Thursday, July 27, 2006


My new look! Not quite sure if it's "me" yet but at least everything is where it belongs!
I'm not even going to try to add anything right away for fear of screwing it up again!
Had a nice day today with KK. We just puttered around the house a bit this morning then it started to get too hot to do anything so we decided to go out for awhile. At least in the car there was a breeze!
Didn't feel like coming right home so we stopped at B&K to browse. The new issue of Creative Knitting is out so I picked that up. Looked through a couple other magazines but nothing else caught my fancy. First time I had an iced coffee there and I must say that I like the coffee from Tim Hortons and MacDonalds better and it's less expensive!
I had a visitor this evening that I haven't seen before~~a hummingbird!! I was walking around the side of the house which I never go on to look at the plants. There's a huge Rose of Sharon over there and I'm looking at it and I see this huge bug! I'm thinking what the hell is that kind of bug??? Then as it came around the front I could see it's wings flapping and it's long beak ~~I watched as it went from flower to flower! It was awesome! I thought of the camera and ran in the house to grab it but by the time I got back it was gone~~so no photo. I'm going to be on the lookout and maybe I'll be able to get a picture if it comes back.
I've been knitting on the loop rug and it's coming along. Those 35's are a bit tough on the hands so I only get a few rows done at one sitting. I did go back to get more loops and the color is different. I'm not sure what I'll do now but I don't think I have enough. The new color is more like what they show in the book. I wish they would have had this color in the first place I like it better.
Still working on the black SFS. Slow going~~very slow going. They'll get done but it's still going to be awhile.
I've been scouting around again for a shawl pattern for that Schaefer yarn I've got stashed. It's been on my mind again since I did some rearranging. I've got to hide it better so I quit running across it! There has to be a pattern out there that I like and I can do that'll work with this yarn~~right???
My mind has been on overdrive with all the things I want to do again. I guess my knitting slump is over!
It's late and I'm going to try to get some sleep so~~
Off to bed

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Anastacia said...

agh! my comment didn't post! I hate my computer.

I haven't picked up a new knitting mag in ages, though I do get IK in the mail.

I've never used needles larger than 15, I can't imagine using 35!