Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weird?? Me???

I'm tagged~~Alli from
got me!
Six Weird Things About Me
1. I think I have a floor fetish!! As long as the floors are vacuumed the house is clean!
2. I need the house neat and things put away but my craft room is usually a disaster!
3. I take my iPod to bed!
4. I would really like to have chickens~~the brown egg laying kind!
5. Smells really bother me!
6. I hate to cook!

Now there's some rules that need to go here but for some reason I can't copy them so I'll have to go check them out again and post later~~
Nothing much exciting going on since my last post. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get to the lys and check out the Noro. I've still got that on my mind for the Lady E.
Visited DD this afternoon and she's redecorated her kitchen so she's put in a request for all new dishcloths. They really like them for the kitchen and the bath ~~so guess what I'll be doing?
It's getting late so~~
Off to bed


Val said...

Nothing weird about wanting to have chickens! I wanted to have them for a long time, and now I do. I get brown, beige, blue and green eggs every day.

phoenix_anew said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know I'm the one who sent you the bag swap on the Townsend list! It wasn't much, but I do hope you enjoy it!!!
I'm gonna add your blog to my list of daily reads, too!!!