Monday, November 01, 2004


I'm really beginning to hate hats!!! How hard is it to knit a stinking hat??? Apparently it's too difficult for me!! I did that dam hat all the way thru half the decrease rows and decided it looked nasty!! I swear it got wider as I worked on it! Then when I was doing the decrease rows I put markers which I never use~~and decreased after each marker~~I should have done a decrease before and after the marker It just did not look right only doing them after.
I think part of the my problem is I'm not used to working with a solid plain yarn~~looked alright on the brim with the fun fur but hated the body of the hat. Now I can not give a gift if I'm not happy with it~~DH could not believe that I took it all apart!! Actually I couldn't believe it either~~I can't stand to even look at that yarn today! I'm so annoyed with it. Don't know what I'm going to do~~
Decided that I would not waste the day tho and I did a hat for GD using Baby Cloud in pink of course! I used the KK green knitting loom ~~mindless looming!! Finished it and it looks really cute!!
I'd like to start my mittenettes tomorrow. I could use them now--the temp is dropping and it's only going to get worse!!
I'm dreading this winter~~being stuck in sometimes is just too much!
I think I need to sit down and make a list of what I want to get done ~~I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with knitting. I don't want to let that happen because then I won't do it anymore. I can't let it become a stress point~~this is for relaxing and enjoyment. When I was just doing socks I was content with my progress then all of a sudden I'm thinking of all these gift ideas and I'm starting to feel stressed ~~doesn't take much to get me worked up!
Poor Ivy can't get used to the time change!! She's all goofed up with her feeding times!!
Gotta go!!Pooches want out!

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