Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catching -up~~~again

Yes, I remember I said that I'd be better keeping this thing up but time just seems to get a way from me! There hasn't been a whole lot to write about~~I'm sick of the weather talk~~we all know it's freezing out there and we're waiting for spring.
Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day?? KK surprised me with something I wasn't expecting! I used to collect Harmony Kingdom figurines but the shop we used to get them at went out of business a few years ago~~well low and behold we found a new shop locally that has them!!
So now of course I'm back into them!!This is what I walked in and saw on the kitchen table Valentine's Day~~do you see it??

Can you make it out?? It's a woodpecker on the side of a tree stump and on the other side is a squirrel~~it's carved on the inside also. Too cute~~

All this nasty weather has me feeling the need for some greenery and not the knitting kind. The local feed store had these marked down to $1 how could I pass them up? Actually since that
photo was taken a few more followed me home! Now there's green everywhere!!
For knitting news I've finished one of the Tofutsies (sp?) socks and the second is into the cuff. The last few days I've been working on a little dog coat for Pepper , Heather's dog. I thought I had it but now have decided I did it a bit too long so frog it I did! Tonight hopefully I'll get it finished. I'm also starting another rag rug for the kitchen. DD came over Sunday and she striped 5 yards of fabric for me. I already had a few yards cut up. So now it's a matter of sewing all the strips together before actually working on the rug!
Lady E has been languishing on the chair in the living room! When DD came over she latched onto it thinking it was going to be a blanket!! lol~~I've been thinking I should have made it smaller so I've held off going any further on it. (Maria scroll waaaayyy down to see it!) It's quite a bit larger than the photo I took weeks ago~I'll try to remember to take a new one.
Sophie and I went shopping one Sat. and this was her equivalent of yarn porn! She was quite happy to stay right there! Course all I had to do was wiggle a treat in front of her and she was on the move!

We did a sock yarn exchange on the Townsend group and this was my swap. It's Wildfoote in a beautiful deep purple colorway! I said surprise me with the color and she did! I never pick colors like this so it was nice to get something different. The pattern is a beauty and after reading it over I think I just may give it a go! Thank you, Vicky!

I've signed up for Secret Pal 10 and I'll have to get the required info up. Going to try it again! I've had fun with the last two smaller swaps I've been on so the temptation was too great to pass this one up this time around!
Well, gotta run
Off for dinner

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