Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where, oh, where

has all the wicker gone?? I don't want anything fancy or unusual just real wicker! Not metal framed resin coated wicker~~woven with all the little imperfections and snags that wicker has. Is that asking to much??? Apparently so~~
A few weeks ago I sold the macaws so I found myself with an empty room! I can't have that so I decided it would be nice to move my sewing things in there and that way I could spread out a bit in my "knitting room". I'd like to keep it bright and cheery so I'll be motivated to actually do some sewing. A few plants, a white wicker rocker and I'd be a happy sew'er~~so far no luck. I found an awesome rocker today and I was thrilled because it made me think of old rockers with the woven area on the lower bottom(where you'd put your feet). Perfect style and the price was right I was ecstatic until I read the sign and it said resin!! I really didn't think it was so I had to feel it all over to make sure! If it weren't for the plastic looking rockers I think I would have grabbed it anyway. It was very comfy~~ I'm still thinking about it so maybe I'll cave but I'm so afraid if I do then I'll find a real wicker one!
We've had perfect weather the last week. KK and I are still getting the yard cleaned up~~where does all that debris come from?? We have bags again for the trash. The pond is all clean and running. Poor KK was cleaning it the other day and slipped right in~~~ewwwww!! Pond scum!!
I can't wait to start planting some flowers!
The wool I washed is all nice and dry so today I sat outside and started combing it. I'm not really sure how it's supposed to be done but I managed to do quit a bit. I'm using two dog slicker brushes. I don't want to invest too much at this point. I don't understand how it goes from being brushed to actual roving?? I'm thinking maybe that's what a drum carder is for?? Don't know.
Finished the Brioche stitch scarf~~that's interesting how the colors work out. You knit using three different colors and they change every row. The combinations are endless~~
I'll get a photo soon.
Well, break time is over so
Off to comb wool

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