Friday, October 19, 2012

Fight like a girl

2012......well over a year since my last post. Don't even know if anyone will read this
but I'm writing anyway.....kind of like talking to myself.
A month after my last post I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember the tests
and then them telling me we'd have the results by the end of the week....that was Monday.
Early Wed. morning the phone rang-my hand was shaking as they told me
the news. The rest of the day went by in a blur. From that day
things moved least looking back it seems like it the time it felt like everything took forever to get started.
Once a course of action was decided on it was one appointment
after another. Then it was dealing with 12 weeks of chemo every
Wed.,the hair loss,the exhaustion,weird rashes,mouth sores. Seems one
thing would clear up just in time for something else to happen!
My doctors were great have a whole team taking care of you.
Had surgery in Oct.a year ago. Had to stay in the hospital
longer than normal because I couldn't eat.The next weeks were
spent mostly sitting/sleeping in the recliner...couldn't get
comfortable anywhere else. Dh was right there by my side through
it all. He was my rock when I'd get discouraged he'd cheer me up.
Shingles was the insult to injury tho....dealing with that two weeks
after surgery was almost too much to bare.
Chemo every 3 weeks for a year and here I am. Almost myself....they
tell me it takes up to a year to really feel totally  back to normal.
I'm taking each day as it new motto....don't worry if the
house isn't perfect or laundry needs to be can wait while I nap
or read/'ll be there when I get to it!
Enough for now....bedtime


shortoldlady said...

This lurker says YOU GO GIRL!

Mz Mar said...

Thanks for the encouragement!