Saturday, March 31, 2007


I'm sure that you're bored with this topic but bare with me! While out this afternoon I ran into a friend that breeds Amazon parrots(talk about fate). Now if you read my last post you know all about my excitement over the unbroken macaw egg from yesterday! My dilemma was what to do with the egg?? The macaws can't hatch it because they aren't set up with a nest box. So my thought was if I could get in touch with parrot acquaintances maybe someone has birds that are nesting and we could slip this egg in with theirs.
Well, as luck would have it her Amazons have eggs and the last one was laid yesterday making it the same age as the macaws!!
So this afternoon I very carefully delivered the egg to it's surrogate parents! This evening they were able to place the egg in the nestbox. This egg is much larger than the Amazons own eggs but they may sit on it. Granted it's a risk but at this point there's nothing to lose. Now we wait~~
a lot can go wrong~~they may destroy the egg~~they may push it aside~~they may do everything right and sit on it but it may be infertile~~then it could be fertile but the chick may not be strong enough to break out of the shell and if it did then my part comes in. Feeding!!
Every hour or so around the clock the first few days!
OMG~~what was I thinking??????
We'll see what happens~~if it's meant to be it'll all work out. If not I'll look into setting them up next spring and let nature take it's course.
OK, enough egg talk~~I finished the cuff of the first sleeve on the sweater/tunic and am working on the 2nd sleeve. I can definitely see much better!! Here I was blaming the color of the yarn for the difficulty I was having seeing the stitches!
Didn't cast on any socks with my new yarn as much as I wanted to. I know if I do that will be the end of the sweater! I'm determined to finish it!
Before it gets too much later I'm
Off to knit

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Suzi Doe said...

Arggh! Just when I thought I didn't have to figure out how to knit a parrot baby layette? Ha, brought up knitting for my barbie, I can figure this out! One baby bird layette coming up, we all know that baby parrots are dang ugly and could use a cute layette to makeup for natures joke on the poor chicks.