Monday, July 10, 2006

Should I or Shouldn't I

start this thing over?? I've been so annoyed with this blog that I don't even want to post. I can not figure out what the heck I did to mess it up so bad! I keep going back to the template looking around~~but I have no idea what I'm looking for! I'm afraid to do anything else~who knows what the hell I'll do next!
On a better note I have been doing some knitting!! I'm caught up in the washcloth/dishcloth fad. I joined another group this has been fun. At the beginning and middle of the month you start a new design. Each day you get so many rows in your inbox until it's finished. Of course while knitting it everyone is trying to guess what the finished design is going to be. I haven't taken any pictures yet but I'll try to remember to do that. I like doing these~~cotton yarn(inexpensive) quick and portable! There are many,many free patterns on the net that could keep you busy indefinitely! I'm already thinking Xmas!!
See this??? This is so not good~~ it leads to this
Now I'm sure there are some of you that already know what's coming~~but for those of you that don't you'll just have to check back to find out what's happening next!
KK's has been off last week and I thought we were going to get so much done around the ole' homestead~~wrong again! Who needs molding when you can spend the afternoon having coffee and checking out all the new knitting books at Barnes&Noble. Why paint the porch when you can take the day with dd and partner and drive to Pa. to go to the zoo and beach??
A drive to Rochester to the fabric store or cutting the grass and weeding??? Tough choice there~~hmm, let me think~~
So that's how the week went~~it was fun, tiring but fun.
I did get the dresser done~~wait, you don't know "the dresser". About a year and half ago ds and girlfriend were going to move in together~~that didn't happen(that's another story) but a friend of ours who works for the city housing dept. called and told us of a dresser that was left in one of the apartments. We could have it for ds if we could come get it the next day. KK gets a truck from work and goes to get "the dresser" It's nasty~~old ~~he lugs this thing home and into the garage from hell it goes. I'm thinking~~ok, it won't be there long the kids will take it when they move. Well since that didn't happen said dresser was shoved back further into the garage and forgotten about. Last summer KK took "the dresser" when he did his flea market adventure.
Whatever he didn't sell he was leaving there~~yeah!!! Clean garage,dresser gone what could be better??? yeah, I knew it was too good to be true~~at the end of the day in all it's glory sat "the dresser" I was speechless~~not entirely~~ I think I do remember mumbling something to the effect "wtf is that doing back?" KK had an answer all ready~~people really liked it~~it's a depression era piece~~huh??? Well, if they liked it so much why didn't they buy it?? Maybe because it's nasty, dirty,chipped,scratched and did I mention ugly? He said quite a few people were interested but they didn't have any way to get it home! So now he thinks it's worth something! Oh pluuussseeee~~~get rid of it!!!
So now fast forward to this summer ~~ugly dresser looks even worse after it's winter shoved between bikes,tools and all that stuff that keeps multiplying in that garage! The bedroom a/c sat on it all winter and when they put it on the dresser last fall they must have pushed it across the top because there were some major scratches that weren't there before. So one afternoon Kk is fiddling around in the garage and pushed the dresser out of his way. Now after all the complaining about this thing I'm looking at it sitting out in the driveway and I'm thinking those really are two huge bottom drawers and those smaller top ones would hold a lot of odds and ends! hmmm, wonder if I took some Murphy's Oil Soap if that gunky stuff would wash off?? After about 45 minutes and some elbow grease it was much cleaner~~still ugly but cleaner. Next thing I know KK is checking it out saying how much "stuff" I could put in it. Yes, I could but it's so scratched up on top and it's ugly. I've got things to do inside and it's too hot outside now so in I go. Wait, what the hell is that noise? I look out and see a cloud of dust and in the middle of it there's KK sanding the darn dresser! yea gads!! I bide my time and casually go out and ask him if he'd like a drink and by the way what the hell are you doing?? He says " I thought you could use this in your craft room for some of your stuff." Now I am speechless~~
Not to make a long story longer I'll just tell you "the dresser" now has it's own special spot in my craft room! I admit it~~it's still rather ugly but after staining and polyurathaning (sp?) the top I'm becoming rather attached to it! It's not all redone. I left the front and sides "as is" but clean and polished~~I mean after all it has character, it's old, a depression era piece~~it must be worth something??
Off to bed~~

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