Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hell Week!!

Before I tell you why it's been "hell week" I want to say that I hope all of you that celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful day! We enjoyed our day at dd's and certainly ate way more than we needed too! I'm glad that we did because the next day was the beginning of~~"hell week" for me!
I spent Friday decorating and putting up the tree. Made a nice dinner and while eating managed to break my two front teeth! Granted they were part of a bridge but the fact is I was missing two teeth! Luckily I didn't swallow them! gross~~ Now remember this is Friday night of a holiday weekend~~no way were these getting fixed before Monday! Let's just say that it was an interesting couple of days! I'm not worried thinking that Monday morning I'll pop into the dentists and get these repaired~right?? No~~not happening~~can't be fixed and the other center two are loose! They need to come out! So, after what seemed like hundreds of x-rays and much gagging it was determined that I had bone loss since the bridge was made and another one would not be an option!
I won't go into all the gory details but first thing Tuesday morning I was having major oral surgery! 13 extractions and three hours later I was on my way home!
I've spent the week with ice packs for swelling(which didn't work) taking drugs for pain, and trying to figure out what I can eat! By the end of day one I looked as though I had chipmunks for close relatives! Who knew that skin could stretch that much? It would have been a great look for Halloween!
Now eating is a whole new experience! Chewing is not an option yet~~so we're thinking mushy baby food consistency here. I've already had enough applesauce to last me a life time. Still liking that chocolate pudding tho! KK and I went out for a bit today and we literally strolled up and down all the food isles at the grocery store! Now if you knew me you'd know that it's odd for me to even go to the grocery store let along check all the isles! Kk does most of the shopping ~~for some odd reason he likes it~~I always tell him his hobby is food shopping!
I finally found a few things so I have a bit of variety until I can eat normal~~which they tell me will probably be weeks.
One thing I really wanted that I used to enjoy is Cream of Rice~~no luck ~~do they even still make it?? Anyone know?
I settled for some flavored oatmeal,pudding,mac&cheese,cup of soup, canned soup, yams,instant potatoes. We stopped at the market and I picked up some bananas that I can mush up. Sounds appetizing,huh? Picked some flavored drinks~~seems I'm more thirsty. Something weird about this ~~coffee has lost it's appeal for some odd reason! I loved my coffee but this whole week I only had about a cup when Heather came over to visit yesterday! It's not that I didn't think about it. Earlier in the week I made two fresh pots only to dump it down the drain!
The positive side of this is my stomach hasn't felt this good in months! hmmm, could it be sending me a message??
Needless to say I lost the whole week of knitting time. It's what??? three weeks before xmas?? Really not a good time for this. They said I'll feel better each day--my only hope is that I can stay awake for an entire day so I can work on something! I've already decided that I won't worry about doing everything I originally planned on. I'll be satisfied to get the couple main things finished.
I received a wonderful package from my swap partner Maggan from Sweden this past week. It was the bright spot of the week! A beautiful soft variegated brown Opal sock yarn~~a perfect color for me. Candy,stitch markers,key chain,map of her area,Tea, ~~a great swap!
Well it seems I'm tired so ~
Off to rest


Knitting Rose said...

How terrible for you!! You poor thing! At least there are options for you! They do still make Cream of Rice - usually you can find it on the oatmeal aisle right next to the Cream of Wheat - also try the baby section. There are LOTS of tasty baby foods now -a-days!
Good luck and I hope your recovery is quick!

kat said...

oh you poor thing! oral work is just the worst!

brandilion said...

OH I'm so sorry. Don't worry soon you will be over it. Feel better! PS I really like baby food when I can't chew. Almost any flavor you could want, hm... I wonder if they make veal flavored baby food, blech!

Lynne said...

Mar! That really stinks. I hope you are feeling better and better. We certainly missed you at Knit Night and hope you'll be with us this week.