Thursday, January 25, 2007

Catching Up!

Today's post as the title says is going to be a catch up. I was skimming through my blog last night and decided photos were in order! Course some are old news but I'm going to throw them in anyway! So here goes~~
I bobbled!! I've never done that before and here is the results! Pretty nice! Dishcloth was the kal from the monthly dishcloth group. Mine came out a bit large because the needles it called for were being used already so I jumped up a size. Nice just the same.

I know you're xmas'ed out but I have to share a tree photo!! This year I decided we needed new ornaments and lights. I wanted the plain glass round ornaments we had years ago~~and different colors for lights. Basically no theme !
I still used the artificial tree tho~~it fits so nicely in the corner so I don't have to do a lot of rearranging of furniture.
That's a definite plus!
See that Santa there on the left? I made that for my DD's first Xmas! I remember staying up late at night after I'd get her to bed painting it! This was it's 26th Xmas!

Next we have the Amaryliss(sp?) that blossomed right on time ~~ not sure why the stem stayed really short this year~~ususally they get so long they threaten to topple over! It did get a second flower but it didn't alst as long as the first.

Here we are two weeks ago at Knit Nite! This is at one of my favorite places to knit! A Knitter's Corner in Medina,NY.
You can get a glimpse of Lynne,Lisa and Rose and of course some of the yarn!
I didn't do a thing that night except visit~I wasn't feeling very well!the teeth issue again. Rose suggested I get back to the dentist and I decided to take her advice and it's a good

thing I did. All the discomfort I was having wasn't me being a baby I had a infection on the right side of my face! Couple days on anti-biotics took care of that! So now things are looking up!
I'm back to knitting and for proof I show you the first FO of 2007! My weekend sweater knit from Brown Sheep Burly Spun done in the round! I wore this yesterday when KK and I went out and it's sooo warm!! The perfect sweater for me!! I'd do this one again but I'd try a rolled neck for a different look. I'd like to do it in a worsted weight but not sure how to figure out the sizing and yardage. Going to have to talk to Jen at the shop about that!
And of course a photo of Sophie checking out the last skein of Burly Spun~maybe she was telling me to get that sweater done!!

And now on to the newest project ~~The Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style. The gals were talking about it at Knit Nite and I thought I have that book maybe I should check it out. I'm using Paton's SWS which is very soft and I love the colors but it really does fuzz up while knitting. I'm enjoying the knit because it is so different!

Enough for now~~thank you to everyone that's left me comments and emailed the last few weeks. I appreciate it~~
Now, I'm
Off for this~~


shopgirl said...

Your LYS looks lovely. Very inviting!
I LOVE amarylis!

kat said...

I always know ther eis something really wrong with me when I don't feel well enough to knit...that's the sign!

Lynne said...

Yay!!! your sweater is done! It looks wonderful, Mar!

Patricia said...

Fabulous sweater. It looks very toasty. I am making the Lady E out of Noro Silk Garden and I find if kind of scratchy. I love the colors though. your scarf looks like it will be a success.

Colette said...

Looks like we did use the same colorway for out Lady E's. I didn't do the long fringe because I thought the yarn was too loosely spun and fuzzy - I was afraid it would look line a matted dog after a few days.