Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some Like It Hot~~

and some don't!! One guess which category I fall into?? After reading some of the temps on other blogs I guess I shouldn't complain~~it could be worse! It's frustrating though when you want to craft something and everything just sticks to your hands! I have washed and rinsed my hands so many times the last few days it's a wonder they aren't all shriveled up!
OK, so I have managed to work on a couple small things. Like this ~~~
it is the mid-month KAL for the This is fun. Every day in an email you get 10 rows of the cloth to work. The only thing you know at the start is the needle size and maybe a suggested color! Easy to keep up with and if you can't you just catch up the next day! There's two new patterns a month~~at the beginning and mid-month. Gives you time to make a couple if you care to.
Last week I treated myself to a new book(two actually) and this is the results of that
If you're only going to get yourself one book in the near future take a look at this one! It's a fun read besides having some great patterns! This washcloth is the ballband cloth that they show in the book. I started it last week at knit night and had a heck of a time with it at the beginning~~mainly because I can't ever start something at knit night!! I should know better~~I just don't pay attention to what I'm doing! Once home it moved along quit nicely!
I'm sure a lot of folks out in blogland are giving these as Xmas gifts this year!!
As hot as it's been my deck planters look better this year than they have in years. I don't get it~~it's absolutely scorching out there in the afternoon. The weirdest things are popping up~~ hmm, wonder what variety that is??? Now if you had the above mentioned book you'd know!!
Really not much happening here to even write about. One day seems to blend right into the next lately.
So I'll sign off with one more photo for you project color swappers~~
It as purple as I get!!
Off for coffee(iced!) (thanks, Lynn)

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Anastacia said...

I adore the M-D book, too. I knitted several ballband dishclothes, I'm knitting a log cabin afghan & started a mitered afghan. I'm insane, yes.