Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time gets away~

Where has the last month gone? I thought I was just on here and I looked back and it's been over a month since I last posted! You'd think I had a life! I've been so busy ~~not quite sure why!
KK has been feeling so much better so we did manage a couple day trips.
We took a cruise to Watkins Glen,NY and stopped in the Finger Lakes Fibers shop~~nice. Not real big but loaded with Schafer yarns~~beautiful!!

Schafer is located in the next town and they do tours if you have a large group!And since this is the center of wine country a stop at some of the local winery's would round out the day! A thought for next summer!
Now what did I bring home, you ask? I'll show you~~well maybe not since blogger isn't cooperating at the moment. I'll try again later.

there we go ~~it's working! Schafer sock yarn in a colorway dyed specially for this shop. It's to represent the areas vast grape vineyards and the finger lakes.
Could I leave with just that??? No way!

This is a wonderful wool and silk blend for a beaded scarf. KK actually picked this colorway for me. He now knows more about yarn than he ever wanted to know!
So, is that it you ask??? Nooooo~~

Some Claudia handpaint yelled out to me as I was trying to pay! I happened to look down and there was a shelf with a sign 20% off!!! What???? How could I resist??? I've never seen this before but have some good reviews so I figured it was fate that I noticed it~~right??? Come to find out I missed the sale by a day but the sign wasn't off so they honored it. The icing on the cake??? no sales tax on yarn~~~ever ~~it that county!!! So I walked out with my wallet a bit lighter and my stash a bit fuller!!
I have been knitting~quite a bit actually. I finished the drop stitch scarf~two of them!
This is the first one I did~~Bearfoot Mountain Colors sock yarn~~I think it was the Java colorway but I'm not positive. I had a class on this at the lys~ Yarn It All
Just did a new felted bag ~~continental style!! Recently learned the technique and thought I should practice and what better to learn on then something felted!
Working on the Walaby sweater from Cottage Creations and that's coming along really well. Done from the bottom up I'm up to just after attaching the sleeves and starting the placket. Yeah, me!!
Working on another sweater/jacket and have one front and the back finished but now haven't touched it in days! Started a hat last night~~who knows why since I never wear one!
Unfortunately even with all this knitting going on I haven't found the cure for SSS~~I still have 5 single socks(at least that's what I'm confessing too) I seem to be knitting obsessed as long as socks aren't involved~~what has happened to me??? If you saw my stash you'd realize this is not a good thing!
I've even been spinning!! I'm telling you it's an illness~~all this fiber~~
Hello, my name is Mz Mar and I'm a knitter~~enough said~~
Off to

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SYLVIE said...

You've bought some really nice yarn!

And thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm sure you would enjoy knitting lace, it's really easy! give it a try.