Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's try it out~~

A new camera~~should be fun~~right?? Not~~at least not yet! I've figured out how to take photos and videos but can't quite get how to work with them once they're in here. I actually took the time and read the directions so we'll see how I did.
Right here I'm going to show you the photo of my Needle Knit Bag~~I hope~yeah, way to go!!! It worked~~no thanks to me~~this thing just went ahead and did what it was supposed to do all on it's own~~scary!! OK~~worked once lets try again~~
ta da~the inside

kewl~~hope these colors look better on your screens then they do on mine!
I used Lamb's Pride bulky in a brown heather colorway with brown paisley inside.
I think I mentioned in the previous post that I was in a felting mood so here's my latest project.One of the Noni bags. Not all the pieces were done when I took the photo but they are now. I couldn't resist and went ahead and felted the flower right away. I really like how they turn out. I haven't felted the rest of the pieces yet~~that's on tomorrow's list!

Remember last year I was working on the Lady E wrap?? No?? Well, here's a reminder

Nice enough but I've decided that I'll never use it as a wrap and it's too wide for a scarf. I'm wondering if it will felt?? It's 70%wool and 30% silk. Any thoughts?? Please let me know. Since it would shrink more in length than width I was thinking it would make a nice table mat. I'd do the Lady E again but as the scarf and in different yarn. The colors in this are wonderful and it is so soft but I think as a scarf it will pil like mad.
Today was nice and relaxing~made sauce this morning and let it simmer all day. I sewed the lining in the knitting needle bag while KK and Sophie snoozed. Then he helped me clean the shelves in my closet. You know how there's always something you never seem to get to?? The closet was it for me! I've gone in the bedroom three times just to open the doors and peek in!! Amazing at what you find when you tear things apart!
hmmm, what else can I blab about??? Nothing else going on here. Staying in as much as I can because it's so cold but I'm thinking that maybe tomorrow we may have to go somewhere~~not sure where but out! Unless of course we get the snow they were talking about earlier then forget it there's always more felting to do!!
I was thinking the other day it's really nuts what some people do to their dogs~~I mean really, do you think they like getting dressed up??? I think not~~and here's proof~~

Is that pathetic, or what???

Wonder what she's thinking?? Probably best I don't know! That's as much of her Xmas outfit that she'd tolerate and it only lasted long enough to get the photos!! Guess we'll try again next year!
Off to knit

Sunday, January 20, 2008

brrrrr~~~~it's freezin out there

I think today must be the coldest day we've had this winter!! Last night we were watching TV and we kept hearing the strangest sounds~~Sophie was growling(from under the blanket)at every creak!! We finally determined after many trips to the front door that it was the house complaining from the frigid temperature! Once during the night a sound woke me so I got up and turned on the back flood light sure that I would see a broke branch or something~~nope, not a thing other than the two huge branches that came down from the wind storm a couple weeks ago. Weird~~
On a good note there's hardly any snow! We were expecting a lake effect storm but we never got it here~~it hit south of us.
I'm so glad that I did all my errands yesterday while I was out. As I was going from spot to spot I kept thinking ~~do it all today and then tomorrow you can stay in! Between the Fibro and the cold I do seem to get worn out much quicker than I used to.
I've made a resolution of sorts~~well, two actually~~put forth a real effort to finish up the projects that I have almost done ~~and FROG the ones I know that I'll never get back to for one reason or another. The other day I was listening to She Knits Podcast and Sharon said get rid of the things you know you'll never finish for whatever reason. That night when I went to bed I was thinking about what she said~~"it's so freeing". The next day I found a sock that I started almost two years ago~~I hated that sock but I kept it~~I'd pull it out and look at it and then stuff it back in the bag~~this time was different~~I pulled it out and admitted that I hated it but the yarn was nice and would do better as a different sock~~so out it came!! I felt great!! I rolled the yarn and added it to the sock stash! Next on the list was a tank that I started last summer out of a variegated yarn. It was knit in pieces not in the round so the colors were not going to match up on the sides and I knew that would drive me crazy~~out it came~~that yarn is going to be put to better use in a tote. Freeing!!! It's good for you ~really~you should try it!!
I've been pleased with myself that the last couple of yarn purchases have been put right on the needles!! I've been working on a Noni bag ~~all the pieces are knit and a couple of the flowers are felted already! I have two coin purses to felt also. I've spent the afternoon putting the lining in the Knitting Needle Bag.(fun bag to knit) Busy,busy!! It feels so good to actually finish things!
I got a new camera but haven't really played with it much but I'll get some photos of all the new projects and get them posted.
On a sad note my lys will be closing soon. As bad as I feel for us I feel for the owner~~it's a tough decision to make. We've made some new friends and hopefully we'll keep in touch. A couple of us have said that we'd have "knit nights" at our homes. We'll still see each other at Guild meetings but it's not the same as hanging out at the shop. I got used to spending time there while KK was resting.
I've been giving some thought to what my next big project should be and I think I'm going to go with either the Einstein coat or the Not so Warm Jacket from Sally Melville's Knit Stitch book. Another shop I go to is having a class on the EZ's Adult Surprise Jacket but the class fee would be better spent on yarn!! So I've been collecting a mix match of textures in the same colorway and I think it will grow up to be a version of Einstein!
Well, it's time for supper~there's sliced roast beef and Kimmelwick rolls for beef on wick calling me~~it's time~~
Off to eat

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quiet times

Here we are a week after New Year's already~~hard to believe that it's all over! The house looks kinda~~boring! I thought the decorations looked quite nice this year. Even though I miss seeing the tree lit up at night it does feel good to get everything clean again. Where the heck does all that dust come from? Still haven't tackled the family room that's on tomorrow's list.
Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Once I decided to stop feeling guilty over not knitting and buying more I actually enjoyed myself! Next year I'm starting early! Like mid-summer instead of late November!
The best gift of all was giving KK the Wii~we all have enjoyed it so much! It was definitely worth the hassle trying to get it.
As for knitting I finished my funky scarf and I love it! Found a trellis stitch wrap and used the stitch pattern from that and it worked out nice as a scarf. Now I'm on to another out of the new Noro~~but of course I don't have the band on the skein and I can't remember what it's called. I'm doing the Fickle Fingers Scarf by Gayle Roehm. It's a fun easy knit which is exactly what I'm in the mood for!
I seem to have lost interest in socks! At least for now. I hope it passes. I have lots of sock yarn.
A lot of sock yarn. Not good~~
The weather was a bit warmer today than it's been so DD,DIL, and I took advantage of the day and went geo-caching! What fun we had~~by the time we were finished we were wet,cold and tired but laughing all the way home. The car looked as though we were off-roading~mud was splattered all over it. Showed up quite nicely on an all white car! We found three out of four caches(?) The last one had us stumped so we finally had to give up. It was interesting to see how creative some folks were in their choice of hiding spots.
I think I'm going to have to look into getting one of the trackers for KK and I this summer.
Well football is finally over for the day so we're going to have a snack and watch a movie.
Off to knit,watch TV and graze