Friday, May 02, 2008

Marilyn Bound~~~

or not! Darn~~I can't get the Sheep and Wool festival off my mind! My friend and I planned to go but after much thought I really felt guilty going this year. Wool fest???? New roof??? Priorities, right??? I must admit it has been nice the last few rainy days not worrying about where the next leak will be! But still ~~
As it turns out it was fate that we decided not to go because I wouldn't have enjoyed it. Last week I decided to move the coffee table in the family room. To look at it you wouldn't think it would be too heavy but in reality it takes two guys to pick it up. We had moved it the weekend before for Wii bowling and the guys forgot to put it back. It sat there all week until I couldn't stand looking at it and decided I'd move it. KK can't pick up something like that without someone that can lift the other side and that's not me! So~~I figured if I sat on the floor that I could slide it on the carpet if I pushed it with my legs/feet. Make sense?? So, I sat and pushed and inch by slow inch I got it back where it belongs. Two days later I could not touch my foot to the floor. I've never experienced pain such as this and hopefully never will again! I thought how on earth could you possibly break your leg and not know what you did?? It finally dawned on us Sunday when we had a house full of guests what I did! After a trip to the doctor's I found out that I ripped all the muscles from groin to foot! It's been
a long nasty week! Every time I sat down I needed something just out of reach~~it was so frustrating! Two trips to the doctors and many drugs later I'm hobbling around a bit. I've learned a lesson here~~no more moving furniture without help. At least not heavy stuff!!
On the good side I finished a sock and I'm to the heel of the second one! Yeah, me!!
Our knitting guild had an auction last night but I missed it~~probably just as well. I'm trying to use some of the stash. I feel startitis coming on again~~I found some cotton ease that I've been hoarding that I forgot about and thought now would be a good time to use it. What for???Ideas?? I looked around on Raverly for some inspiration but nothing really jumped out at me. Maybe I should finish the sock first?
Made it through b'day weekend last weekend. I'm always happy when that's done. It's so difficult to pick out presents for the kids now that they're grown. KK is the worst to buy for because he never wants anything. When I asked him what he'd like he replied "dirt" huh???
Yup, he wants a load of dirt for the yard~~how exciting! We had a nice party tho which we really haven't done the last couple years. It was fun picking out b'day decorations ~I didn't think they'd notice but everyone commented so it was a hit!
Been watching American Idol?? I admit it I'm hooked~~a little bit sad that Brooke was eliminated this week~~she seems like such a sweet girl. I think it'll come down to Shyesha(sp?) and David C~~what'd you think??
It's time to get back on the couch, so
Off to rest

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Suzi Doe said...

Here's the simple thing you do need for a few weeks, and they aren't that expensive. You can get them at walmart.
1) A grabber or reacher so that those things just out of reach are still able to be picked up.
2) a sock helper, I know it sounds sissy, but they really help you to put on your socks when moving hurts.
3) Some kind of scrubbie on a stick so you can wash your toes.
Get well soon, sorry to hear how you are doing.