Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Did ya miss me???

I know it's been forever since I posted! I have been knitting instead of being on here so much. My emails are even piling up. I've been so restless and I'm blaming the nice weather we "had"~notice I said had???? Granted it's been cold ...but when it's so sunny who cares? It just makes everything so much nicer when the sun is out. I'm a tad crabby this morning because last night KK said he had to work today(his normal day off) and I had plans on going to Joann's. I figured that would give us something to do and since we would be practically right next door we'd stop in Barnes & Noble.......and I wouldn't have to use my gas-guzzling van......we'd use his!The thing that really annoyed me is I was right near there yesterday and didn't stop! Geesh, I do get off track...don't I?? I started to say the weather is nasty today! Dreary, dampish cold, and there is snow covering the ground!!! Where the hell did that come from???? ewww......go away!
I do see a ride to Joanns in the immediate future tho!! If I get dressed that is........
I'm trying to upload a couple photos but for some reason they don't want to show up so I'll have to tell you about them. First, the Jaywalker bit the dust! Took me awhile to actually frog the darn thing.....I wasn't positive that I wanted to after all that aggravation! It was too big so there was no sense in keeping it. I went ahead and did a sock of plain stk out of the red/white/blue and it looks good so now I'll do the frogged yarn into
the second of the pair.
After having the pattern for a year I decided to try the Fluted banisters and I absolutely love them!! They fit perfectly with no fiddling with the pattern!! I used Opal that Heather got me last summer on one of our road trips! While knitting them I was scouting around trying desperately to find the Sockotta yarn the sample sock in the pattern was done from....with no luck. I know monitors show colors differently but I didn't think they would be so far my print out the sock looks blue with some red and maybe a tad of yellow. There is no such Sockotta!! I asked around and the majority of opinions was color #16 which looks nothing like the picture! I'm liking them but I really wanted the other color!!
Since my hands have been really bothering me I'm trying to break up the knitting time with some sewing. I finished a couple bags that turned out really nice if I do say so myself! There again you'll have to take my word for it since I can't get to the photos!
I've been reading a lot! Nice to read again! Seems I go in streaks with that.......I like to sit outside in the summer and read.....when it's just too warm to be holding yarn. I'm waiting for those days!
I joined Lynne's Project Spectrum color swap. This should be fun. My only qualm is my partner is not a knitter!!!! Oh, my......there is life outside of knitting??? hmmm, who would have guessed??
What kind of gifties do you get for a NK(non-knitter)??? Orange and yellow no less! I drew an absolute blank when I read her blog! ahhhh, she does sew tho~~~~and I do love looking at all that fabric at Joann's~~~~orange and yellow fat quarters???
For your info Kelly I love orange!!! As Martha would say " nice orange socks are a good thing"!!! I am a yarn snob tho~~no acrylic, please !
Let's see what else can I ramble on about??? Oh, yeah, I took Sophie in to be spayed two weeks ago. Finally made the decision that I wouldn't breed her---not willing to take the chance knowing that more than likely there would be problems. Brought her home knit nite afternoon and had to watch her so no knit nite for me. She was good until Friday night and then the trouble started .......her whole body was was weird/gross! Stayed up with her till 2 and I was exhausted in the a.m. I was afraid to look at her thinking she wasn't breathing---what a relief when she popped her head up from under her blanket! Still pulsating tho~~so off to the vet we go to find out that they have never seen this in a dog!! Horses, yes no! I said the vet should have paid me for the experience!! Anyway, after much snapping and growling they determined that during surgery gas gets trapped between organs and once she became active it gets pushed up under the diaphram(sp?) so as her heart beat her breath went and that made the pulsing sensation! ewww~~~at least it wasn't painful. Late Sat. night we could see it calming down and by Sunday morning she was fine. The most difficult thing was trying to keep her quiet!
Stitches come out tomorrow and then she can have a much needed bath!!
Fingers are achy today so that's enough of this. I know there was something else I wanted to write about but it escapes me at the moment. Later it'll come to me!
Off to read......

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Tonya said...

Miz Mar we missed you we missed you don't ever leave us again we definitely missed you did you use the jaywalker pattern on those? It would look super kewl in happy socks as well.