Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Empty Nest.......... x 2??

Yes, it's true~~we are empty-nester's........again! DS has moved out~~I really didn't believe it until he moved his aquarium--then I realized it --it's for real! Odd, I felt really strange about it this time~maybe because this time it's for good?
I must admit it's sort of nice not to have pop and cookies hidden all over the house! Going to the fridge is no longer annoying~whatever we put in there is still there ~~weird! I forgot what that was like.
Now I know you're asking what's the x's 2 mean~~you are right??
They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words so I 'll show you~~

Can you make that out?? It's a wild duck making a nest by our little pond!

Look at that~not one but 12 eggs!!

Now if you look really close you can make out "mom" waddling in the back.
Look closely,mom's in the center between the flowers and there's a little bitty yellow head on the left side and in front of her is a clump of babies! KK tried to sneak up on her to get the photo but she was quick to get them covered up!
This was Sunday morning and I'm glad that we were able to get this photo. We went to the Lilac festival in Rochester even tho it wasn't the nicest of days weather wise. Is there any better smell than hundreds of blooming lilacs??? I think not! As you can tell Lilacs are my favorite.
I have a lovely Lilac bush in the back yard~~it has the nicest round shape, full of beautiful healthy leaves..........and NOT one single Lilac!!! What the hell????
Anyway back to mom~~by the time we got home they were gone!!! I looked out the window to check on them and I couldn't believe it!! KK and I ran out to the yard~~we looked every where~~under all the trees and shrubs,around the wood pile, behind the shed, gone! Not a single feather to show which way they went! How disappointing after a month of watching and wondering. Mom and 11 babies off to do whatever they do. Sadly one egg didn't hatch but I'm sure mom had more than enough to keep her busy!
Now during all this spring has finally come to stay~~which means everything is growing. We didn't want to disturb the family in the works so we stayed out of the back yard. We walked Sophie, which I really hated at night when it was still cold. The grass was at least a foot high not to mention the weeds were rampant! When mom took a break I ran outside and filled the pond, cleaned the filter and got it running. Got done just as she flew back in. I'm all happy the pond is clean and running........until the next morning when I look out and see the water level has dropped down to about 10". So now it's a matter of waiting for her to leave so I can see what the problem is. I get the chance that evening~~one side of the pond is buckled and there's a 3-4" crack. Did you know while laying across slate and hanging upside down squeezing Gorilla glue into a crack it's very difficult to stop it from dripping all over?? Not to mention it dries a tannish color that shows up quite well on a black pond?? Take my word for it~~it's not a pretty sight!
Let it dry a day and fill that baby up again only to find out it's leaking someplace else!
We're going to tackle that problem tomorrow, maybe.
A "hello" to my SP10 and a "thank you" for the magnet,pin and stitch markers. Magnet's on the fridge and the pin is on my knitting bag!
I've had a bad case of startitis.......I'm hoping the worst is over........I can't seem to stop! I finished my denim Tee Top. Will get photo. Did the Trio bag. Will get photo.
Started another top, and three pair of socks! Someone stop me!!!!
See, no blogging can be a good thing --makes for more knitting time!
I'm back in the groove tho~~but for now
Off to bed

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