Monday, July 30, 2007

How do you spell stress?????????

By pass surgery does it for me~~KK made it through the stent placement with flying colors!!
Unfortunately right before the stent procedure they discovered he has major blockage in the arteries to the heart. He has been having chest pains occasionally but since the stroke they've been more frequent.
It was undecided for a couple days which surgery they were going to do first. Then they thought the only way to go was to do both at the same time. Very scary~~
Finally it was decided to do the stent ,keep him in the hospital a few extra days and then if all was well send him home for two weeks to heal and relax before the by-pass. Now we're just waiting until the 6th to find out when the surgery will be.
We're keeping a positive attitude while waiting~~what else can you do??
I've been doing some knitting~~it keeps me sane through this. Not that I'm finishing anything just starting alot!
I'll try to keep updates posted on here but for now I'm
Off to watch a movie

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