Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What to say????

There's not much going on these days .........funny how throughout the day I think of things that I think might be somewhat interesting to post about but by the time I actually sit here to post the thoughts are gone! I had a heck of a time getting into blogger this evening.....it kept telling my email didn't exist. huh???? Really annoying!

For some knitting news....I finished the fair isle knitting......

but as you can see someone thought it was for her! This was a fun knit and I didn't have any trouble with the stranding but the felting will tell the true story! I hope I didn't pull the strands too tight! I used Ella Rae and ran out of the light green one row before the end. The lys didn't have anymore of the color so I went ahead and finished it off with the last color. The last row won't have it's curls curled!

KK and I took a short ride last Sunday and for once I had the camera with me! So here's a couple photos from the park we stopped at.

We plodded through the snow to get to the falls ........

It was a beautiful sunny day!

I've been looking around for a inexpensive carrier for Maddie and found a cute one at Petsmart....and it was included in their winter clearance! Great! I took her with me to the lys and the girls thought I had my purse on the table until it moved!! To me it looks like a bowling bag but hey, it works! And she approves....

Course she isn't too picky about what bags she climbs into .......just set any sort of bag on the floor and she's right there!
One good thing about the carrier quest it made me sort through a couple of felted bags that I did a few years ago. I had a huge one knitted and felted waiting for a lining and some handles. I made a quick stop at Joann's and found some fabric and spent last Sunday lining it! Now to decide about handles. The bag is huge and floppy and I really don't like it that way so I have to give some thought what to do next.
I can't decide what I want to knit next. Another bag?? sweater?? scarf?? socks?? Don't know.....
I'll sleep on it.....
Had an unexpected trip to the doctors the other day. I refused to go to the hospital as we don't have health insurance anymore. Kk called our doc. and he took me right in and they did an ekg immediately. As it turns out the ekg was the same as my last one which is good. So the verdict is Fibro has raised it's ugly head in a new area. The doc. gave me medication but I still have a lot of discomfort on my left shoulder/arm/chest. For the most part the piercing pain has let up as long as I don't rush around. Think that's a good excuse to sit and knit?? Works for me!!
So on that note I'm
Off to stash dive

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