Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's try it out~~

A new camera~~should be fun~~right?? Not~~at least not yet! I've figured out how to take photos and videos but can't quite get how to work with them once they're in here. I actually took the time and read the directions so we'll see how I did.
Right here I'm going to show you the photo of my Needle Knit Bag~~I hope~yeah, way to go!!! It worked~~no thanks to me~~this thing just went ahead and did what it was supposed to do all on it's own~~scary!! OK~~worked once lets try again~~
ta da~the inside

kewl~~hope these colors look better on your screens then they do on mine!
I used Lamb's Pride bulky in a brown heather colorway with brown paisley inside.
I think I mentioned in the previous post that I was in a felting mood so here's my latest project.One of the Noni bags. Not all the pieces were done when I took the photo but they are now. I couldn't resist and went ahead and felted the flower right away. I really like how they turn out. I haven't felted the rest of the pieces yet~~that's on tomorrow's list!

Remember last year I was working on the Lady E wrap?? No?? Well, here's a reminder

Nice enough but I've decided that I'll never use it as a wrap and it's too wide for a scarf. I'm wondering if it will felt?? It's 70%wool and 30% silk. Any thoughts?? Please let me know. Since it would shrink more in length than width I was thinking it would make a nice table mat. I'd do the Lady E again but as the scarf and in different yarn. The colors in this are wonderful and it is so soft but I think as a scarf it will pil like mad.
Today was nice and relaxing~made sauce this morning and let it simmer all day. I sewed the lining in the knitting needle bag while KK and Sophie snoozed. Then he helped me clean the shelves in my closet. You know how there's always something you never seem to get to?? The closet was it for me! I've gone in the bedroom three times just to open the doors and peek in!! Amazing at what you find when you tear things apart!
hmmm, what else can I blab about??? Nothing else going on here. Staying in as much as I can because it's so cold but I'm thinking that maybe tomorrow we may have to go somewhere~~not sure where but out! Unless of course we get the snow they were talking about earlier then forget it there's always more felting to do!!
I was thinking the other day it's really nuts what some people do to their dogs~~I mean really, do you think they like getting dressed up??? I think not~~and here's proof~~

Is that pathetic, or what???

Wonder what she's thinking?? Probably best I don't know! That's as much of her Xmas outfit that she'd tolerate and it only lasted long enough to get the photos!! Guess we'll try again next year!
Off to knit


Judith said...

Your bag is very nice. And the lady elenor is gorgeous! I'd hate to see you felt it down to a table mat, however, just in case you decide to do so SWS felts really, really well and fast to boot! I made some fuzzy feet out of it (10 inches long before felting) and when I pulled them out of the washer (true I didn't watch them really carefully) they fit my 5 yo granddaughter! Good luck. Hopefully you'll show us finished photos of the Lady Elenor table mat!

Joan said...

Amazingly photogenic pup, only second to mine! ;-P

BTW I have the exact same Singer sewing machine in the oak case, my grandmother's. Right now it's piled high with knitting stuff.