Sunday, December 07, 2008

Here I am, again!

Just looked at my blog and the last entry was from September!! How can that be?? What have I been doing? Nothing exciting comes to mind.

I did take a sock dying class through knitting guild. That was yesterday.
I don't usually like taking classes. I always feel pressured to move along quickly so not to hold everyone up but it didn't matter for this. You worked at your own pace which was good as I was the last one done! I used two methods and found that painting the dye on gave you much more control over the results. Once you do it you have more appreciation for those that do it well!
I'm sure it's like anything the more you practice the better you become. Here's a photo of the first two skeins. I think I just might invest in some more supplies and try this again! I'm really anxious to knit one of these up to see what happens!

Here's the same two skeins on a white floor so you can see the color better.

Over on Plurk we had a swap and this is the package I received. Very nice goodies! With sock yarn that's very soft and squishy! Even the pups got a treat!

Like many of you I'm knitting as fast as I can to get Xmas gifts finished on time. DD requested socks so of course they are top priority! I think d-i-l is going to get a scarf since she doesn't wear socks that much, at least not warm ones. Son's girlfriend is going to get her first pair this year ,too.
For knitting guild this month we had an ornament exchange. At the last minute I decided to do a mini sock which took me all afternoon! Why is it when you're in a hurry it seems like you're all thumbs? I even managed to snap a Bryson dpn in half! I was very annoyed and almost said the hell with it but I was 3/4 done at that point! I got a lovely wool embroidered heart...makes me think of how the wool penny rugs are done.
Most of our Xmas decorations are done. If we could just get these boxes cleaned up I'd be happy.
The outside doesn't have as much as we usually do but it's so cold now that I told KK it's fine as is.
I think later in the week we'll do some shopping. I haven't been to the stores at all yet. No black Friday shopping for me! Just looking at the parking lots is enough to keep me away!
As for knitting not much has been accomplished. I started a sweater and actually had everything but the sleeves done when I finally admitted I didn't like after setting it aside for a week I frogged the whole thing! I really like the yarn so I'll have to find another pattern more suitable.
It's getting late so I'm
Off to sleep

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