Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This post is for me....a reminder of this surprise from KK! This morning he said to me "see if the dogs can stay at the kennel for a couple days". I'm thinking, huh?? why?? He says just wait and see! I call but the gal that watches Sophie and Maddie wasn't there so I left our number and asked her to call when she got in. About an hour later she called back and said it was fine to bring the dogs over! So after some frantic packing for us and the dogs we got on our way.
Two hours later we were here! I'm blogging sitting next to the fireplace in our room at the Sherwood Inn. This place is awesome. The building is 200 years old with wonderful atmosphere!
A mixture of wood burning fire and something cooking greeted us when we signed in. Heavenly!
We were able to browse through many of the rooms as many of the guests weren't checked in yet. Our room has a mammoth high bed....when I sit on the edge my feet don't even reach the floor! Of course the fireplace is the perfect touch. My only wish is that we would get snowed in and have to stay longer!
When I stand next to the spa tub it's higher than my knees...perfect for soaking with the jets on! The wall is curved with a handpainted mural. Lovely!
Perfect sunny day for the drive and after we checked in we took a walk through the village. Peeked in a couple shops and then stopped for a piece of pizza at the deli. Came back here and had coffee by the fireplace. With all the wing back chairs and comfy sofas I said to KK I could just picture all the women from knitting sitting here. The funny thing is after dinner in the lounge we came out and two woman were sitting there knitting! One said she was starting a bag and the other was doing a felted flower. I was tempted to run up to the room and grab the yarn I brought and join them! The spa tub won out tho!
I didn't have any socks otn so I brought a skein of Regia Kaffe Fasset with me. I've been wanting to try this yarn since it doesn't stripe it sort of pools....exactly what I've been looking for!
I was disappointed that the lys here went out of business. I was looking forward to checking it out. The good news is that while we were in the deli the mail person came in and she told me where there is another yarn shop and it's very close to here! The Yarn Bin....we're going to check out the area tomorrow and we'll stop there.
We drove through Auburn,NY where Carrie of Socks in The City podcast fame lives! Wouldn't it be interesting to run into her at the lys!
Better get to bed since we want to get up early!
Off to sleep

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