Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Battle Is On~~

Let me just tell you that this has been an on going battle since May and to my annoyance the "bad" guy is winning!
Bad Guy

Can you make him out?? Let me give you a closer look~~

I hope you can click on these and get a better look but in case you can't I'll tell you that this is
the most obnoxious squirrel ever. In the photos he's sitting on top of the bird feeder laughing his a## off I'm sure! The tale begins with the Canna Lilly roots that I got a few years ago at the flea market. I bought these things bare roots/no dirt. The woman assured me they would grow just fine. So I bought good potting soil and planted them in a huge clay pot and placed them on my upper deck in full sun~~and they grew and flowered!! I was thrilled and come fall I dug them out and stored them in a brown paper bag in the closet. Last summer out they came and I planted them again and not only did they flower but they made new roots.!!
Last fall on a freezing cold day I remembered to dig them up and get them in for the winter. Now, this year I have a bigger clay pot, get more soil and plant them and again set them out on the upper deck. All is well for a couple days. Then to my horror one morning I look out through my half asleep eyes and can't make out what the heck I'm looking at~~I hobble back to the bedroom and find my glasses so I can get a better look. There was dirt and roots scattered everywhere~ not only did he dig them up but he took bites out of the ones that had started to grow! To add insult to injury he took a few of them and lined them up along the upper railing of the deck! Some I could save but I had to throw quite a few out. Now a few weeks later after repotting them numerous times I have five that are growing. A trip to Lowe's garden center and $20 later for "Deer-Off" he's leaving things alone. I have chased him a few times off the deck and Sophie is constantly watching for him but I think we're at a stand-off. For now~~
KK and I have been relaxing and enjoying the weather. We've been puttering around the house doing odds and ends that we never seem to get to. The yard is shaping up but there is a couple things we won't get done this year. With neither of us being able to dig we can't do some of the landscaping we wanted to do.
It's been nice some days just sitting outside with a cold drink and a book or knitting. And I have been knitting. Socks. Lots of socks~single socks, not pairs! I'm working on that tho~~
I think we're finally getting used to being home together all the time. We don't seem to be so edgy and in each others way so often. This evening we sat outside and had a fire in the chimanea(?)
Sunday we took DD to Utica,NY to the Saranac brewery. Took us about three hours to get there. Nice day for a drive. The tour was interesting but being Sunday the plant wasn't operating.

They started out as the Utica Club Ale brewery which they still brew. And the home of Schultz and Doley the talking beer stein commercials from the 70's.
DD and I waiting to start the tour.

The Million Dollar Clock!
This room was filled with antiques and supposedly this clock is one of four remaining of this type in the world. Instead of a pendlum there are three discs that operate the clock. Unfortunately it no longer works.

Taking a tour works up a thirst!
And I'll leave you with a photo of KK and I in the tavern!

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