Sunday, October 31, 2004

First Magic Loop Socks

What a Witch!!

Just another day!

At least I have a good excuse for not posting for a couple days! I've been working on that xmas hat for DD's friend! A simple hat ~~you'd think I'd have it finished by now! I couldn't figure out how many stitches to start with~~every pattern I saw said around 60 and I took one look at that and knew that certainly wasn't going to be large enough. Then I kept second guessing myself thinking I made the darn thing to big! Geesh, how hard can this be??? I can do friggin socks for heaven's sake ~~a hat should be a piece of cake!!
As of right now I'm at the start of the decrease rows. I've finally figured out why I'm having trouble with it!! I don't like it! I haven't used a solid color yarn in so long I forgot what it looked like! My DD picked out a light grey for it with the fun fur trim. I like the edge but don't care for the body of the hat--it's so?? Plain! I am not frogging at this point!! I'm hoping that the decrease rows will give it a better look. I'll have to look around for some pattern for the scarf or I'll never get it done!
Worked a bit on my pillow--that's coming out pretty kewl!! I love all the different yarns mixed together. Now that would make a interesting hat!
Worked a little bit on the magic loop sock last night. It's coming along nicely. I'll definitely do another pair using that method. Need to try toe ups tho~~
Went with GD to Walmart for their Halloween contest--of course she was the cutest witch there!! Right now Dad and Grandpa are out making the rounds with her! Glad I didn't go--it's way too cold and damp for my bones!! I'm definitely not up to walking much anymore. Sure hope this doesn't get any worse.
I finally received my birth certificate from Belgium!! Glad that's done--talk about a nuisance! Now I have to find a save place to keep it. Certainly don't want to lose it again!
Off for now--going to finish that hat tonight !!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Long Day!!

I can not believe that it's after 1~~~I should be in bed!! My early night the other night didn't work out. Finally about 1:30 I decided to turn out the light and get some sleep~~tossing and turning for about a half hour and then the phone rings!!
Now any parent of grown kids knows that late night phone calls scare the *hell* outta you!!By the time I could grab the phone my mind was already spinning and my stomach was turning!! It was DS and he needed a dose of "home" so Dh by this time is awake and worried ~~so out we go and pick him up and bring him home.
Stayed up and talked for about an hour and then made him up a bed and everyone crashed.
Dh and I had to get up early~~not good after 41/2 hours sleep! I Had to get Ivy to the vets to get her teeth done and then do some errands. I was finished with my running around about 12 so I called the vet and Ivy was already waking up and I could pick her up. That worked out well --saved me from running back later. She was still very groggy when I got there. I'm really surprised they let her go that early in the day. The poor thing--she was all wobbly walking~~it was interesting getting a 68lb. Greyhound into the back of the van! Got her home and she passed out for quite awhile. They said her teeth weren't too bad ~~had one pulled.
She seems a little bit out of it today still ~~tonight she managed to sneak half a bowl of m&m's while Dh went upstairs!! She has never done anything like that before~~must be payback for taking her to the vet!!
Dh was off today so we went for a ride~~stopped at a really nice yarn shop ~~lot of yarns I haven't seen before. It's to far for me to go to very often~~but it would be nice to plan a trip there and stop for lunch along the way. I really shouldn't go in these shops when I know I can't buy anything but how can you just drive by???
There's something to be said for having a job! Might as well get that right out of my mind~~those days are over.
DD took me to a lecture at the University of Buffalo~~the speaker was very good. She wrote the book Nickel and Dime? ~~geesh, now I can't remember~~they say "the mind is the first thing to go" Course after listening to her I really got depressed about finances!
I'd better do some knitting tomorrow to cheer me up~
Tea time then bed!!nite

Monday, October 25, 2004

Quick one!!

Just a short post tonight~~really, really tired and don't feel well. Hope it's something that some sleep will take care of! This weather is getting to me--it's so damp and chilly~~once I get cold I can't seem to warm up until I take a hot bath~~and who the heck wants to do that in the middle of the day??
I did accomplish something today tho~~I finished the first sock on the Magic Loop!! I'm amazed at how fast it went. I've never finished a sock in three evenings and a afternoon!!I should have kept track how long it took just for the heck of it. I realize it's the knitting that's the fun part but it was nice to have one sock done so quickly! I don't even want to know how long my Making Waves took me!!
I'm now trying to find a pattern to start DD's friends hat that I'm giving for a xmas present. I'd like to have a xmas present going along with a sock then I can go back and forth. I don't usually like to have a couple projects going at the same time but holidays call for drastic moves!!
Ivy goes to the vet tomorrow to get her teeth done. I'm a bit nervous about it~~they have to be careful working on greyhounds~~something with the anesthesia. She has to be there at 8--and get picked up about 4. I've washed all the comforters so she'll have a nice clean bed to come home to.Wonder how many teeth they will pull~~yuk!
Ok--I'm off to have a cup of tea and hope it settles my stomach~~then sleep~

Saturday, October 23, 2004

More projects??

What the heck is the matter with me??? I know to stay away from the lys but do I listen to myself as I'm driving by???? NOoooo--my van just takes over and pulls right in the parking lot??? What can I do after they see me pull in but go inside~~right????Just to look and say "hello" yah,right!!
Actually I did go to Joann's and A.C.MOORE first to try to find something I like for dear GD's hat and scarf--nothing appealed to me~~course I haven't seen her new coat yet so it was hard to pick something. Do you realize how many pinks are out there???? So I think I'm going to stop in Home Depot and grab a handful of pink paint chips then go over and see her new coat. Hopefully one of the chips will match and I'll take that with me to select the yarn!! Great idea,huh???
Now back to the lys~~~I was browsing and it was getting close to closing (5 on Fridays) and I wanted to get something!! The owner showed me the cutest little baby poncho and hat set she just did--it was adorable!! I thought why not do that for GD?? I think she'd love it--she's a girlie girl and the yarn is kewl!!! Of course it wasn't inexpensive and I needed two skeins of the novelty yarn and one of the regular~~but it's going to be darling!!! I hope~~~ This will be a Christmas gift and I'll still do the hat to match her new coat.
I'll take a yarn shot and post it~~~
I'm thinking if I post my yarn photos that'll keep me on my toes to actually finish these projects!!
My Magic Loop sock is coming along really well!! I'm at the heel decreases already!! I can't believe that I managed to figure this out!! I just started this sock late Thursday night and I'm that far ~~I'm beginning to think there might be something to this method!!
Have to get back to it so that's it for now~~ta ta~~

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Here She Is!!

Happy Spinner????

Why on earth am I doing this now??? I'm soooo tired!! I just couldn't go to bed without writing about the Guild meeting I went to tonight!!
I finally decided to go and take my wheel. They were having an informal gathering so I figured it was now or never to get this wheel looked at!! I'm so glad that I went!!
I was a bit unsure at first not knowing anyone and they had a pretty good turnout. I hate going to things like that alone but as soon as I got there someone introduced herself(what the heck was her name?)and said "sure bring your wheel in" So off I went back out to the car in the rain to get it! We set it up in the other room so this woman could check it out while they started the meeting.
She found some yarn and did the "belt" and tried it out~~it worked!! The wheel wobbles a bit but hopefully it can be fixed.
I brought some nice roving that I got at Hemlock and she spun with that!!
She said I'll be able to use it!!
I have a couple things to take care of tho~~naturally it needs a good cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap~~then a rub down with some Linseed Oil. A peg is missing that goes right above where the wheel turns so DH will try to fashion one out of a dowel for me. It also needs a lock nut(?) on the other side~~she said if I do that I should be good to go!!!
Sunday if the weather isn't nice DH and I will clean it up and oil it~~hmmm, "it" doesn't sound right, does it?? Maybe "it" needs a name???
I have got to try to get some sleep~~I'm going right to bed now!! It's almost 1 and here I sit~~~I'm off~~

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

RAOK from Debbie N

Pillow progress

Annoying Day~~With a Happy Ending!!

What a nasty day!! Talk about a change in weather~~it's cold,damp,drizzling not exactly the best of weather for us Fibro sufferers!! Could I just stay in today?? NO, of course not~~I spent a good part of the afternoon trying in vain to get an international money order so I can get my birth certificate. Now how ridiculous is it that in this whole town I could not get one?? Finally at one bank they can order them but since it's not my bank they can't sell me one! Since 9/11 they no longer will sell them to non-customers! What a complicated thing this has turned into.So I called DD to the rescue and since she works in securities at a bank she can get it for me. What a nuisance tho~~
I had a brain storm a little while ago~~now that can be dangerous!! lol~~I was thinking about these round looms I have and what to do with them?? I mean really, how many hats can you have??? I don't even like to wear a hat and I've got one!!
Well, back to my idea~~I can make DG a hat and then a matching scarf!! How cute would that be?? She's such a girlie girl I think she'd really like it! I even have some nice yarn to use already! Now that will be a fun project!!
I took a picture of my yarn mix for the pillow. I'll get that on here in a bit. I haven't worked on it since Friday but I have a good excuse! I finished dreaded sock #1 and #2 just has a couple more toe decreases to go!!! Yeah!!
DD came over Sat. and we went to the new coffee shop. Wasn't as impressed with the coffee this time like I was when DH and I went. I need coffee hot--really hot~~and this was not. The place is really nice tho and they were really busy so maybe next time it will be better. I hope so because it would be nice to stop in once in awhile~~it's so close.
DD helped me pick out some yarn for her friends hat and scarf for xmas. So there's another project!! I've got to start my sock for the Six_Sox KAL too. Everyone's saying that it's a nice easy pattern--I hope so!!
Ok, I did say the day had a happy ending,right??? Well, it did--I got my very first RAOK in the mail!!! I was so excited!!! I got mail and it wasn't a bill!! Debbie N sent me a coaster that she made on her embroidery machine! It's a basket of apples!! She included tea for me to try which I'm having right now~~and using my new coaster!
I'm going to keep it right here next to the computer!!
Now to scan it and see if I can get it here!!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Now that's fall foliage!!

Another project??

I really do know better than to stop at the lys "just to browse". Don't I????
I debated about starting a poncho but I never liked them when they were popular years ago and I'm still not sure if I like them now!! Actually there is a pattern I found for one I sorta like. It reminds me of a cowl neck sweater. I did give it a second thought but by the time I'd get it done I'd be needing something a heck of a lot warmer than a poncho!!
So after much fondling of the yarn I decided to make up a pillow to put on the futon in the "studio". For some crazy reason I seem to like the plain knit pillows using all the different textured yarns. After changing my mind numerous times I decided on five different yarns. If I can remember tomorrow I'll take a before picture.
This is not an inexpensive venture tho~~I can not believe the prices of some of those yarns!! I guess for someone who uses them for other projects and have leftovers this would be a great way to use up small amounts. Unfortunately I have no leftovers!!
Tried to get a flu shot today--what a joke that was!! People were lined up and down the isles of the grocery store waiting their turn! I could not stand in line that long so I bought my soup and left!!
Treated myself to much needed make-up!! Finally ~~I've been saying for weeks I had to replace the old stuff!!
So that was my exciting day~~great, huh???

Alleghany State park

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Happy Fall!!

The last few days have been really nice! We went to the Letchworth craft show on Saturday and it was perfect weather for the show! Of course finding what I was looking for just added the icing on the cake!!
I picked up the sweatshirt I've tried to get the last two years!! And I was so thrilled to finally find a shelf that I liked well enough to buy for my "studio"!! I went with a dark cranberry color to accent the blue that's in there. Dh already put it up for me so now I feel the need to accessorize it!! It never ends~~
Monday was the holiday so DD was off from work. I went over and we had lunch then did another coat of primer in her "office". It's going to be an awesome red room!!
We had to cruise the neighborhood because one of the cats got out. The Plexiglas sheet over the broken window fell out and we think he scooted out through there. At least the other two stayed in! Hopefully he will find his way home soon.
Yesterday DH and I went out for the day--we went to Alleghany State park ~~the leaves were beautiful!! We stopped at one of the spots and found these tremendous rock formations right in the middle of the woods!! I've never seen anything like that before! I'm hoping Sunday is nice so we can take DD to see it!!
We stopped at the casino in Salamanca for dinner. We went to the buffet--it was wonderful!! I ate so many shrimp~~everything was sooo good!!!And they had my favorite chocolate chip cookies!!
So spent a good part of today getting this house cleaned up~~had to do some rearranging so I could get the plants off the window sill in the living room~~which meant getting the baker's rack out of the 'studio" and putting it back in the kitchen~~which meant totally trashing the "studio"-~~so guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?? It was way too overwhelming a job for this evening!!
I did stop in the lys ~~and picked put some nice Alpaca/wool blend for xmas socks for DH. I couldn't resist getting some funky yarn to do a pillow for the futton.
I cast on 60 stitches but decided that was going to be way too big so frogged that and started over with 50 which I think will be fine.
Finished my loomed hat today too~~turned out cute ~~now we'll just have to wait till the snow flies to see if I ever wear it!!
About the dreaded socks??????????Don't ask~~~~~~

Friday, October 08, 2004


I'm tired of trying to think up a new title every time I post! My mind goes blank~~
So I may have a lot of Mz Mar's Page!!
Beautiful weather today~~mid sixties and sunny. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow is half as nice. Letchworth craft show weekend!! I'm looking forward to going--the trees should be really in full fall foliage after all the cold nights we've had. Not to mention the craft show!!! Have to remember to wear comfortable shoes and wear layers!! Never know what the weather will be like there.
Maybe this year I'll be able to get that darn shirt I've been trying to get~~going the first day I stand a better chance of them having some smalls left!!
Going to look for some sort of shelf for my "studio" I can't stand that bare wall behind the futon!
Well, I finally did it!! Had a hair appointment today and was going to cancel it but decided "no way" I'm doing it!! Told her "cut it off!!" I just can not hold that hair dryer that long any more. My shoulder can't take it! Hair turned out really cute!! Ears aren't showing but if I want I can tuck it back and that looks cute,too. It's short in back ~~feels weird not to have that mass of hair there. I'll see how much I like it the first time I have to dry it myself! Felt really nice to do something for "moi"
Worked on "the socks" tonight while watching a movie. Have both done to the toes. I'm tired so I'm not going to tackle the toe decreases now. Maybe tomorrow night if I'm not wiped out from all the fresh air I'll get tomorrow.
Gotta go~~have to be at DD's at 9 so I'm giving in early tonight!!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dreaded Socks

I'm still working on the "dreaded socks" don't understand why I can't get them finished!! I actually sat down an hour at a time and worked on them. After about an hour I must get up and walk around and stretch--that Fibro thing.
The good thing about that is I do get some things done around the house~~the bad thing is I keep getting side-tracked!!
I took down my aquarium and got it out in the garage so then I had to clean the corner of the kitchen where it was. Next thing you know I'm wiping down the walls in there~~~
I'm thinking my mood has something to do with the Fibro acting up and I'm actually experiencing "empty nest syndrome" Now everyone who knows me would certainly find that hard to believe!!lol~~
Weird?? The house feels so empty--I don't get it because DS was at work all day and out most night. Drove me crazy!!!
I know this mood will pass but it sure is depressing~~
Maybe I need a new project?? Who knows~~
Knit On!!!

Who needs buttons??

That's it--no more buttons~~~~well, at least for tonight!! I've just spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out how to get those darn things on here~~who needs them???
Thought I had it figured out but could only get those two to work and now I don't like the one~~well, it's staying now because I'm afraid to try to take it off!!
Just think of all the knitting I could have accomplished!! I picked up the dreaded socks and knitted for about an hour before my thoughts kept wandering to this blogging thing~~that was it. I could not keep track of my heel decreases so I quit!
Tomorrow DH works late and I'm not going anywhere so no matter if nothing else gets done all afternoon I'm working on those socks!!
We have DS's room almost all cleared out. Looks really weird with no bed in there. Walls are really a mess so there will be a lot of washing and spackling going on before painting!
My van got detailed today and what a difference!! It looks sooo good and smells so nice and fresh! Seats still aren't dry but they are predicting tomorrow to be warm so they should be fine. DH put my new greyhound sticker on the side back window. I didn't think it was going to show on the darkened window but it looks great!
Got the deer whistles on too--in the nick of time!! The deer are starting rut and they are all around our development. Coming home the other night around 8 there one was standing right in the middle of the road ~~poor thing couldn't decide which way she should go~~we just stopped until she made up her mind!
It's late so I'm off to read a bit.hmmmm think I'll post a progress photo of dreaded socks!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Too Tired!!

I'm soooo tired ~~I don't understand it?? I'm really,really exhausted~~from doing ???
Maybe it's the cold weather we've been having ~~I'm not ready for it!!
I should be jumping for joy~~DS came over last night and took his last two aquariums!! Oh, happy,happy day!! I was just asking DD to come over and help me move them~~major job. Then I was going to get mine moved or taken down~~I really would have been ticked if I did all that work and then have him come over and get them!!
I decided to make life easier and gave my fish to his friend.
Now we can clean/paint and paper that room!!
I really planned on coming home today and getting that tank out of the kitchen--it's half empty already but no way!!! Not in the mood for that!!
Took a good portion of the hat I was working on off the loom and frogged back. Decided I wanted a wider brim on it. That was a major pain~~the fun fir kept getting tangled up with the yarn. I finally got it untangled and back on the loom ready to knit.
I think I'll curl up in the recliner and work on it for awhile now. I really need to finish those darn socks on the dpn's so I can start the new Six_Sox pattern. I won't start them until these are done. Too many things going make me nervous! I still haven't touched the pair I started on the circulars!! I was going to stop at the lys when I was out today but I was embarrassed to because I knew she'd ask me how they were coming along!!
I have to figure out how to get "things" on here--I've tried a couple times but I didn't do it right. That's for another day~~my mind is wandering somewhere--not sure where but wish it would get back here with some ambition!!
Off to knit~~~

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Beautiful Day!!

This was the perfect fall day!! There wasn't a cloud in the sky,sun was shining and the trees are starting to turn!! What more could you ask for??
Dh and I got up ~~hmmm~~not so early and went for a ride in the country. We stopped for a nice breakfast and then preceded to get lost on all back roads!!
Some weren't even paved! We did find a nice little country gift shop that I wouldn't mind going back to some time.
Stopped quick at the flea market and talked with a fellow that handles computer "stuff"~~he bought the old monitor,two printers,and keyboard we had. So that was well worth taking the time to do.
After leaving there we happened to go by Antionette's so naturally we just had to stop for sundaes!! I got my usual chocolate with hot fudge and strawberries!! So much for dinner!! Then off to the market to pick up fresh cold-cuts--yum--but way to full to even think about eating any!!
This was a good thing for me to do today because the Fibro has been really bad the last couple days and I wouldn't have gotten anything done around the house.
Don't think I'm up for any knitting tonight either~~hands have been so swollen the entire day. I finally found the plain heavy zippered sweatshirt I've been wanting and almost didn't buy it because I thought the zipper was shot~~zipper was fine it was me~~hands didn't want to work!!
I've been accepted into the webring and the ROAK list~~not actually sure how this works but I'm sure I'll find out. Amazing what I've learned how to do on here myself now that there's no one around to help me!
I'm off to curl up in my chair and see if there's anything on TV worth watching!!
Happy knitting!

Hat worked with Wool Ease on Knitting Loom Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Mz Mar's Page

I really can't believe so much time has passed again since I've been here!!
I haven't been reading my emails either and there's a couple hundred waiting for me to go through!
Since my last entry life has changed! I'm finally mobile again!! Yeah, for wheels!!
Bought a "new" (used) van~~it felt so good going to the gas station and filling up!! Catch me a month from now and see what I have to say about that!!
So of course I spent the day running around~~went to DD's and picked her up and we went to Tim Hortons for soup and bagels--they really do have great broccoli soup!! Then we were off to Target~~had to get some Frebreze to spray the van~~have a thing about smells! Since we were right there we had to stop in A.C.Moore~~I did exchange some yarn and picked up a tart burner and some tarts~~the house smells delicious!! Then we were off to Joann's~~nothing there that we liked--that was a good thing $$ saved!
Last week I picked up a set of Knifty Knitter Looms from A.C.Moore with a 40% coupon. Didn't get a chance to try them for a few days but when I did I couldn't believe how simple these are to use. I got interested in them after reading about knitting boards. Haven't tried those yet.
Wasn't sure how the sizing works with the looms so I tried the large size first and using Wool Ease T&Q I did up a hat in a couple hours!! I never would have gotten that far using needles! The hat fits me but it's a bit snug so I'm going to try the x-large for me. I picked up some mohair look black and I think it would be fun to do the brim with a mix of the mohair and eyelash!! I don't even wear hats but I'm liking the idea of this!!
Today I did a baby hat on the smallest loom~~that's for DD's friend that's due any day now. I think I'll try to do booties too~~
I finally stopped at the lys and asked what happened to the Magic Loop class I signed up for. They said it was on for last Monday but no one contacted me so I called to get the details. She said come in and someone will show you how since you already know how to do socks. It was nice going over for an evening visit for a change. Quite a few women were there hanging out and knitting! I got a lesson in ML and sat and knitted a few rows of ribbing to get the technique down. Haven't touched it once since then!!
Still have the basic sock on the dpn's~~want to get them done because the new sock pattern is out for the Six_Sox_Knitalong and I don't want to fall behind with those!!
Ok--enough for tonight~~DH and I are going out tomorrow for the day--fall is in the air and the trees are starting to turn and it's going to be a nice day! So, I'm off to get some much needed sleep!!
I'll be back!!