Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quiet times

Here we are a week after New Year's already~~hard to believe that it's all over! The house looks kinda~~boring! I thought the decorations looked quite nice this year. Even though I miss seeing the tree lit up at night it does feel good to get everything clean again. Where the heck does all that dust come from? Still haven't tackled the family room that's on tomorrow's list.
Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Once I decided to stop feeling guilty over not knitting and buying more I actually enjoyed myself! Next year I'm starting early! Like mid-summer instead of late November!
The best gift of all was giving KK the Wii~we all have enjoyed it so much! It was definitely worth the hassle trying to get it.
As for knitting I finished my funky scarf and I love it! Found a trellis stitch wrap and used the stitch pattern from that and it worked out nice as a scarf. Now I'm on to another out of the new Noro~~but of course I don't have the band on the skein and I can't remember what it's called. I'm doing the Fickle Fingers Scarf by Gayle Roehm. It's a fun easy knit which is exactly what I'm in the mood for!
I seem to have lost interest in socks! At least for now. I hope it passes. I have lots of sock yarn.
A lot of sock yarn. Not good~~
The weather was a bit warmer today than it's been so DD,DIL, and I took advantage of the day and went geo-caching! What fun we had~~by the time we were finished we were wet,cold and tired but laughing all the way home. The car looked as though we were off-roading~mud was splattered all over it. Showed up quite nicely on an all white car! We found three out of four caches(?) The last one had us stumped so we finally had to give up. It was interesting to see how creative some folks were in their choice of hiding spots.
I think I'm going to have to look into getting one of the trackers for KK and I this summer.
Well football is finally over for the day so we're going to have a snack and watch a movie.
Off to knit,watch TV and graze

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