Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back at Last!!

Seems like I've been gone forever! This thing finally bit the dust a couple weeks ago and I was totally lost without it! Got it all fixed up brought it home and DS hooks everything up and the monitor blew! Now what the heck are the chances of that?? So another couple days went by! I felt like I lost a good friend!
I didn't knit at all I just could not sit and concentrate so I gave up. I did make good use of my time tho~~I managed to get some sewing done instead. I've been doing some large bags and some smaller tote bags that are perfect for that sock project!

Knitting balls galore!! lol~~accented with knitting and sewing kittens! If you'd like to see more bags you can check them out at
just look at bags or totes. If you have any questions email me and ask away!! I'd be happy to make one up for you! We're still trying to raise funds to help with Ivy's surgery so if you're interested in a tote or a bag please let me know.
She had the surgery this morning and they removed her diseased eye and she's doing very well. Other than being very homesick! She's coming home Saturday and we'll have to be very careful that she doesn't bump her face until it heals. Right now she's on very strong pain killers and antibiotics. The vet said after a couple weeks she should be ok. He said that she probably lost the vision in that eye almost immediately even before it started to look really bad. I can't wait to get her home and baby her myself!
So we are still trying to raise funds to help with the surgery--the vet really helped us by cutting some of the cost.
I'm just so happy that she will be pain free and hopefully will be able to live out the rest of her life in comfort with us.
The weather here in western NY is getting nicer every day! Time to get the yard work going. KK started the other day and now he can hardly move!! Forgot about all those aching muscles that show up every spring! He's off tomorrow so I have a feeling I'll be out there helping him!
I'm going to get this posted now --it's dinner time and I'm starving so
Off to eat

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mf said...

Neat bag! Looks very roomy too!