Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Invitation

I am thinking about all the invitations I have received in my life..There are some I couldn't wait to participate in...I looked forward to the event with glee, picking out the appropriate clothing, and proper shoes. I selected my jewelry with care, and my make up was applied to perfection. Then some invitation I accepted begrudgingly, knowing I had a obligation to attend for some reason other than my own personal desires. It was a family affair, or a church event, a funeral, a wedding or even a serious business meeting. I rose to the challenge and attended per my moral requirements as a human being. Some invitations gave me great pleasure, and I skipped and sang like a child in anticipation. The final invitation is the test of your character, patience and strength. It wills you to give up all selfishness and invites you to act on behalf of a higher calling. It calls you from outside of yourself, beaconing you to believe in something greater. It causes you to dig deeper into your soul, analyzing your every motive and excuse. It creates in you a longing to strive for a more spiritual you. It escorts you past worldly and material possessions. A spell is cast, and its magic envelops you until you succumb to its power. It promises to teach you love, patience, selfless sacrifice. It seeks to draw you to the edge of your being. Yet the invitation is pure and good- it offers a peace of mind, and thirst quenching sweetness inside your heart. It teaches you lessons of seeing the world through the eyes of a powerful sweeping force. Giving of yourself, you rise to the pinnacle of love, as you realize you are not one, but a joined force- where the circle of life promises you the gift of life once you agree to the invitation. The road will not be easy, but it will make you a person who suddenly understands the true value of challenging yourself outside of your comfort level. The invitation cannot be accepted lest you agree in the spirit of love....Once agreed.....the journey is easy. How fast we run to take the easy road, and make excuses why we cannot help another human being. It doesn't matter that I do not share my heart or my skills....after all, someone else will answer the call. Our forefathers and mothers knew the ultimate sacrifice, to the point of death they gave of themselves.Have I, given back to this great country to which I live? Can I say I have returned all that has been given to me? Answer the invitation today.......and let the journey take you beyond yourself to a place of common ground with those who have traveled before us.The cost is minimal......the sacrifice is light....the invitation is open....Knit one pair of socks for the men and women who have answered the invitation already. One pair of socks is so little to ask...when the reward is a better you.
Kim Opperman~
Socks for Soldiers

As you can see this letter was writtne by Kim she's the mom to one of "our" soldiers. She knitted socks for her son and he said that he wished that all the soldiers could have the comfort of hand knitted socks in their boots~~~a casual comment taken to heart by a mom!! A group was born ~~a goal thrown out there~~the knit is on!! Plain black socks for "our soldiers" a little something from home.
If you can spare the time and some black wool/wool blend washable yarn please help.
Off to knit~~

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