Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is that cool or what???? It's a word cloud!! It scans your blog and then does your cloud!! I'll post the link when I can go back to it without loosing my post!!
I've made some progress on the Opal Bee socks~~I'm decreasing for the toe on the first one~~finally!!
I'm still giving some serious thought to the Olympics. Whit is doing a sock DPN one and I'm so tempted. The idea is to challenge yourself and using dpn's again would certainly be a challenge for me! I really can't remember the last time I did socks on dpn's. A couple times I've had to use them for sleeves and the felted vases but not socks. I really do have some yarn I could use even tho there's no pink/raspberry color which I'm definitely craving!! Still have a week to decide........
Nothing much else going on here~~trying desperately to clean up my room.......again!! I can't make any progress there tho. Every time I start I wind up watching tv/knitting/reading.....maybe I should just give up organizing it.
Off to knit bee's

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amylovie said...

Go for the DPN's! I actually like working with them. Am I a sicko or what??