Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lazy Day

Having a quiet day here today and it's sorta nice~~I think. I ran around so much the last couple weeks that this doesn't feel right. I should be doing something~not sure what tho.
We both slept in this morning and then KK made us breakfast. He feels so much better when he can do something-so breakfast seemed pretty safe. I did the clean-up and he rested.
I feel sad sometimes when I watch him resting~it's like when your kids are young and you just want to hug them and say "everything will be alright". In this case time is our friend ~it's just hard sometimes to have patience. When he's resting I hate to do much because then he feels guilty for not helping.
I've been playing games on here~~I've got my new laptop and it's so nice to have it in the kitchen. I can sit right here and it doesn't disturb him at all. Course I think my eyes are starting to fall out and I'm sure I lost my legs awhile ago right about when my butt went numb.
I've been trying to figure out my new iPod ~~why can't they just say~~turn on--turn off--charge?? Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is~somehow I lost iTunes and I can't figure out where the heck my hibernate setting is on this thing. No hibernating while
charging-dammit! I need to invest in a wireless mouse~I keep scrolling all over the place~~either that or take up speed reading!
Today should be a knitting day~it's a perfect day for it and I'm letting it get away from me. It's very cloudy and rainy just the right setting for curling up on the sofa and knitting but I can't seem to get my thoughts together. I frogged my Chevron scarf~~decided I needed more contrasting yarns. Don't feel like finishing the sleeve on my sweater from last year~~mind you that's all I need to do to and it would be done! I have more one sock pairs then I care to think about~not in the mood for them either~so now what??
Think I'll go vacuum,dust and throw in some laundry and then~~cast on ~~something!!
Before I forget I wanted to thank those of you that wrote wishing KK well. Your notes were appreciated by both is us.
Off to

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Suzi Doe said...

KK is not the only one recovering you are too! It's hard to focus for just a little while, when I am able to knit it means things are emotionally well for me and physically well for J. With all the doctors visits, physical therapy and other impositions of medicine, give yourself a break. You can do it, by Thanksgiving life will be back to normal! And Sadie will nuzzle up and request a sweater and you will make her one. Get your flu shot this year, KK too!!!! Stay well and enjoy the sunshine while you can,