Sunday, April 30, 2006

Last chance

to show the colors of the month from Project Spectrum!! I've had these photos for over a week and keep forgetting to post them! I've been really busy doing who knows what??
So here's some color for you!

And this~~

Ok~had enough?? yeah, me too! I had some really nice ones and they seem to have been eaten by this thing! My camera batteries have taken a dive too so no more photos until I get to the store and pick up another set of rechargeables! Is that a word??
Spring has sprung! It's been really beautiful here the last couple of days. All the plants are coming up and flowers are everywhere! OK--I lied they are coming up everywhere but my yard! Not quite sure why but I've never gotten into planting flowers~~not unless they're in a pot on the deck! I must brag a little~Beth from one of my lists gifted many of us with seeds from her last years gourd and sponge plants(yes, sponge) and my seeds are up!! I'm so excited!! I have visions of vines trailing all over trellis's and birdhouse gourds and sponges hanging off them!! Course, I don't have the pots or trellis's yet but hey, at least the seeds are started!
Birthday week is over for another year. Having three b'days in four days is really annoying! After all these years you'd think I'd be used to it!
KK and I spent a relaxing day today. He puttered around outside all day and I kind of drifted in and out. I mulched, came in and read a bit, had coffee went back out. Stood around and watched KK working, came back in and sewed!
Much cleaner!! Some days you just don't feel like getting in the dirt and today was one of them!
So instead I did this
Yeah, I know I said there were no flowers in my yard~well, those aren't! I sort of stretched to my neighbors and snapped this photo quick! I couldn't resist! Guess it isn't the best picture of the bag but the flowers are great!

Finished this one,too. So you can see I've been busy.
Haven't done much knitting though.
Manage to do a couple rows on my fluted banisters
at night while watching tv
but tonight I don't even feel like doing those couple rows!

Ivy's doing good. I think she's enjoying the nicer weather too! Today was the last day on the antibiotics so hopefully she'll get her appitite back. Tueday we go back to the vet to get her stitches out. They must be bothering her now because she's rubbing her face whenever she can. I'll be glad when this is over!

Doesn't she look comfy??

Time for me to do the same!
Off for bed~~

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