Monday, November 08, 2004

Time flies!!!

The past few days have just flown by! I really need to get my act together and get these Xmas gifts going!
I'm going to start the poncho for GD next. She loves the hat I did for her~~she's wearing it all the time! What better compliment could you possibly ask for??
I started the mittenettes and love the way they look--except for one major problem!!
"what is it?" you ask. The worst thing that can happen when you go to a yarn shop that's miles away and you have no idea how to get back there and you know you bought the one and only skein of the orange mohair that she had~~yup, you guessed it~~got one mittenette done and the ribbing done on the second and ran out of the mohair!! What a major pain in the butt!! Now I did ask her if that was going to be enough yarn for what I was doing---she says "oh, yeah sure it is!!" She lies~~~
At least I was able to find a solution to that problem~~went over to the lys and showed her the yarn and the unfinished item and she was able to order it !!!! Alright!! Now I'm anxiously waiting for it to come in!! Since it snowed today I'd sure like to get them done quick!!
I made the cutest pair of mini socks and I'm going to give them to Terri and the lys!! They put a nasty Xmas tree up and I told her she needs some mini socks to put on it!! She said no one would make any for them--so I thought I'd surprise her with a pair. Course they could use a lot more!!
Gave Houston a bath and haircut today--yuk! I think age is catching up with him. Usually after a haircut he runs around and plays but today he just waited for me to dry him and he curled up on his pillow. My little "ole man" ~~ now he's snoring at my feet!
Had fun Sat. with my friend. We went to a craft show--was pretty good. Had antiques and primitive type crafts~~a little too much Xmas for me. Never thought I'd say that!
Then we went and found a couple shops that were nice. We wound up on the other side of Rochester!! Took us forever to get home! Didn't find any yarn shops~~did stop at one fiber place but it wasn't too good. We're planning another outing before the weather gets too bad.
I'm off--started taking my pills again so I can finally get some sleep~~which is a good thing but I'm starting to feel tired already and it's only 10!!
Nitey night!!

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Gracie said...

Those little socks are the cutest thing ever!! Sleep well!