Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey Day Eve!!

I haven't been here is two weeks!! That's weird! I've thought about it a lot but just haven't taken the time to post!
Nothing really exciting going on~~have been working on the mini-socks for the lys. I think I have 5 finished. I think I have the pattern memorized!! I'm really sick of that nasty red yarn!
I did finish my mittenettes!! They turned out really nice--now if it would just get cold enough to wear them! I love the color!
Now I'm making a pair for my friend for xmas. I'm using some of the hand spun that I bought at the fiberfest in Hemlock. I bought it for socks but decided to use it for her gift. She ordered and paid for some at the festival but the woman never sent them~~how lousy is that?
I've been is a really blah mood the last few days. The weather really sucks~~it's been so damp which gets the bones to aching! It's getting dark so early~~I swear it was almost dark at 4 today.
The "den" is painted. Molding needs another coat but for the most part it's looking good. We went and looked at wallpaper~~trying to find a border. Now instead of the lodge theme we may do the Paris buildings~~talk about going from one extreme to another!! The paper does look good tho--brought a good size piece home and tapped it up and we both like it. It's in stock at Home Depot so it won't be too expensive.
DS got a deer on his first day out! He was so excited!! Now I have a freezer full of meat! Hope we can find some good recipes for venison! Next trick is eating it!!
Not so sure about that--lol
Off to bed to read~~never ate dinner tonight and now I'm hungry.Have to stop this late night eating~~

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