I mentioned that I felt like doing a puzzle and someone was listening~~dd found one with sheep!! Perfect!
On my way to the hospital I stopped to visit with Heather at her market and she gifted me with an awesome beaded necklace that I had admired(ok, so I actually drooled a bit) about a month ago . What a wonderful way that was to start my day!
We left KK early in the evening and finished the day at dd's. They surprised me with all sorts of finger foods and shrimp cocktail! Frozen strawberry daiquiris were the drink of choice! DS can whip up a pretty decent one! The evening ended with coffee and cookie cake! The only thing that could have made the day any more perfect is if KK would have been with us.
Sunday was release day~~a bit nerve racking to say the least. I was trying to miss every pothole in the road! I was so happy to pull into our driveway and get him into the house. That was an exhausting afternoon for the both of us!
It's been a long tiring and somewhat stressful week but the worst is behind us now. KK has the physical pain and discomfort to get through and I have the mental(no jokes,please!) but we 'll do it !!
So as I already said~~"let the healing begin"
Off to

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Title???? What title???

Too tired to think up a catchy title so I'll just skip it! Can't seem to get on here any earlier these days so that's why I haven't been posting.
Trying to keep things quiet~mainly KK that is. He is supposed to do literally nothing! We all joke that we'd like to do nothing for days but believe me it gets boring rather quickly!
By-pass surgery is set for the 27th of this month so whatever higher power you believe in maybe you could ask for some good vibes sent this way. The cardio doc. wanted to do surgery next Monday but the neuro-surgeon didn't feel that enough time has passed since the stent was placed. He feels the longer the wait the better but the cardio doc. says no longer than the 27th-so that's it. I don't think the reality of it has really hit yet.
DD is on vacation and we (as in "me") are dog sitting her two dogs! An Italian Greyhound and A MinPin~~cute but annoying. I've never had dogs that are barkers~~these two are barkers to such a degree that if the wind rustles the tree leaves too much they bark! One starts and then the other!! If Sophie picks this habit up I'll be pulling my hair out!
I still haven't kicked my "startitis" problem! I think I now have 5 socks in varying degrees of "doneness"!!Two tank tops are calling out to me~~at the rate I'm going I'll have them for next summer! I'm feeling the beginnings of a sweater urge starting! Oh no, not another sweater! If my memory serves I believe there's two sweaters tucked away somewhere around here,too~and I don't mean finished ones! I set a goal~~finish all the started socks before I can start a new sweater! hmm, maybe I really don't need another sweater?
The Finger Lakes Fiberfest is next month and as long as all goes well with KK I'm there!! Heather and I go and make a day of it~and now we know a good place for dinner! Really looking forward to it and I'm starting to stash some cash~~not that I need any yarn but you never know what you just can't pass up!
It's late so
I'm Off to Bed

Monday, July 30, 2007

How do you spell stress?????????

By pass surgery does it for me~~KK made it through the stent placement with flying colors!!
Unfortunately right before the stent procedure they discovered he has major blockage in the arteries to the heart. He has been having chest pains occasionally but since the stroke they've been more frequent.
It was undecided for a couple days which surgery they were going to do first. Then they thought the only way to go was to do both at the same time. Very scary~~
Finally it was decided to do the stent ,keep him in the hospital a few extra days and then if all was well send him home for two weeks to heal and relax before the by-pass. Now we're just waiting until the 6th to find out when the surgery will be.
We're keeping a positive attitude while waiting~~what else can you do??
I've been doing some knitting~~it keeps me sane through this. Not that I'm finishing anything just starting alot!
I'll try to keep updates posted on here but for now I'm
Off to watch a movie

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Battle Is On~~

Let me just tell you that this has been an on going battle since May and to my annoyance the "bad" guy is winning!
Bad Guy

Can you make him out?? Let me give you a closer look~~

I hope you can click on these and get a better look but in case you can't I'll tell you that this is
the most obnoxious squirrel ever. In the photos he's sitting on top of the bird feeder laughing his a## off I'm sure! The tale begins with the Canna Lilly roots that I got a few years ago at the flea market. I bought these things bare roots/no dirt. The woman assured me they would grow just fine. So I bought good potting soil and planted them in a huge clay pot and placed them on my upper deck in full sun~~and they grew and flowered!! I was thrilled and come fall I dug them out and stored them in a brown paper bag in the closet. Last summer out they came and I planted them again and not only did they flower but they made new roots.!!
Last fall on a freezing cold day I remembered to dig them up and get them in for the winter. Now, this year I have a bigger clay pot, get more soil and plant them and again set them out on the upper deck. All is well for a couple days. Then to my horror one morning I look out through my half asleep eyes and can't make out what the heck I'm looking at~~I hobble back to the bedroom and find my glasses so I can get a better look. There was dirt and roots scattered everywhere~ not only did he dig them up but he took bites out of the ones that had started to grow! To add insult to injury he took a few of them and lined them up along the upper railing of the deck! Some I could save but I had to throw quite a few out. Now a few weeks later after repotting them numerous times I have five that are growing. A trip to Lowe's garden center and $20 later for "Deer-Off" he's leaving things alone. I have chased him a few times off the deck and Sophie is constantly watching for him but I think we're at a stand-off. For now~~
KK and I have been relaxing and enjoying the weather. We've been puttering around the house doing odds and ends that we never seem to get to. The yard is shaping up but there is a couple things we won't get done this year. With neither of us being able to dig we can't do some of the landscaping we wanted to do.
It's been nice some days just sitting outside with a cold drink and a book or knitting. And I have been knitting. Socks. Lots of socks~single socks, not pairs! I'm working on that tho~~
I think we're finally getting used to being home together all the time. We don't seem to be so edgy and in each others way so often. This evening we sat outside and had a fire in the chimanea(?)
Sunday we took DD to Utica,NY to the Saranac brewery. Took us about three hours to get there. Nice day for a drive. The tour was interesting but being Sunday the plant wasn't operating.

They started out as the Utica Club Ale brewery which they still brew. And the home of Schultz and Doley the talking beer stein commercials from the 70's.
DD and I waiting to start the tour.

The Million Dollar Clock!
This room was filled with antiques and supposedly this clock is one of four remaining of this type in the world. Instead of a pendlum there are three discs that operate the clock. Unfortunately it no longer works.

Taking a tour works up a thirst!
And I'll leave you with a photo of KK and I in the tavern!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Better Days

Things are better, somewhat~~KK is home and doing well. The first couple days he was home I was a wreck. Now things have settled down a bit. He's very sneaky tho~~when I go out for whatever reason he does things he shouldn't. Working around the yard, cleaning the shed~not the relaxing the doctor meant I'm sure.
He's bored~~I can't imagine not having any hobbies. I've got so many interests I could entertain myself for hours on end~as I often do!
We will know more about the surgery Wed. after seeing the specialist. Hopefully that will be scheduled soon and he'll be on the road to recovery quickly.
I must tell you about my SP 10~~she's wonderful!! With all the turmoil here I had neglected my pal and wrote to the coordinater and explained my need to drop out. My spoiler is exchanging with my spoilee(understand?) . She wrote me a nice note and said she would take good care of my pal. A few days later a package was waiting for me when I got home. I couldn't imagine what it could be ~~to my surprise it was from my SP10 Suzi!! If you've been here before I'm sure you've see me mention Sophie, my BT. Suzi showered me with everything BT!!!! Playing cards,pen,pads, magnet,sticker, and the cutest socks(tho, not hand knit!) Oh, yes and a mesh laundry bag for my knits!! She had wrapped it all in tissue and it was such fun opening everything with KK watching! I love it all and can't begin to express what it meant to me to receive this. I will get a photo ~~
I taught my knitting class and think it went well. I'll see in a couple days how the ladies did. I finished knitting my bag but I think I'd like to put a lining in it. When trying to match something it's a good idea to take that something with you to the fabric store!! I stopped at Joanns but couldn't make a decision so I'll have to go back.(with the bag)
We've had such wonderful weather Kk and I have really enjoyed sitting outside in the afternoons. Something I would never take the time to do if he wasn't home. He snoozes and I knit and daydream! The yard's looking good ~~pond is fixed and running~~planted some flowers. All is well~~
My startitis is somewhat under control~~although I do have another project floating around in my head! I am going to put a hold on it until I finish my Jitterbug socks~~the first one is awesome!! This yarn is gorgeous and great to work with. I'm definitely a fan!!
Well, my iPod is loaded and I'm tired so ~
Off to bed

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I was going to be so much better about posting~~I really was ~~but things change~~in the bat of an eye life is different.
KK was out of work for a couple of weeks~doctor's orders. He just wasn't feeling well. If the truth be told he hasn't felt well all winter. He had an "episode" ( for lack of a better word) at work and they drove him home. Light headed,very dizzy, bad enough that he called the doctor right away the next morning. Doc. says no work, and take it easy until we get all these tests done.
Went to one specialist and she said if you have any sort of "episode" again go immediately to the hospital emergency room. That was last Friday~~Sat. morning he wakes up fine but then a few minutes later he wasn't so fine.
It's amazing what you can do when you have no choice. I had no idea how to get to the hospital~~had my DD on the cell phone as I'm speeding all the way! She met up with us in the city and I followed her. Thankfully she had the foresight to call and tell them we were on the way. As soon as we pulled in they met us with a wheel chair and whisked Kk inside while I signed him in.
I will never,ever forget that ride~~he was so sick~I was so scared. He was disoriented and some what confused. Once inside everything happened so fast~~but the day seemed endless waiting for some tests and results. Of course these things always happen on weekends or holidays and here we had both!
He had so many tests that I can't even remember the name of them all, we talked with so many doctors they all began to look alike!
He had a stroke~~he was very lucky~~it was caught quick, and with some life style changes he will be ok. He's been in the hospital 5 days so far but it seems like so much longer. In a day or so he will be moved to rehab to finish recuperating and then have a stent inserted to improve blood flow.
It's very odd to be here alone. I don't like it~~it just feels wrong. We just had our 38th anniversary last week~~

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Empty Nest.......... x 2??

Yes, it's true~~we are empty-nester's........again! DS has moved out~~I really didn't believe it until he moved his aquarium--then I realized it --it's for real! Odd, I felt really strange about it this time~maybe because this time it's for good?
I must admit it's sort of nice not to have pop and cookies hidden all over the house! Going to the fridge is no longer annoying~whatever we put in there is still there ~~weird! I forgot what that was like.
Now I know you're asking what's the x's 2 mean~~you are right??
They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words so I 'll show you~~

Can you make that out?? It's a wild duck making a nest by our little pond!

Look at that~not one but 12 eggs!!

Now if you look really close you can make out "mom" waddling in the back.
Look closely,mom's in the center between the flowers and there's a little bitty yellow head on the left side and in front of her is a clump of babies! KK tried to sneak up on her to get the photo but she was quick to get them covered up!
This was Sunday morning and I'm glad that we were able to get this photo. We went to the Lilac festival in Rochester even tho it wasn't the nicest of days weather wise. Is there any better smell than hundreds of blooming lilacs??? I think not! As you can tell Lilacs are my favorite.
I have a lovely Lilac bush in the back yard~~it has the nicest round shape, full of beautiful healthy leaves..........and NOT one single Lilac!!! What the hell????
Anyway back to mom~~by the time we got home they were gone!!! I looked out the window to check on them and I couldn't believe it!! KK and I ran out to the yard~~we looked every where~~under all the trees and shrubs,around the wood pile, behind the shed, gone! Not a single feather to show which way they went! How disappointing after a month of watching and wondering. Mom and 11 babies off to do whatever they do. Sadly one egg didn't hatch but I'm sure mom had more than enough to keep her busy!
Now during all this spring has finally come to stay~~which means everything is growing. We didn't want to disturb the family in the works so we stayed out of the back yard. We walked Sophie, which I really hated at night when it was still cold. The grass was at least a foot high not to mention the weeds were rampant! When mom took a break I ran outside and filled the pond, cleaned the filter and got it running. Got done just as she flew back in. I'm all happy the pond is clean and running........until the next morning when I look out and see the water level has dropped down to about 10". So now it's a matter of waiting for her to leave so I can see what the problem is. I get the chance that evening~~one side of the pond is buckled and there's a 3-4" crack. Did you know while laying across slate and hanging upside down squeezing Gorilla glue into a crack it's very difficult to stop it from dripping all over?? Not to mention it dries a tannish color that shows up quite well on a black pond?? Take my word for it~~it's not a pretty sight!
Let it dry a day and fill that baby up again only to find out it's leaking someplace else!
We're going to tackle that problem tomorrow, maybe.
A "hello" to my SP10 and a "thank you" for the magnet,pin and stitch markers. Magnet's on the fridge and the pin is on my knitting bag!
I've had a bad case of startitis.......I'm hoping the worst is over........I can't seem to stop! I finished my denim Tee Top. Will get photo. Did the Trio bag. Will get photo.
Started another top, and three pair of socks! Someone stop me!!!!
See, no blogging can be a good thing --makes for more knitting time!
I'm back in the groove tho~~but for now
Off to bed

Saturday, March 31, 2007


I'm sure that you're bored with this topic but bare with me! While out this afternoon I ran into a friend that breeds Amazon parrots(talk about fate). Now if you read my last post you know all about my excitement over the unbroken macaw egg from yesterday! My dilemma was what to do with the egg?? The macaws can't hatch it because they aren't set up with a nest box. So my thought was if I could get in touch with parrot acquaintances maybe someone has birds that are nesting and we could slip this egg in with theirs.
Well, as luck would have it her Amazons have eggs and the last one was laid yesterday making it the same age as the macaws!!
So this afternoon I very carefully delivered the egg to it's surrogate parents! This evening they were able to place the egg in the nestbox. This egg is much larger than the Amazons own eggs but they may sit on it. Granted it's a risk but at this point there's nothing to lose. Now we wait~~
a lot can go wrong~~they may destroy the egg~~they may push it aside~~they may do everything right and sit on it but it may be infertile~~then it could be fertile but the chick may not be strong enough to break out of the shell and if it did then my part comes in. Feeding!!
Every hour or so around the clock the first few days!
OMG~~what was I thinking??????
We'll see what happens~~if it's meant to be it'll all work out. If not I'll look into setting them up next spring and let nature take it's course.
OK, enough egg talk~~I finished the cuff of the first sleeve on the sweater/tunic and am working on the 2nd sleeve. I can definitely see much better!! Here I was blaming the color of the yarn for the difficulty I was having seeing the stitches!
Didn't cast on any socks with my new yarn as much as I wanted to. I know if I do that will be the end of the sweater! I'm determined to finish it!
Before it gets too much later I'm
Off to knit

Friday, March 30, 2007

Quick post

I have a couple photos to share tonight~I thought you might find this photo interesting~~
I mentioned in the previous post that the macaws are in "love"! Here's the proof!
The egg on the left is an extra-large egg from the grocery store and the on the right is the macaw egg! Pretty darn big! I thought they were done but this morning she layed another! Stop now!!!

Here's another little project I tackled the other day~lambswool sweater from the thrift store. I picked this up last fall and forgot about it until I was cleaning the laundry room. Pinned,and sewed it up,cut and threw it in the washer. Took a few times threw the cycle to felt~~I didn't think it was going to

but finally it did!
Took forever to dry, It's not finished yet~~I need to sew the bottom corners and I think I'll do a lining. You can't see the handles but trust me they are there! I used a set of acrylic amber colored ones that I've had forever.
Now for the really exciting news!! I came home after a long day out and there was a package from my SP10!!! Talk about perfect timing!! Great way to end a lousy day!!

Of course Sophie thought it was for her!

She had to get her nose right in there! My SP did this up so cute! Everything was wrapped in paw print tissue! And what a nice package it was!!

Check it out!! Look at that card!! Cute or what?? A nice note from my pal and the ballband for the Collinette Jitterbug sock yarn!!! I've never seen this yarn before let alone felt it~~it's wonderful!! So soft and I love the weave of it. Unfortunately the color didn't show up in the photo but it's great!! I love it!! I will take a new photo as soon as I cast on and then you'll see how nice it is!
For my sweet tooth not one but two chocolates!! hmm, and SP said that the truffles and Tea are a hint about where she's from! Interesting! Belgian chocolate~~is where we were born on the sp questionnaire?? Does she know I was born in Belgium?
I haven't tried the candy yet only because I'm a bit queasy tonight. Had to get new glasses this morning and I'm not used to them yet. (part of the reason for the nasty day)
She included a row counter which I don't have and certainly will come in handy! And look at that cute sock change purse~~I'm thinking I may use it for stitch markers in my knitting bag!
All in all a wonderful package!! Thank you SP~~ you did good!!

Well, my eyes are burning so it's time to get off here ~~
Off for tea and rest

Monday, March 26, 2007

Why Didn't I Leave

well enough alone?? Because blogger drives me crazy!! Here I am with a new look~~again! I read the "directions" and they made it sound so much easier to use if you "upgrade" so I thought"why not?" forgetting that every time you change the template you loose all your stuff I hate that! Now if I could just find my original template I could get everything back but I can't find it!! They said it's there and you can go back to it but exactly where is it??
KK and I had a nice day yesterday. The day started out quite dismal but brightened up considerably. We went out for lunch and when we were finished it was very pleasant out.
We decided to pick up Sophie and take her for a walk . I don't know how long it is but there is a nice blacktop path along the canal. I couldn't make it the whole way but we did go quite a distance. Sophie was tired too! Looking forward to some warmer weather walks this summer.
Today flew by~~I was busy the entire day. It was a day to do all the little things that seem to get away from you. Laundry,dusting and vacuuming are the usual Monday chores .
It's almost time to start some spring cleaning! Opening any closets has become downright dangerous around here!!
The macaws are in spring mode~~the preening and feeding one another has led to egg laying. They don't have a nest box ~~I don't even want to think about trying to give them one!
It was rainy and storming the whole day which would have been a good knitting day if I didn't have so much to do. I've got the body done on the sweater/tunic and I'm about half way through the first sleeve. What is it about sleeves that they seem to take forever?? Last night I felt like I was knitting like mad but when I measured I only had a couple inches done! I don't get it~~still in the round with much less stitches but it seems endless~~and it's only the first one!!
Off to find the template~~

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bag Ho!!

Alright ~~ "hello, my name is Mz Mar and I'm a bag ho" there I've said it~~the truth is out!
I can not go through a store any store that has bags/totes/purses without stopping! KK and I can be walking along together and all of a sudden he's rows ahead of me talking away to himself because the lure of the bags has me! It's an obsession! Do I need anymore totes/bags etc. ?? Of course~~it goes without saying~~there can never be too many!
So with that being said here's my newest addition~~ Vera Bradley in red paisley~does it get any better than that?? Nope!! Of course you can see how impressed Sophie is,right??

I don't even feel guilty about this one because as it turns out it's my Xmas gift from KK! He gifted me with a new bag for Xmas and I didn't care for the shape~truthfully it was a laptop carrier not a purse. So I exchanged it for another of the same color. I didn't use it so I felt that showed that I still wasn't crazy about it and I'm so glad that I kept the receipt! I took it back the other day and was able to get this bag and wallet and still had $$ to spare!! Plus there was a free gift with purchase! I wound up with a $30 travel clock that matches my tote that I use whenever we go away! Good deal!!
Kk and I went out for one of our drives on his day off~~just randomly cruising around and we finished off the day with this~~

I know I look rather dorky there~~I've already got a mouth full of hot fudge, strawberries,homemade whip cream and chocolate ice cream! Look closely and you'll see I've got hot fudge on my mouth! Trust me that other sundae if not mine!! I did manage to finish mine and my stomach was killing me when I was finished!
As for WIP's here is the sweater progress~~it's coming along good and I've tried it on and it's fitting really well. The picture is hard to make out but it's a v-neck tunic. Still needs sleeves but if all goes well I'll have it finished in a couple days!!
I'm having fun doing this because the owner at one of lys shops is doing one along with me so we're having a friendly competition!

Well, DD is coming over so we're going to out awhile.
So off to get ready

Monday, March 19, 2007


Any of you restless out there?? I seem to be and it's getting worse the last few days! Is it late "cabin fever" or early "spring fever"??? hmmm, not sure exactly!
I really can't say the weather stopped me from doing much this winter~mostly when I wanted to go out I did. Missed a couple of knit nights but I think I was just too tired to drive that far and it was cold! Cold was a good excuse to stay in! On KK's days off we've been going out here and there so I can't say that I'm bored. I'm just restless!
Today would be good knitting day~~it's quite dreary and it's trying really hard to snow but I can't seem to settle down and do it! I'm flitting around the house(ok, so maybe flitting is an exaggeration) from thing to thing! It's almost 2 in the afternoon and so far all I've accomplished is to get dressed and clean the bedroom! A load of wash is going~~that's it!
My knitting(the sweater) is out and ready and I really can hear it calling to me but so far I've ignored it! I'm really going to go upstairs and make a cup of tea, sit down and knit! Really!
The sweater is coming along nicely~~I'm past where you put the sleeve stitches on holders and work the body for 23"~~I'm about 6" into it. I think that 's pretty good for just starting it less than a week ago. The lys owner is doing the same one so we have a sort of competition going! The size is in my favor tho~~she's doing the xl and I'm doing the small so I should be able to keep up with her~~lol!!!
I think I need to cast on some socks for a change of pace. The way my hands are it's good for me to switch needle sizes. I'd be going from 7's to 1's so that's a nice change of size.
I've heard from my sp10~~"Hi,SP" I have a feeling this round is going to be a fun one!
I need to do a bit of shopping for my pal and get a pkg. out too.
Now I'm going for that cup of tea, so
Off to knit

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is There Anything Cuter??

Baby clothes are just so darn cute!! When DD told me her friend is prego I had to knit this up! This is the five hour baby sweater a free pattern on here~~someplace!
It did take me longer than five hours but easy just the same!
Since I've last posted I did manage to finish these~~Tofutsie sock yarn in the Westport Waves pattern from Jeannie T!!
Great pattern and easy to remember! I had to give you two photos so you could see how the yarn worked up! I'm thrilled because I finally have a pair of socks that pooled! A few folks said they had trouble with this yarn splitting but I didn't find that a problem. I do feel metal needles work best with this yarn tho~~I used my Addi's and did them Magic Loop.

I started a new project last night~~a sweater! Yeah, I know there's one in my room hidden away someplace that needs to be finished but I don't want to talk about that! Anyway back to the new one~~I'm doing the Knitting Pure and Simple tunic. Another first~~I'm doing it in Bernat's Soft Boucle' and you know what that means??? It's all acrylic!! I saw this yarn at the lys and really liked the color~~not really the yarn so much but the color stuck in my mind until I went back and got some! It's called Earth Shades and it's a black and brown mix. It's a "me" color even tho I've been coming out of my shell lately and really checking out the brighter yarns ~~mostly the sock yarns. I'm going to have my raspberry/pinkish socks some day!!
I've been doing a lot of browsing on here lately and I've decided it's time to try some of the hand-dyed yarns by individuals~~Lisa Sousa(I'm thinking I don't have that spelled right) has some beautiful colors and I'm thinking I need to get some Lime and Violet since I really enjoy their podcast! There are so many it's mind boggling!
I feel holes boring into my back and I'll show you why~~they think when I sit here it's for their entertainment!
This is Caymen up here~~a 13 year old male

and this is Zazu a 11 year old female. I've had them since they were each a couple months old.
They are definitely in spring fever mode! Did I mention "LOUD"????
Time to get dinner together so~~
Off to cook

The Questionnaire !!

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
I'm tired of "commercial" yarns~~I'd like to try some of the speciality sock yarns~~
Lisa Sousa-Sock That Rock-etc. Wools and wool blends

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?
A Longaberger basket!

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
I've been knitting longer than I can remember! My mother taught me when I was very young! I still consider myself an intermedate tho~

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
5. What's your favorite scent?
hmm, not sure~~I absolutely love Yankee Candle Citrus and Sage

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?
Doesn't everyone?? Is there anything other than chocolate??

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?
Where should I begin?? x-stitch,needlepunch,crochet rag rugs,sewing,some beading,
I do have an antique wheel but haven't really given it a try.

8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
I've been leaning towards country/rock lately

9. What's your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can't stand?
I'm not fond of pastels~I do tend to stick with earthtones but lately brighter colors and catching my eye!
10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
Dh of almost 38 yrs~24yr, old ds and 27 yr old dd~~2 year old spoiled rotten Boston Terrier and two blue and gold macaws

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?
Absolutely! except the poncho~don't have one

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
Mostly socks and I've dabbled into sweaters!

13. What are you knitting right now?
A sweater and a pair of socks

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?
I'd love it!

15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
I really like circulars even for straight work--not fond of bamboo tho

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?
DD giftet me with a swift but don't have the winder yet

17. How old is your oldest UFO?
About 3 yrs old

18. What is your favorite holiday?

19. Is there anything that you collect?
Country decorations~crows,sheep, not cutesy more primitive. Am trying to get Lantern Moon needles~~jsut love the way they look!

20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?
No subscriptions, As for yarn I'd like to try the artist yarns~Peace Fleece interests me also
Lantern Moon Needles

21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?
Not at this time

22. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?
Absolutey!! I wear a 7 shoe

23. When is your birthday?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catching -up~~~again

Yes, I remember I said that I'd be better keeping this thing up but time just seems to get a way from me! There hasn't been a whole lot to write about~~I'm sick of the weather talk~~we all know it's freezing out there and we're waiting for spring.
Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day?? KK surprised me with something I wasn't expecting! I used to collect Harmony Kingdom figurines but the shop we used to get them at went out of business a few years ago~~well low and behold we found a new shop locally that has them!!
So now of course I'm back into them!!This is what I walked in and saw on the kitchen table Valentine's Day~~do you see it??

Can you make it out?? It's a woodpecker on the side of a tree stump and on the other side is a squirrel~~it's carved on the inside also. Too cute~~

All this nasty weather has me feeling the need for some greenery and not the knitting kind. The local feed store had these marked down to $1 how could I pass them up? Actually since that
photo was taken a few more followed me home! Now there's green everywhere!!
For knitting news I've finished one of the Tofutsies (sp?) socks and the second is into the cuff. The last few days I've been working on a little dog coat for Pepper , Heather's dog. I thought I had it but now have decided I did it a bit too long so frog it I did! Tonight hopefully I'll get it finished. I'm also starting another rag rug for the kitchen. DD came over Sunday and she striped 5 yards of fabric for me. I already had a few yards cut up. So now it's a matter of sewing all the strips together before actually working on the rug!
Lady E has been languishing on the chair in the living room! When DD came over she latched onto it thinking it was going to be a blanket!! lol~~I've been thinking I should have made it smaller so I've held off going any further on it. (Maria scroll waaaayyy down to see it!) It's quite a bit larger than the photo I took weeks ago~I'll try to remember to take a new one.
Sophie and I went shopping one Sat. and this was her equivalent of yarn porn! She was quite happy to stay right there! Course all I had to do was wiggle a treat in front of her and she was on the move!

We did a sock yarn exchange on the Townsend group and this was my swap. It's Wildfoote in a beautiful deep purple colorway! I said surprise me with the color and she did! I never pick colors like this so it was nice to get something different. The pattern is a beauty and after reading it over I think I just may give it a go! Thank you, Vicky!

I've signed up for Secret Pal 10 and I'll have to get the required info up. Going to try it again! I've had fun with the last two smaller swaps I've been on so the temptation was too great to pass this one up this time around!
Well, gotta run
Off for dinner

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weird?? Me???

I'm tagged~~Alli from
got me!
Six Weird Things About Me
1. I think I have a floor fetish!! As long as the floors are vacuumed the house is clean!
2. I need the house neat and things put away but my craft room is usually a disaster!
3. I take my iPod to bed!
4. I would really like to have chickens~~the brown egg laying kind!
5. Smells really bother me!
6. I hate to cook!

Now there's some rules that need to go here but for some reason I can't copy them so I'll have to go check them out again and post later~~
Nothing much exciting going on since my last post. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get to the lys and check out the Noro. I've still got that on my mind for the Lady E.
Visited DD this afternoon and she's redecorated her kitchen so she's put in a request for all new dishcloths. They really like them for the kitchen and the bath ~~so guess what I'll be doing?
It's getting late so~~
Off to bed

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Catching Up!

Today's post as the title says is going to be a catch up. I was skimming through my blog last night and decided photos were in order! Course some are old news but I'm going to throw them in anyway! So here goes~~
I bobbled!! I've never done that before and here is the results! Pretty nice! Dishcloth was the kal from the monthly dishcloth group. Mine came out a bit large because the needles it called for were being used already so I jumped up a size. Nice just the same.

I know you're xmas'ed out but I have to share a tree photo!! This year I decided we needed new ornaments and lights. I wanted the plain glass round ornaments we had years ago~~and different colors for lights. Basically no theme !
I still used the artificial tree tho~~it fits so nicely in the corner so I don't have to do a lot of rearranging of furniture.
That's a definite plus!
See that Santa there on the left? I made that for my DD's first Xmas! I remember staying up late at night after I'd get her to bed painting it! This was it's 26th Xmas!

Next we have the Amaryliss(sp?) that blossomed right on time ~~ not sure why the stem stayed really short this year~~ususally they get so long they threaten to topple over! It did get a second flower but it didn't alst as long as the first.

Here we are two weeks ago at Knit Nite! This is at one of my favorite places to knit! A Knitter's Corner in Medina,NY.
You can get a glimpse of Lynne,Lisa and Rose and of course some of the yarn!
I didn't do a thing that night except visit~I wasn't feeling very well!the teeth issue again. Rose suggested I get back to the dentist and I decided to take her advice and it's a good

thing I did. All the discomfort I was having wasn't me being a baby I had a infection on the right side of my face! Couple days on anti-biotics took care of that! So now things are looking up!
I'm back to knitting and for proof I show you the first FO of 2007! My weekend sweater knit from Brown Sheep Burly Spun done in the round! I wore this yesterday when KK and I went out and it's sooo warm!! The perfect sweater for me!! I'd do this one again but I'd try a rolled neck for a different look. I'd like to do it in a worsted weight but not sure how to figure out the sizing and yardage. Going to have to talk to Jen at the shop about that!
And of course a photo of Sophie checking out the last skein of Burly Spun~maybe she was telling me to get that sweater done!!

And now on to the newest project ~~The Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style. The gals were talking about it at Knit Nite and I thought I have that book maybe I should check it out. I'm using Paton's SWS which is very soft and I love the colors but it really does fuzz up while knitting. I'm enjoying the knit because it is so different!

Enough for now~~thank you to everyone that's left me comments and emailed the last few weeks. I appreciate it~~
Now, I'm
Off for this~~

Monday, January 08, 2007


Well, here we are a week into the new year and I'm finally back!!
Hope everyone had a nice holiday? I must say this was one of the nicest holiday seasons I've had in years!
I'm not quite sure why~~I attribute most of it to the two weeks that I sort of drifted through right after Thanksgiving. Knowing that the pressure was off as far as the shopping/knitting goes made such an attitude adjustment! The days that KK and I went out were so calm and enjoyable~~no crazy frantic driving all over trying to find the perfect gifts.
We did good~~everyone was pleased with their gifts and no exchanges were needed!
Course KK babying me the past month was quite nice too!! He totally surprised me with the gifts he chose and I loved everything!
Quick update on the teeth issue~~I'm finding more things that I'm able to eat as long as I'm careful. No chomping down hard on anything yet and still no meat to speak of. I think that's what I miss the most~~a medium rare steak is just waiting for me! Unfortunately that's going to be quite awhile yet! I've had to return to the dentist a couple times and I think I've got to go again now. I can't believe this is going to go on for six months! Ok, enough of that~~
On to the knitting~~there hasn't been any! I'm working on the ripple afghan(crochet) for Heather's xmas gift. (she knows) I'm not touching anything else until it's finished! I've been reading my yahoo sock groups and I'm so tempted to cast on some socks but I know if I do that the afghan will wind up being next years gift!
When the kids were younger they had all sorts of video games and I could never get interested. They always wanted me to play ~~I could never get the controls right~my little guy was always going the wrong way or the first one knocked off! So they gave up on me~~~till now!!
I am officially addicted to Nintendo game cube~~Animal Crossing!! Who would have thought??
I love this game!! It's the cutest thing! That was one of my xmas gifts!! DD had it at her house and I watched her playing hers and thought "I like that game~~I could even do it"
So funny~~on Xmas day she brought her memory card over so we could visit each other's town!
This afternoon KK calls and asks "how are things in Marville?" Course I named it that~~where else would Mz Mar live? DD and I talk on the phone and you'd think we were talking about a real person and it's a critter from the game! It's fun~~something different.
Today it looks like we are finally getting hit with a bit of winter! The temp. has fallen from the 50's to the low 30's and we've had hail/snow on and off. It's still not really sticking the ground is too warm. They are saying the driving tonight is going to be tricky with black ice~~that's always scarry.
All the xmas things are put away~~finished it up today. That's so unlike me. Normally I'd have it done right before or right after New Year's day. Goes to show how much we enjoyed the season!
We're having knit nite tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to going. I missed all of Dec. I do think I'll take an afghan break and take my Weekend Sweater with me. I just have the sleeves to do and now with the colder weather I'd like it finished.
Happy knitting~~
Off to crochet