Saturday, October 20, 2012

One more step

One more step towards getting "back to normal" I started doing demo's again
but with a new company. Just a couple hours a week but it's a start. This will be short term
job....through the beginning of Nov. then done until the new year. That's fine with me. it is
fun talking with people and seeing their pets.
Now my goal is to try to make a dent in the stash! Seems I've said that before but this time i'm doing it. Whenever I start something with
new yarn I also pull out an unfinished project or start
something with stash far so good!
Just finished a top down pullover that I really enjoyed
working on. Stash project is the log cabin afghan that's
been tucked away for years. I don't really like it....I' ve definitely become
a yarn snob since that was started! It's going to go to my son's house. Now that I have a purpose for it I don't mind working on it.
Otn now is a shrug out of Casablanca by Cascade. It's pretty but pulls
apart really easy. The company says it shouldn't be wound on a
ball winder....hmm, maybe they should mention that on the label!
A pair of socks are in the works too. They are a b'day gift for my
son's gf. Did I mention her b'day was in July? She picked out the
yarn and I told her she'd get them once the weather got cold...
which it has.
I'm in two knitting groups now....Monday evenings and Wed.
afternoons. The Mon. night group are all doing the to see
it in all the different colors. Wed's group is a support group at the
shop Have Ewe Any Wool in Snyder(great shop). There everyone
works on whatever.....that's always interesting to see new
projects. That can become a bad thing too...specially since
you're surrounded by yarn!
I've got to start posting using the computer....this phone thing
is tough on the eyes/fingers specially this time of night!
Off to read

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