Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What knitting??

We had a wonderful few days away but I think I left my knitting mojo there! Since we've been back I just can't get back into the mood. I'm very restless..could it be spring fever?? Already?
I hope not because if the recent temp.'s are any indication we have some time to go before spring hits! One nice thing though as cold as it's been the roads are clear. The other day we were out on one of the main roads and I thought it was snowing up ahead but it was powder from the road salt being scattered about from the traffic! The days have been sunny and clear but oh so cold! If there is even a slight breeze it goes right through to the bones! Good scarf weather for sure!
I digress, back on the subject of knitting.....there's none to write about! At least not much. I have made progress on the Berroco Sox sweater. The back is almost done and there's a couple inches on one sleeve. I do enjoy it because it's that easy mindless watch tv knitting. With working on that I don't feel like I've accomplished anything else. While away I started a sock on dpn's! Shocking , I know but I must admit I'm liking them. I picked up a really short pair of dpn's and they make all the difference. Since we've been home I'm at a loss what to knit. I want to knit everything and nothing ....I hate this mood!
I started an entrelac bag but I do believe there is a problem in the pattern and I can't find any errata for it. So that's shoved in a bag and tossed aside for now!
I keep walking into "my room" looking and fondling but walk out without any ideas!
I think I'll opt for something really simple and quick until I can get my thoughts together. How about a dishcloth and tribble?? Sound good?? Does to me...and kitchen cotton is one thing there's plenty of!
This is Guild week so maybe being around all those knitting gals will rub off on can only hope.
Off to stash dive

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