Friday, February 17, 2006

Slow but Steady

I'm pluggin away on the j'walkers!!! Here you go~~just to prove there really is progress ! I've finally got the pattern memorized after many false starts and getting this far!! About time,huh?
I really like this sock~~I will do it again in another yarn .... a more "me" color. This one is fun but not my favorite.
I'm more the earth tones .
Last night I had the toes almost finished but didn't like the "bulge" I was getting on the side where the decreases start. I'm not sure how to remedy it. It seems there are too many stitches for the toe

area. I usually do 72 sts. for my socks and now I have 78. I wouldn't think the 6 sts. would make such a difference but it seems to. I'm at a stand still on what to do now? I want a smooth transition from the foot pattern to the dec's.
I have a horrible headache today...woke up with it and it doesn't want to go away so I may not do much knitting. How annoying!
Here is the toeless "J" I have a good fit until the toes so I really want to figure this out!
Off to lay down........


Judy said...

I don't know about the toes, but I do know about the headaches. You have my sympathy. I have horrible headaches and find they are in direct relation to how much corn syrup, corn sugar and other altered corn products I've eaten. The corn syrup, et al, is in everything processed, seems, so its hard to avoid...but very worth doing. Good luck!

Jenean said...

Nice looking sock. Wish that I could help, but making socks will be one of my next tackles! :) Good luck!

Beth said...

Try decreases at each 'seam line' zig zag spot--an even round of decreases to your usual number will probably solve your bulges--or at least it is worth a try.

Laura said...

I'm no help, but I love your sock. The Jaywalker pattern looks terrific with the red, white, and blue stripes. :-)

amylovie said...

What a fun colorway!


Knitcrazy said...

Good Going!!
Your socks look great!!