Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maddie's Debut

Alright I know you're all holding your breath and asking who is Maddie??
Here she is~~all four pounds of her! She's a one year old Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

This was a very unexpected addition to our family! Two weeks ago today KK and I were at Barnes and Noble . Me catching up on the newest knitting books and KK falling asleep when my cell rings and it's my friend telling me about this dog. Her friend is a breeder and decided that Maddie is probably too small to breed and she was looking for a home for her!! Well, look no further she's mine!! Course KK felt a bit differently but after a little coaxing he said we could try it and see how she gets on with Sophie.
After spending so much time with KK and snacking every day Sophie is probably tipping the scales at about 20 lbs. Needless to say we figured we'd really have to watch that she didn't hurt the little one~~well, that doesn't seem to be the case! The little snip is ruling! I think Sophie is finally starting to realize that she's not just visiting and she'd better start sticking up for herself!

Here I am sitting at my laptop in the kitchen and I looked down and there's Maddie in the toy basket! She was trying to get out a toy but everything is too big for her so she gave up and crawled right in and sat down!
We have to do some toy shopping in extra small size! I was looking in the pet store yesterday at the bones and everything seemed too big for her!

As for knitting Maddie's wearing it! It's been terribly cold and windy here and the breeder didn't give me anything with her. No toys, blanket,collar,leash, or sweater so I made her one! I actually made it twice though. I found a pattern on the web and thought I'd try it out of sock yarn instead of worsted weight. The first time I followed the pattern completely and it was still too big so I frogged it and started over. Something so small took me a whole week to get it right! I used sock yarn and 3 needles. The back is 2x2 ribbing and the chest area is garter. Once I divided for the legs I did it circular for less seaming and it worked quite well. I'm going to do another and add a bit more length so it comes to her butt.

I really don't understand how someone can have a pet like this for almost a year and tote her around with her,let her sleep with her and then just give her away with nothing. Wouldn't you think she'd at least have an old blanket or something to make the transition easier? Nope,nothing. She was never outside but I decided she needs to "go" outside and be a real dog not a stuffed toy! She loves it except for when the wind came along this morning and practically knocked her over! We had a few nights of barking(even tho she's debarked) I felt like we had a baby in the house! I was exhausted! I finally got a brainstorm yesterday and moved her crate from the kitchen to the bedroom next to Sophie's and all was quiet all night!! Wonderful!! We'll see how it goes tonight.

In other news I'm learning Fair Isle. My first project is a felted bag. If I'm being honest which of course I am I must admit I haven't touched it since the first night I started it! I'm having a time with the concept of holding on to my yarn. I'm a "thrower" and once I throw I let go of the yarn which will take me forever to accomplish anything fair isle not to mention using both hands! So I need to practice putting pointer finger to use holding that strand of yarn!
The "bug" that's been going around seems to have stopped in for a visit which I'm not appreciating! I've had this lingering headache for days and when it finally let up a bit the sniffles stepped in! I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Didn't even go to Guild this month.
I think it's hot bath time so I'm
Off to soak

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shortoldlady said...

Welcome Maddie! She is adorable! She will bring you much joy and love, and by your comments already she is getting that in return.