Friday, June 15, 2007

Better Days

Things are better, somewhat~~KK is home and doing well. The first couple days he was home I was a wreck. Now things have settled down a bit. He's very sneaky tho~~when I go out for whatever reason he does things he shouldn't. Working around the yard, cleaning the shed~not the relaxing the doctor meant I'm sure.
He's bored~~I can't imagine not having any hobbies. I've got so many interests I could entertain myself for hours on end~as I often do!
We will know more about the surgery Wed. after seeing the specialist. Hopefully that will be scheduled soon and he'll be on the road to recovery quickly.
I must tell you about my SP 10~~she's wonderful!! With all the turmoil here I had neglected my pal and wrote to the coordinater and explained my need to drop out. My spoiler is exchanging with my spoilee(understand?) . She wrote me a nice note and said she would take good care of my pal. A few days later a package was waiting for me when I got home. I couldn't imagine what it could be ~~to my surprise it was from my SP10 Suzi!! If you've been here before I'm sure you've see me mention Sophie, my BT. Suzi showered me with everything BT!!!! Playing cards,pen,pads, magnet,sticker, and the cutest socks(tho, not hand knit!) Oh, yes and a mesh laundry bag for my knits!! She had wrapped it all in tissue and it was such fun opening everything with KK watching! I love it all and can't begin to express what it meant to me to receive this. I will get a photo ~~
I taught my knitting class and think it went well. I'll see in a couple days how the ladies did. I finished knitting my bag but I think I'd like to put a lining in it. When trying to match something it's a good idea to take that something with you to the fabric store!! I stopped at Joanns but couldn't make a decision so I'll have to go back.(with the bag)
We've had such wonderful weather Kk and I have really enjoyed sitting outside in the afternoons. Something I would never take the time to do if he wasn't home. He snoozes and I knit and daydream! The yard's looking good ~~pond is fixed and running~~planted some flowers. All is well~~
My startitis is somewhat under control~~although I do have another project floating around in my head! I am going to put a hold on it until I finish my Jitterbug socks~~the first one is awesome!! This yarn is gorgeous and great to work with. I'm definitely a fan!!
Well, my iPod is loaded and I'm tired so ~
Off to bed

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Suzi Doe said...

I'm glad things are better. I am watching this blog to make sure that they stay that way. My prayers to you and KK, much loves to Sophie.