Saturday, February 04, 2006

Is it freezing yet??

Could I be the only one wishing/praying for cold I mean really, really teeth chattering cold weather ?? I never thought I'd be the one saying that but each day I'm wishing the cold front would just get here!! This weather is killing me~~it's the 40's that do it. Every day this week I've woken up with a headache and I can barely move. Every bone is screaming for cold/drugs!!!See photo!! Since I can't do much about the first and refuse the second it's been one hell of a week! I can not make myself do a thing around here~~it takes all my energy just to get dressed!
I did manage to get a haircut and that has improved my outlook a bit. I feel a little more like myself again.
Tonight KK and I need to run to the market and we're going to get dinner out~~that's a great mood lifter!! Course it's really nasty out~~it's pouring right now and it's predicted to turn to snow tonight but I'm not going to complain....well maybe a little!
I've been puttering around in my room trying to organize all my patterns. I must be up to five loose leaf notebooks. Wonder if I'll ever use half of them?? Trouble with doing this is I keep stopping to read the pattern and thinking I "need" to start something new!
I want to pull out all my sock yarn and see if there's a Jaywalker in there. I've been holding off..... trying to finish the Bee's first. I'm thinking I won't do the Olympics but I'll still try a pair of those.
I was surfing and found a gallery of them and I must say they really are nice!
Off to get ready


Chris said...

If you want cold honey come to work with me! Our furnace went over the weekend and it is 45 degrees in here. I work on the 2nd floor which is supposed to be warmer, but it's taken 10 min to type this because I can't feel the tips of my fingers! (BTW it's 12:12 and I have been here for 5 hours - FROZEN!)

Susan said...

Chris (previous author) must work in a goverment office as I do. Doesn't matter if there is no heat, so much heat that you are frying to death, air conditioning freezing you in winter yet, no water or closed bathroom facilities ... we are expected to endure. This underscores why we are called civil SERVANTS!

Now as for you Mz. Mar ... I share your pain. This has been the worse winter for sinus headaches and colds ever! I woke up this morning with a slamming sinus headache. It must be an Upstate thing!